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Just Dual It! - Germany's New Educational Model Pairs-up Theory and In-Company Practice

Munich, Germany Business April 15 @ 3:39pm

As the German economy booms and companies hustle to fill orders, employers wring their hands in search of job candidates that fit their increasingly precise specifications. A solution to their problem: train your employees yourself. The "Duales Studium" educational model combines almost full-time, in-company work with university-level studies, and is becoming increasingly popular alongside the time-honored German apprenticeships system (for more manual types of work). Curricula are becoming more streamlined, fine-tuned, and less grueling as government planners and educators realize that more and more young people need advanced degrees as well as practical experience if they are to find their niche in an increasingly automated working world. Virtually all top German corporations now offer Duales Studium programs, from Siemens to Daimler, to Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Bayer, and BASF. The advantages are clear to see: companies get employees who are perfectly trained for their own company, and the student usually gets paid anywhere from 400 to 1000 euros per month while earning an academic degree plus a technical or commercial training qualification and also chalking up early years of valuable work experience. Best of all, young people start off their careers with a near-guarantee of a job and no educational debt. My article could describe the Duales Studium model in general, possibly focusing on its success on the basis of a particular company. I could also interview job experts and young graduates of programs like these for you.
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