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London, United Kingdom Cultural June 4 @ 11:47am

Records suggest that the ‘iced cream’ or ‘creamed ice’ was adopted in Europe in medieval times. Such had been the demand for ice that wealthy people built icehouses on their estates. Then, along came Carlo Gatti, a Swiss émigré, settling in Holborn’s Italian neighbourhood, to open a café specialising in chocolate and ice cream. In the 50s the large influx of Italians to London introduced the gelaterias or ‘ice cream parlours’ that still exist. Now ice cream is enjoying a resurgence that is heartening as, with London’s long, harsh winters, it’s a tough business to establish. This recent boom in ice cream parlours you can see at Scoop, Milk Train, Gelato Mio, Morelli, Udderlicious and many more springing up everywhere every month.
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