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Gold seekers - In search of ancient treasures

Iranshahr, Iran Research July 24 @ 2:02am

Gold seekers - In search of ancient treasures

One of the six great treasures discovered in the world has found in Iran. Among thousands of historical things they found untouched for over two thousand years, just about 100 of them survived from smugglers. This is just one of the dirty smuggling industry of ancient discoveries in Iran. People still dig and try to sell their history to anyone who has money

Farshad lives his life with a dream to find a treasure. He found and sold several ancient treasures, but he still wants and dreams of more. He knows Iran's land is full of treasure which in this political chaos government doesn't pay much attention to it. With his help, will be close to smugglers, gold seekers, and the underground stories of this untold story.
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