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The Mexican women who raps against femicide in the most dangerous place in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico Politics, Current Affairs, Social, Cultural January 22 @ 6:01pm

Mexican MC Jezzy P is an exciting and respected voice in rap at Ecatepec, the most dangerous place for females in Mexico. But Jessica Roldán, her real name, is doing more than just music to empower women within the monster itself, she has become a leader in the community trough hip-hop culture, given others the chance of getting close to the culture for the first time.

Jezzy P is the leader of an all-women hip-hop crew called Mujeres Trabajando, which focuses on women's issues and social justice. An artistic expression of women's struggle for survival. The eight women who get together to talk, learn and practice rap, grafitti and breakdance also share stories of violence, adversity and fear.

What these women do in a context were almost 3.000 women were murdered or disappeared last year in Mexico we thing is the real story.

Also, in the midst of the global phenomenon of "Un violador en tu camino" and the very serious problem of violence against women in Mexico, Jezzy P’s story is so relevant and is worth of telling.
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