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Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs August 24 @ 7:03pm

Kenya records an average of 600 infections daily of Covid 19 confirmed cases, according to the latest figures published on the Corona Tracker website. But amidst the grim figures, that also post about 13000 persons receiving treatment, there is rising apathy towards protection measures especially among those living in low income areas.

In most of these places many defy social distancing and rarely wear masks. This situation is fueled by recent reports indicating how the Kenya Government has misappropriated 7.7 billion in the purchase of PPEs by the country's medical supply agency KEMSA.
A section of Kenyans on twitter are downplaying the intensity of the situation and claim COVID 19 is a gravy train for those in authority. "Donors say they will not be granting us money to fight covid-19 and suddenly the "curve" is starting to flatten"! quipped one Kenyan on twitter.

This report will be looking at the prevailing scenario and will seek to analyse whether the Kenya Government effectively communicates COVID 19 messages to influence attitude change. It will also highlight how most Kenyans have resorted to normal life oblivious of the pandemic .
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