Mismanaged Solutions To Senegal's Fishing Problems

Dakar, Senegal Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Social, Cultural, Travel July 24 @ 11:51am

In Senegal, overfishing is a serious problem –just as it is in many other parts of Africa. But in Senegal, local fishing jobs account for about 20 percent of the overall workforce and make up about 70 percent of the available food source available to the lower middle class. Most overfishing is caused by international fisheries who have at one point or another agreed to invest in Senegal in exchange for fishing off their shores. Unfortunately, the Minister of Fisheries of Senegal refuses to review or rescind the agreements.

Now for the solution: local fishermen have built an alliance in hopes of replenishing fish habitats closer to shore by rezoning and controlling where locals fish. Like many of my stories, I intend on this being pretty character-driven but the research is solid: government involvement, overfishing numbers, contracts, etc.
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