General overview

Paydesk operates its customer service from 9:00-17:00 GMT on Monday to Friday. You can email or call +44 2079765335. 

Paydesk has after-hours emergency coverage. This limited additional support is designed to address urgent matters. Non-urgent support will be handled during normal business hours.
Paydesk is a global platform designed to connect freelance journalists and other news professionals such as videographers, photographers, and fixers, with broadcasters, publishers and anyone else in need of trusted content collected at the source. It functions as a marketplace where media outlets can find and hire freelance talent for on-the-ground reporting, video content and news coverage in various locations across the globe. Paydesk aims to streamline the process of sourcing reliable freelance media talent by providing tools for verification, communication and payment. This platform is particularly useful for newsrooms seeking to cover stories in remote or specific locales without the necessity of a permanent presence, offering access to a wide network of professionals ready to deliver timely and authentic content.
Paydesk is free to join for both freelancers and clients. There are no subscription costs or fees to maintain an account. Freelancers are free to set their own rates and keep 100% of their earnings. We charge clients a small service fee for each booking, which covers the cost of maintaining the service and provides freelancers with additional benefits, such as insurance coverage for every job booked through paydesk.
Since our establishment in 2015, paydesk has earned a reputation for quality, security and reliability in connecting news organizations with vetted freelancers worldwide. Our rigorous verification process ensures that all freelancers are professional and credible, supported by advanced security measures to safeguard personal and financial data. We've successfully facilitated payments to thousands of freelancers in every corner of the globe, demonstrating our commitment to a seamless, secure and efficient payment process.

Paydesk's transparent and fair pricing model allows freelancers to set their own rates and keep 100% of their earnings, while clients pay a modest, transparent service fee, including benefits like insurance coverage for jobs.

Support for clients & producers

Signing up for a paydesk account is open to anyone interested in booking freelancers for their projects. The process is straightforward: simply register an account on the paydesk website, providing the necessary information to get started. Once registered, you can use this account to browse and book freelancers for various assignments. For booking purposes a credit card is required; however paydesk will verify the credit card without charging it upfront.  Payment is only processed once a booking is successfully completed, ensuring a secure and transparent transaction process.

Paydesk employs various advanced technologies to secure its network against spam and scam accounts, maintaining a safe and reliable platform for both clients and freelancers. This security measure ensures that all interactions and transactions on paydesk are legitimate and secure, providing peace of mind for users engaging with the platform.  Whether you're looking to hire journalists, videographers or other media professionals, paydesk offers a seamless and secure way to connect with top talent worldwide.

Otherwise, please contact us to talk about signing up as an invoice based client. See further information below.
Creating and maintaining an account on paydesk is completely free for clients. There are no subscription fees or charges for setting up and holding an account on the platform.

Costs are incurred only when you book and confirm a freelancer has completed a project. At that point paydesk adds a maximum 25% service fee to the freelancer's rate that you agree upon.  This fee is transparently communicated and is designed to cover the operational costs of the platform and insurance cover for the freelancer, ensuring that you have access to a wide network of professional freelancers while benefiting from paydesk's secure and efficient project management tools.

This straightforward pricing model allows clients to plan and budget their projects with clarity, knowing all potential costs upfront.
Paydesk maintains strict privacy and security measures regarding your contact information. It is kept secure and is only shared with the freelancer once they accept a booking you have made. This policy is designed to facilitate efficient and direct communication between you and the freelancer, allowing you to quickly discuss project details, requirements and any other pertinent information.

This approach ensures that both parties have the necessary contact details to coordinate effectively on the project, while also upholding the privacy and security of your information until a professional connection is established through a confirmed booking.
Paydesk can accommodate invoice payments for clients who anticipate higher usage of the platform and are unable to pay by credit card. Recognizing the diverse needs of its clients, paydesk offers this flexibility to ensure that transactions can be conducted in a manner that suits the specific financial processes of different organizations or individuals.

Clients interested in paying by invoice are encouraged to contact the paydesk support team to discuss their requirements.
As a UK registered company, paydesk is required to charge VAT (Value Added Tax) to clients who are based in the UK. The system is designed to automatically detect UK customers and accordingly apply VAT to the transactions. To facilitate seamless tax handling, there is a Tax Information section within the account settings where UK-based clients can add their VAT number. This ensures that the VAT number appears on your invoices, aiding in the proper management and documentation of tax-related matters.

For clients not based in the UK, if VAT has been mistakenly charged, contact our support team and inform them of the error.
Yes, the service fee at paydesk is negotiable for clients who anticipate making frequent bookings through the platform. Paydesk understands the importance of accommodating the varying needs of its clients, including those with high-volume project requirements.

