Australian Bushfires

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Pending title: Bushfires in Australia - the economic and environmental impact

A.1 Interview Professor Chris Dickman, an expert on Australian biodiversity at the University of Sydney, who estimates half a billion animals have been killed in the bushfires. [B.1] Understand how he came to that estimate, the types of animals lost, and how this will impact biodiversity in the future. Recovery times for the animals. [C.1] B-roll footage of fires, burnt and deceased animals for the cutaways.

A.2 Interview multicultural Australian residents effected by the Bushfires (in English) to give the viewer a thorough understanding of the crisis. [B.2] Ask about the impact on their life, their finances/investments, and their future. [C.1] Cutaways of destruction of homes, burnt out cars, and their properties. Any other visuals to illustrate their response to questions.

A.3 Press conference footage from RFS (public domain or attending - whichever is practical with the budget) where the NSW fire chief Shane Fitzsimmons addresses the press with updates.

A.4 Interview an economist on the economic costs of the fires. [B.4] This includes insurance payouts/claims, the rising cost of insurance thereafter, reduction or loss of business, reduction of investment, the costs to re-build and whether this will impact on the economy, and so on. [C.4] Appropriate cutaways based on responses. [D.4]

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