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Nigerian singer sentenced to death for blasphemy

A Nigerian upper Sharia court has sentenced a 22 year old, singer, Yahaya Aminu to death for committing blasphemy. The court found him guilty of committing blasphemy through a song he circulated via WhatsApp in March, 2020.
Mr Yahaya Sharif-Aminu did not deny the charges and the Judge, Khadi Aliyu Muhammad Kani says he could appeal against the verdict.
States across Muslim-majority northern Nigeria use both secular law and Sharia law, which does not apply to non-Muslims.
Only one of the death sentences passed by Nigeria's Sharia courts has been carried out since they were reintroduced in 1999.

Treatment-I intend to look at the fairness of the death sentence and if the death penalty is still relevant in the 21st century.


I will interview an authority on Islamic Law/ Islamic Lawyer/Cleric
1. What is the basis of this judgement?
2. Is it fair?
3. How do you think the case could go?
4. Can he appeal?
5. Will he get the death sentence?
6. Do you think the death penalty still makes sense in the 21st century?
I will interview Human Rights NGOs in Kano
1. What do you make of this sentence?
2. Does it go against basic human rights law?
3. Do you think the sentence ought to have been lenient?
4. What can be done to ensure he doesn’t die?
5.Do you think the death penalty still makes sense in the 21st century?

I will interview friends/colleagues of Yahaya Sharif-Aminu
1.What kind of person is Aminu?
2. Has he committed this blasphemy before?
3. When will he be executed?
Can he appeal this sentence?
1. WS of Kano City Gate or other prominent place that shows that THIS is Kano
2. WS/MS/CU Shots of traffic
3. WS/MS/CU Shots of Mosque
4. WS/MS/CU Shots of market
5. Shots of NGO leader walking into office, typing on laptop, answering call.
6. Interview with NGO Leader
7. Shots of Islamic Cleric praying, leading prayer
8. Interview with Islamic Cleric
9. Shots of neighbourhood of Yahaya
10. Shots of his friends sitting down
11. Shots of his friends exchanging pleasantries, sad, taking phone call.
12. Interview with Yahaya’s friends
13. Shot of open holy qur’an
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