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Creating a digital cashless economy.

Kampala, Uganda Business June 23 @ 4:25am

Uganda relatively follows Kenya in the use of mobile money services to pay for goods and services.This mode of payment saves urban and rural communities a lot in transacting business especially sending money from one person to another, but most importantly is aimed at creating a cashless economy aimed at reducing money theft.

Kenya leads in shopping via mobile money through their biggest Telecom service- Safaricom (M-Pesa service). Rwanda Mobile Telecommunication network (Rwanda MTN-MoMo) launched their mobile money shopping system in 2018 and is reported to be steadily working. In Uganda, a similar system was launched- the MTN-MoMo but struggles to get users to pay for their shopping via mobile money. I would like to explore why shopping for goods via mobile money in Uganda hasn't picked up as yet. What are the fears and where are the challenges and what service providers are doing to ensure that Uganda goes cashless
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