Canada welcomes homeless at libraries

Toronto, Canada Arts & Books October 19 @ 12:02am

In the country’s largest city, people using shelters has increased, according to the Toronto city council, as temperatures get set to plummet. One branch of what is one of the world’s busiest public library systems has now hired a permanent social worker as they grapple with a growing number of homeless people flocking to it. In another branch, a separate social worker has been recruited in a bid to focus on frontline services for those with no home, especially youth. There have been calls for the program to be rolled out across Canada. Toronto’s “bookmobile”, meanwhile, has reached at least 500 people living in shelters so far, while librarians are being “embedded” in organisatons to reach others who are homeless. Softball and soccer are already available for those with nowhere to go, but the city plans to also offer yoga and tai chi soon.
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