Village granny ending FGM one family at a time

Kuria, Kenya Social 22 Jan 2023

Married as a teenager, soon after undergoing female genital mutilation / cutting, Susan Sagati moved into a family much like her own: all girls in her matrimonial home were cut and married off at an early age.
She experienced the effects of FGM in her life and its confining consequences on the lives of young girls and women in her community. She resolved it had to end with her generation.
This is a story of a woman who changed a family and is today changing a community, inspiring one girl at a time, converting a parent after another.


Among the Kuria community of south western Kenya, female genital mutilation and child marriage are pushing many girls out of school and with devastating effects.
According to the Sub-county children's department, less than half the girls who complete primary education transition to secondary school; early marriage and FGM are the key drivers.

It is still a man's world in her community, but Susan has a wit and a heart that gets her to the table, easily, always.
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