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Number of migrants crossing Mediterranean Sea on the rise

Naples, Italy Current Affairs October 29 @ 10:34am

NAPLES - 76,000 people in the first half of this year tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea. According to the International Organisation for Migration, this is a doubling compared to last year. The number of deaths also doubled to 896. The influx increases the burden on reception centers across Europe.
Dutch video journalist Ruud Elmendorp is on the Ocean Viking of SOS Mediterranée on the Mediterranean Sean joining a mission rescuing migrants at sea. Video journalist Ruud Elmendorp shows in videos, photos, and articles how migrants are rescued and transferred to the ship and brought to a place of safety on land. We interview the migrants, show their lives on the ship and have interviews with representatives of international organisations for context.
We show which challenges there are for the crew and the migrants, like the weather and the
Libyan Coast Guard that are trying to push back the migrants to Libya. The Libyan Coast Guard is to get new patrol boats paid by the EU, despite crimes reported about putting migrants in detention centers in Libya under inhuman conditions.
The next step is to visit reception centers in Italy where migrants are spending their days during asylum and other procedures. We hear their stories and witness their daily lives in their new environment. We show which impact COVID-19 has on the rescue operation since the majority of the migrants are not vaccinated.
Lastly, we shed a light on whether there is a solution for the migration issue. For now, the number of migrants is increasing now the pandemic is over its peak. Can improving living conditions in home countries reduce the influx, or will migrants remain seeing Europe as a promised land?
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