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Missing Middle Housing: The Lack of Affordable Housing in US Urban Markets 10/12/2018

Philadelphia, United States of America Business, Research October 12 @ 11:28am

Daniel Parolek, renowned urban designer and architect with Opticos Design of Berkeley California, will be keynote speaker at a program we're covering today at Philadelphia's Drexel University.

Parolek will explain how the Missing Middle -- compact and clustered home types such as manor houses, multiplexes and live/work units -- can meet the growing housing demand in walkable urban places. "Missing Middle Housing" was common to many pre-1940 neighborhoods in the US.

Despite market demand for the Missing Middle and its potential to improve housing affordability, our region doesn't produce it. Dan will highlight the need for more housing choices, the strategies for removing planning and zoning barriers to enable these types, and the key to getting buy in from community members and decision makers. There will also be a panel discussion featuring economist Kevin Gillen of Drexel’s Lindy Institute.

We will be recording audio at the program, and we're available for live radio and TV hits about the program and speakers.
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