If you expect to use paydesk's services regularly and believe you qualify for volume pricing, you're encouraged to reach out directly to the support team.
Paydesk charges a service fee by adding a maximum of 25% to the rate set by the client for a job. This fee is applied when a client books a freelancer through the platform. The service fee covers various aspects of the platform's operations, including facilitating secure transactions, providing insurance for freelancers while on the job, and maintaining the platform's technology and support services.

This model allows paydesk to offer a comprehensive and secure service to both freelancers and clients, ensuring that freelancers are fairly compensated for their work while providing clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their projects are handled professionally and securely.
The price of a job on paydesk is set by the client. This approach allows you to work within your budget, giving you control over the financial aspect of booking freelancers for your projects.  When setting the fee, it's important to be mindful of the market rates for the services you require, as setting a fee too low may result in freelancers being less likely to accept the job.

However, paydesk provides a messaging functionality that enables you to discuss pricing directly with your preferred freelancers.  This feature facilitates open communication between clients and freelancers, allowing for negotiation and agreement on a fair price that reflects the scope and requirements of the project, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties.

Hiring a freelancer

If you're unsure about the appropriate budget for a project when making a booking on paydesk, a practical approach is to set a nominal amount initially. In the job description, it's helpful to indicate clearly that the budget is flexible and subject to discussion. This openness signals to freelancers that you are open to negotiation and finding a mutually agreeable price based on the project's scope and requirements.

You can then utilize paydesk's messaging system to engage directly with the freelancer, allowing you to discuss the project in more detail and establish a fair budget. This dialogue ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of the work involved and can agree on a price that reflects the value of the service being provided.

Once you've reached an agreement on the budget, you can cancel the initial booking with the nominal amount and create a new booking that accurately reflects the agreed-upon value. This process ensures that the booking on paydesk aligns with both the client's expectations and the freelancer's expertise, facilitating a successful collaboration.
If there's a change in the budget for your project after the freelancer has already commenced work and both of you agree to adjust the budget either upwards or downwards, the most straightforward solution is to cancel the existing booking and create a new booking, reflecting the revised budget amount. This approach ensures that the agreement between you and the freelancer is accurately documented and that the payment aligns with the new terms as agreed.

It's important to note that there is no cost associated with cancelling the booking under these circumstances, provided that the decision to adjust the budget is mutual. This flexibility allows for open communication and negotiation between clients and freelancers to accommodate project evolutions or changes in scope, ensuring that the collaboration remains fair and transparent.  Paydesk's platform supports this adaptability to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the work arrangement and compensation.

Otherwise, if the booking has already been 'confirmed as complete' and you need to make a change, please contact the paydesk support desk.
To hire a freelancer on paydesk, begin by using the search function to find professionals based on their name or location. Once you've identified a freelancer who meets your needs, click on the "Hire" button located on their profile. This action leads you to a short booking form where you'll detail the specifics of the job, such as the project description, duration, and any particular requirements or expectations you might have.

After you submit the booking form, the freelancer is notified of your interest and has the option to either accept or reject the booking based on their availability and the project's fit. Freelancers usually respond to booking requests within a few hours, but it's wise to account for time zone differences that may affect their response time. This streamlined process is designed to facilitate an easy and effective way to engage with freelancers, ensuring a smooth hiring experience on paydesk.
Your credit card is initially verified when you make a booking on paydesk, but the actual charge only occurs after the freelancer has accepted the booking and you, as the client, have confirmed that the project has been successfully completed.

This system is designed to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that you are only charged for work that meets your standards and is fully completed. Our approach underscores paydesk's commitment to facilitating trustworthy and satisfactory exchanges between clients and freelancers, ensuring both parties are protected and satisfied with the transaction.
Yes, you have the option to cancel a booking on paydesk. However, it's important to note the conditions associated with cancellation.

If the freelancer has already accepted the job and commenced work, a cancellation fee, often referred to as a "kill fee" may be charged. This fee is implemented to compensate the freelancer for the time and resources they may have allocated to the project up until the point of cancellation. The kill fee policy is in place to ensure fairness and protect the interests of freelancers who commit to assignments and adjust their schedules accordingly.
When the job is complete, you need to go to the job details page on paydesk and confirm it as complete.

