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Find a freelance analyst in Solomon Islands

Find a freelance analyst in Solomon Islands

Paydesk has 1 analyst in Solomon Islands. Our analysts, usually professionally trained journalists, can perform: competitive analysis, economic analysis, industry and sector analysis as well as background research.

Our top analyst in Solomon Islands is Dorothy Wickham.

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We have analysts in Honiara.

Analysts in Solomon Islands

Dorothy Wickham

Honiara, Solomon Islands
Dorothy Wickham is a seasoned journalist renowned for her in-depth coverage and analysis of the Solomon Islands, with a particular emphasis on international relations and economic development. Her work critically examines the geopolitical shifts in the region, including the Solomon Islands' Read morestrategic realignment from traditional Western alliances towards Chinese partnerships. Wickham's reporting also delves into the profound effects of climate change and the role of foreign aid in shaping the Pacific landscape.

Equipped with both still and video cameras, Wickham is adept at providing compelling visual content for newspapers and television, catering to media outlets in need of high-quality pictures and footage. Her geographical positioning in the Pacific uniquely situates her to report on stories across the Melanesian region, including Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Vanuatu, offering audiences a closer look at these diverse and dynamic areas.

In addition to her journalistic endeavors, Wickham offers her expertise in language services, including translation and transcription work. Her multifaceted skills not only enhance her storytelling capabilities but also make her a valuable resource for media organizations seeking to bridge language barriers and bring forth authentic narratives from the Pacific region.
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