Enric Duran: the Robin Hood of the banks

Barcelona, Spain Social November 23 @ 8:34pm

I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona, and I'm looking for media interested on publishing this story:
Enric is a Catalan activist who in 2008 announced that, through a false payroll and a fictitious trade, he got loans from 39 financial institutions for a total of 492,000 euros -almost half a million euros. He said he would not return the money, as a complaint for the functioning of the financial system, and anticipating the global economic crisis that would come shortly after.
He has been missing for seven years somewhere in Europe, in hiding, resisting an arrest warrant for this action. He has not sought asylum in any European country, and he has a passport that has been withdrawn for 10 years. The next year 2020 expires his DNI -Spanish national identity document-, and can not renew it in any embassy without risking being arrested and extradited. His case generated controversy in Spain, although his current situation of secrecy has kept him away from the spotlight.
This is the first time in several years that Enric agrees to reappear in a report to openly explain his current situation, his expectations for the future, and to make a review of what this action has meant for him and its repercussions on society.
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