Girl Child is more vulnerable to abuse during this period of COVID-19

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The corona virus pandemic have made the girl child life to be more vulnerable to abuse than a boy a child. They are multitudes of young girls who have been severely traumatized by the abuse that has been inflicted upon them during the lock down. Some common forms of abuse are physical, verbal, mental, emotional and sexual. Any form of ongoing abuse can produce a root of rejection in the individual who has been mistreated and this defensive sense of unworthiness can then cause major problems in the interpersonal relationships of that individual.

During this period of COVID-19, there are several cases recorded of abuse on young girls especially rape. Today we live in a society filled with people who do not know how to get along with other people; even though the abuse in their lives has stopped; the residue of trauma continues to affect their ability to relate to others. If you have been treated wrongly or improperly, it can deeply affect your emotional state.

Wounded emotions can become a prison that locks self in and others out. Are you an ‘’emotional prisoner “? Gaining freedom from emotional bondage is not easy. Several young girls who have been sexual and emotional abused at home, they will be filled with fear. Usually the guardian/father control them through intimidation. The guardian/father will be so violent, the ranting and raving will frighten the kid to submit to the monster to do whatever without objection. Several young girls are left with many deep-seated emotional wounds. Some will suffer a nervous breakdown. Most of the vulnerable girls needs to undergo shock treatments, which temporarily erase the portions of memory.

Confused, afraid, lonely, discouraged, anger and depressed will become part and parcel of life of an abused girl child. In short the life will be a living hell. What a robbery to innocent girl? Abuse leaves a person emotionally handicapped, unable to maintain healthy, lasting relationships without some kind of intervention.

The first thing to realise is that the fruit in our lives usually behaviour comes from somewhere. Bad behaviour is like a bad fruit of a bad tree with bad roots. Rotten fruit comes from rotten roots; good fruit comes from good roots.

Check the foundation of your roots. If they are unpleasant, harmful or abusive the good news is that you can be uprooted from that bad soil and be transplanted into good soil of Christ Jesus. You can be rooted and grounded in Him and His love: May Christ through your faith dwell in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love, which you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the brethren in Christ. You will recover your destiny.

Parents and guardians, be good stewards to the children. As stewards do not lockup the kids’ destiny through abusive but it is high time to teach them the heart and matters of life during this time of lockdown. Demonstrate love to the children so they will grow with heart of love and welcome in the society.

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