Agenda of UAE's vertical farms for 2021 - Listicle

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Science & Environment December 12 @ 6:02pm

Over the past few years, hydroponics technology has been adopted rapidly globally as well as across the UAE. Globally, because of water scarcity and erratic weather patterns, outdoor agriculture has suffered. Crops that
we traditionally grew outdoors have been ravaged by extreme weather conditions, reducing global supply and increasing the prices of many of our staple crops. In the UAE, indoor hydroponics is ideal because it allows one to grow produce year-round, even in the summer month, and is very water-efficient.
Because of the COVID pandemic – food security is not just a theoretical concept anymore. Everyone understands it more clearly. We saw food shortages and people hoarding all over the world. For the UAE, we import up to 90% of our produce – so for countries like the UAE which are import-heavy, they are hence investing in new farming technologies which allow to grow and scale local
production of fresh produce to be as independent as possible in this capacity.

I thought I could talk to at least five vertical and hydroponic farm owners and ask them for their agenda for 2021 since according to the UAE national agenda and UAE’s vision 2021, more time needs to be spent in ensuring sustainable growth, protecting the environment, and maintaining a perfect economic-social equilibrium. And the government is investing heavily on modern farming methods.

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