Samson Berhane
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The Untold Stories of Eritrean Migrants

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Current Affairs January 13 @ 3:40pm

Migration is still as a big concern in Eritrea. Youths, frustrated by the policies of the government, cross the border in droves, searching for a better life. Ethiopia hosts the highest number of refugees from Eritrea. The absence of rule of law, unlimited mandatory national service and absence of freedom of expression are reasons usually expressed by refuges for fleeing their home country. Now with the opening of the border between the two countries, the number of Eritreans who migrate to Ethiopia is rising drastically, reaching as high as 300 arrivals a day. I have the access the meet the migrants and I have also sources in Eritrea who are ready to tell me their experiences. Anyone who is interested, please email me via
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