COVID-19 sending “CLEAR” message on African Presidents to change the old fashioned mind sets.

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Source Freelance Journalist- Enos Denhere
COVID-19 sending “CLEAR” message on African Presidents to change the old fashioned mind sets.
Will Africa arise after the Corona virus pandemic is over? The COVID-19 have exposed the misplaced priorities in the health and economy sectors in Africa. If Africa had fully utilised the untapped wealth resources her people couldn’t be vulnerable during this corona virus period.

Africa needs a massive revolution to promote the African business. Its high time Africans leadership stop the slavery mentality of looting and spending all the money in abroad instead of rebuilding the motherland continent.
All needed is the liberal mind-sets not people who are greedy. The truth that doesn’t need a rocket scientist to tell is that most revolutionary political parties played a big role in breaking the colonial bondage. No one disputes that, they need to build a legacy of economy development but seems during all this years on the throne the rebuilding economy boat is further sinking.
Africa was wants regarded as the Dark Continent but the people in it are pulling some shockers going against the odds breaking the ground in the area of innovation. The hindering to progress is the toxic politics and bad policies. The continent needs grassroots education on cultivation of the culture of continent/community empowerment that would remove the abuse of resources by corrupt leadership.
It is high time the wealth in Africa is used to feed and spend on the progress of the Continent not on looters. Africa need to focus on grassroots empowerment. Main focus have to be in the following sectors , food production(agriculture revolution) , water and Sanitation , health , electricity energy sources , industrialization revolution, vocational training skills and research centres.
The first port of call is skills then land. Agriculture is the back bone of life, everything comes from the land but if Africa don’t have the skills to make use of the land profitably it will be no use to own the land. The people in Africa have looked up to abroad for jobs.
The COVID-19 is a game changer in the whole world. The pandemic has exposed several African countries as they are not able to feed its citizens during this difficult times. The recent financial crisis has shown the deep sickness of Africa economy system.
The forefathers in Africa survived from the same agriculture and minerals. All needed is to preserve the African culture .The main challenge is on trying to copy and paste everything from West countries. Africa need radically approaches on economic revival.
Bottom line, Africa is where it is not due to imperialists but “MAINLY’’ due to the type of leaders we have. The Americans, Asians and Europeans made it in their economy because it was inclined to values of their culture. The current leaders in Africa are like old cows that used to give good milk (breaking the colonial bondage) but now the cows are feeding from the continent in order to compensate the milk they provided while still young .
Africa is struggling with poverty despite the fact that it is home to an avalanche of raw materials that are in hot demand around the globe. It can easily become the hub of technology because of the abundance of mineral resources. Sadly several African countries on the contrary are languishing in abject poverty.
Although the continent boasts of indigenous and numerous resources, they are poorly distributed among citizens and within provinces/regions. Africa has not yet adopted strategic ways to redistribute such wealth to its people.
Wealth distribution is a problematic issue, but what is even more disturbing is how great and promising resources like precious minerals are exploited by few politically connected people, foreign investors and big corporations which pay little or no taxes to the country. Such practices have left the African countries twirling in poverty.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has enough timber to supply the whole of Africa for a number of years without running out. They also have the soils and a rainfall pattern that allows for the harvesting of 2 maize crops seasons in a year , in most parts of Africa they only have one growing season and harvest once a year. They are the richest country in the world for minerals. It is high time Africa liberate herself from foreign criminal investors and greedy politicians. The people in DRC can’t suffer for their own wealth. The youths in Africa expose those murderers and remodel the economy growth.
The lasting solutions are needed to curb poverty. The government of Zimbabwe need to create a conducive environment so that the citizens can do business to boost the economy. The government’s role is to be the good referee and to administer the rules of the game in a holistic manner.
Zimbabwe, if it creates well ground on the players who want to revive the economy; this will eventually boost the morale and appetite for investors. The government need to gain confidence from the very local people. The country need to revisit the basics before plunging more into economic meltdown. The issue of local currency need to be revisited. The country is not doing any production at full scale as a country. The dollarization now mandatory for sake of stability and economical projection in the country.