Confirming a booking as complete is a crucial step in the paydesk process because it starts the process of arranging payment to the freelancer for the work they have undertaken. This confirmation acts as your acknowledgment that the project has been successfully finished to your satisfaction. It's an essential aspect of the paydesk workflow, ensuring that freelancers are compensated promptly for their efforts and contributions.
The client sets the price for a job on paydesk.  When posting a booking, clients specify the rate they are willing to pay for the project.  This approach allows clients to budget according to their financial constraints and project needs.  However, it's important for clients to set a fair and competitive rate to attract qualified freelancers. The platform encourages open communication, enabling clients and freelancers to discuss and agree on the project's terms, including pricing, before finalizing the booking. This process ensures that both parties are satisfied with the agreed-upon price, fostering a transparent and equitable working relationship.
Bypassing paydesk to book a freelancer directly is against our terms of service. We employ advanced contact detection technology to monitor messages for any attempts at sharing contact information.

More importantly, booking through paydesk offers freelancers payment protection, guaranteeing them payment for their work. This is a significant reason why freelancers prefer being booked through our platform.

Additionally, using paydesk alleviates your company from the administrative costs and compliance efforts associated with handling a new contractor. By facilitating transactions through paydesk, both freelancers and clients benefit from a secure, efficient and compliant environment, ensuring a smooth and reliable exchange for all parties involved.
If a freelancer does not respond to your job booking on paydesk, the system is designed to handle this situation seamlessly. Jobs that do not receive a response from the freelancer will automatically expire, ensuring that you are not left in a state of indefinite waiting. This automatic expiration means there's no action required on your part if a freelancer fails to respond, and importantly, you will not incur any charges for the unfulfilled booking.

Should you prefer not to wait for the job to expire automatically, you have the option to proactively cancel the job. This feature allows you to manage your bookings efficiently and move on to seek other freelancers who can meet your project's needs without unnecessary delay. Paydesk aims to provide a user-friendly platform that minimizes inconvenience and ensures that you can manage your bookings effectively, even when faced with non-responsive freelancers.

Setting up an account (Freelancer)

Yes, anyone interested in joining paydesk can start by creating a profile, but before it goes live, our editorial team will verify that you are a freelance professional working within the news industry. 

Creating an account is free. During the account creation process, you will be asked to upload links to a few work samples. These samples are crucial as they demonstrate your experience and background in news reporting, journalism, or a related field. Our team reviews these submissions carefully to ensure that only qualified individuals can access and utilize our platform, maintaining our high standard of quality and reliability.
We verify profiles at Paydesk to maintain the integrity and quality of our platform, which is dedicated to serving the world's largest news outlets with high-quality and reliable coverage. If you're a freelancer in the news industry looking to join Paydesk, you'll need to undergo our vetting process. This process involves uploading work samples that showcase your experience and professionalism in news reporting, journalism, or a related field. We meticulously review these submissions to ensure that only qualified individuals have access to and can utilize our platform.

This rigorous vetting process is crucial for building a network of top-tier professionals who are capable of meeting the immediate needs of global news organizations. It's our way of ensuring that every member of the Paydesk community can contribute to our mission of providing exceptional news coverage, thereby maintaining our reputation as a trusted partner for the news industry.
Paydesk's vetting process is designed to ensure that every member is verified.  When you sign up for a profile you are required to include a short bio, a profile photo and links to published or broadcast work samples that showcase your expertise in roles such as journalism, videography, photography or similar. Additionally you must confirm your email address and mobile number.  Only after your profile is fully complete will it undergo review by our editorial team.
The verification process at paydesk typically takes 1-2 business days, but it can sometimes be expedited if required. This period allows our editorial team to thoroughly review your profile, including your bio, profile photo and links to your work samples. The duration of the process can vary, depending on the volume of applications we are currently processing. We appreciate your patience and aim to complete verifications as quickly as possible, welcoming you into our network of trusted news industry professionals.
Membership at paydesk is completely free for professionals. There are no fees to join or to maintain your profile on our platform and we send each freelancer the exact amount that has been booked.
Once your profile is verified on paydesk, you become part of an exclusive network of news professionals, opening doors to a world of opportunities. Verification marks your profile as credible and trustworthy to the world's largest news outlets, enabling you to access and respond to job postings that match your expertise. You can set your own rates, manage bookings directly through the platform, and benefit from our secure payment system, ensuring you receive timely payments for your work.  Additionally, you'll enjoy insurance coverage for each job you undertake, providing extra security and peace of mind. With your verified profile you're now positioned to make the most of paydesk's global reach and reputation, connecting with clients in need of high-quality, reliable news coverage.

