Darren Allan Kyeyune
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Ten-year-old defies infirmity to delight in swimming

Kampala, Uganda Sports May 14 @ 7:38pm

Despite infirmity on her right hand, Husinah Kukundakwe has taken the swimming fraternity of Uganda by storm with her skills in the pool. The ten-year-old has been swimming since her pre-primary and recently began competing favourably amongst the fully-abled age-mates. Her coach Matovu Wasswa picked interested in her seven years ago and the sky could be the limit for Kukundakwe at the deep end. We take the viewers to the swimming pool as Kukundakwe swims with instructions from her coach Matovu. We interview Kukundakwe and Matovu, we then follow Kukundakwe playing with colleagues in a different setting and focus on how happy she is to fit in with the rest despite her physical disability. We then speak to one of her parents/ guardians about supporting her in swimming
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