The main hindrance on the way forward of reviving Zimbabwe economy is implementation. Zimbabwe always has good and appetising policies in writing that die a natural death before implementation. Remember the ESAP, ZIMPREST, ZIMASSET and now TSP in action. All these policies were meant to curb poverty and advance prosperity to the citizens. The cycle of poverty is easily breakable if central government implements its own policies to the letter and addresses the vices of corruption in word and indeed. The rule of law must be enforced without taking sides of political affiliation. The government of Zimbabwe need to act on recent bizarre abductions on opposition party members (MDCA) because the image of the country is now deeply eroded.
Our reasoning has gone to the dogs in Africa, corruption has damaged our brains to the point of now accepting the abnormal now as the normal even during this lockdown the police officers continue to pocket bribes .We see this every day ,everything is biased everywhere in our society only those practising fraud and wickedness continue to get rich. Our politicians are now forcing us to believe that our problems are results of western sanctions; sure we need brain surgery. Who bewitched us?
The rainbow of Africa, the land of ‘’Mzansi’’ the Republic of South Africa –the people are not fully benefiting from the resources of their motherland. They have skyscraper buildings and spaghetti roads which is good to the legacy of infrastructure development. The economy is being run by few individuals while politicians are becoming rich and richer.
The song of politicians looting the state coffers and abusing the office is the daily continental anthem. This have prompt to civil unrest, wars, poverty, terrorism and xenophobia in other regions. . Terrorism and xenophobia presents a serious and sustained threat to the Africa and Africa progress. The Terrorist and xenophobia groups seek to cause widespread disruption, fear and intimidation. They use violence as a means of publicizing their causes motivating those who might be sympathetic to them and intimidating those who do not sympathize.
Awake Africa because of COVID-19 you need homemade solutions and its working. High time for the continent to be independent and not dependent.
The coronavirus is sending us a message about our humanity .This is the opportunity to make Africa a better habitual continent. I believe some Presidents in Africa have started to see well the vision of Africa and are starting to build hospitals back home instead of trooping overseas for medical assistance.
The Africans have the capability to turn around the fortunes of the continent but they only need the political will from the Leaders. The fear of the unknown is making majority of Presidents in Africa to rule with iron fists. The solution is not on ruling with iron fists but to implement good political and economic policies.
Africa will survive only if it stops and reduce dependency syndrome. It will take time but with determination and commitment Africa will get there. The system Africa needs is to produce in Africa, transform in Africa, consume in Africa and export to other continents.
COVID-19 has opened our inner eyes and knocked some sense into our heads as the most people in Africa are badly affected during this indefinite lockdown. It is high time for Africa to work collectively as a continent in terms of rediscovering, innovations and means to produce what is needed.
The song by the late Miriam Makeba that says,”Africa is where my heart lies”? Yes it really open my eyes to understand that the area of comfort is a place of birth or country of origin no matter if I relocate to abroad. Migration is a natural phenomenon, natural movement depending on situations.
The only development that can lead to African empowerment is to have a window of understanding that everything now depends on our own efforts, investment, professionals and expertise.
Other continents now have their own burdens because of Corona virus. Africa because of COVID-19 you have seen the consequences of dependent on other continents. Several countries in Africa its citizens have been reduced into deepest seat of vulnerability/poverty.
Every son and daughter of the African soil has a right to participate in resource mobilization and capacity utilization so as to fully benefit as citizens of the continent. Let’s ensure that youths are meaningful involvement in country/continent level affairs before they get lured into terrorism, xenophobia, drug trafficking and other vices. Let’s have an inclusive approach where every citizen feels the country/continent ownership and so will find rebelling against fellow citizens a needless enterprise.
Enos Denhere is a freelance Journalist and advocate on nation building based in Zimbabwe. Email Call/Whats app +263773894975
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