Account queries (Freelancer)

To verify your phone number on paydesk, you'll begin by entering your number into your profile settings. Shortly after, paydesk sends an SMS to that number containing a verification code. You'll need to input this code on the paydesk platform to confirm ownership of your phone number. If you don't receive the SMS, there's no need to worry; you have the option to request the SMS be sent again through the platform. For any challenges encountered during this process, paydesk's support team is ready to help.
Paydesk verifies your identity to adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations concerning payments. This process is essential for preventing fraudulent activities and ensuring the security of financial transactions on our platform. By verifying the identity of our users, we help safeguard the integrity of our payment system and comply with legal standards aimed at combating financial crimes.

Once the verification process is complete, we delete copies of your identification to protect your privacy. Additionally, all information during this process is encrypted to the highest standards, ensuring that your personal and financial data remain secure. This approach underscores paydesk's commitment to maintaining a safe, transparent and compliant environment for all users, facilitating trust and reliability in our services.
Requiring your address at paydesk is primarily to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and financial regulations, crucial steps for preventing fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes. By collecting and verifying your address, we ensure that all financial transactions on the platform adhere to legal standards for transparency and security, thereby maintaining a safe and reliable environment for both freelancers and clients.

It's important to note that your address is never used outside of these compliance requirements. Paydesk is committed to respecting your privacy; your address is never used for marketing purposes, nor is it sold or shared with third parties. This policy underscores our dedication to handling your personal information with the highest level of care and confidentiality, ensuring it is used solely to facilitate trust and compliance within our platform's operations.
Requesting work samples is crucial for two primary reasons at paydesk. First, it's a fundamental aspect of our vetting process, ensuring that every member of our platform is a proven professional in the news industry. These samples enable our editorial team to evaluate your expertise and experience in specific roles such as journalism, videography, photography or related fields, maintaining the high standards our clients expect.

Second, your work samples become a part of your public profile, serving as a portfolio to attract clients. They showcase your work's quality and scope, helping potential clients understand your capabilities and style. This visibility is key to connecting with clients looking for the specific skills and experience you offer, facilitating opportunities for assignments that match your expertise. In this way work samples not only verify your professional credentials but also play a vital role in promoting your work, helping you secure engagements through paydesk.
To add work samples to your paydesk profile, simply log into your account and navigate to the profile section.  Here you will find options to either upload your work samples directly or link to them if they are hosted externally. These samples can include articles, videos hosted on platforms like YouTube, audio files from radio broadcasts or podcasts and image files showcasing your photography work.

You can add, edit or delete these work samples at any time, enabling you to keep your profile updated with your latest work. This is designed to make your profile as appealing as possible to potential clients by effectively showcasing your professional achievements and capabilities.
Yes, entering a work location on paydesk is essential because the platform functions primarily as a location-based professional marketplace. This feature enables paydesk to match you with assignments that are geographically relevant, thereby optimizing opportunities for both freelancers and clients.  Including your geographical information helps tailor job suggestions to match your preferences and capabilities more accurately. For clients, understanding a freelancer's work location is critical for planning, especially for assignments that require an on-site presence. Your location is displayed on your profile, allowing you to appear in relevant searches.
Yes, uploading a profile photo is a requirement on paydesk. A profile photo adds a personal touch to your account, making your profile more engaging and trustworthy to potential clients. It helps clients to quickly recognize and remember you, enhancing your visibility and approachability on the platform. A professional-looking photo can significantly impact how your profile is perceived, potentially increasing your chances of being selected for assignments. This visual element is an essential part of your professional identity on paydesk, contributing to building a strong and reliable network of news professionals and clients.
An AI-Enhanced Bio on paydesk is a unique feature that leverages artificial intelligence to craft a compelling and professional biography for your profile. This process starts when you upload work samples to your profile. Paydesk automatically scans these samples and attempts to write a bio based on the content of your work. This analysis and generation process occurs in the background and may take up to 24 hours for the URLs to be analyzed, with the AI-Generated bio being created from the insights gained.

As you continue to add more URLs over time, your AI-Enhanced bio will be continuously updated, ensuring it remains current and reflective of your latest work. However, this AI-Generated bio isn't immediately published on your live profile; it serves as a draft or a base for further enhancement.

By clicking 'Enhance', you initiate the merging of your manually written bio with the AI-Generated bio derived from your work samples. This process typically completes in about 60 seconds, resulting in an AI-Enhanced Bio. This final version combines your input with the AI's analysis of your work, creating a personalized, SEO-optimized bio. You have the opportunity to manually edit this bio before saving and publishing it to your profile.

This innovative approach helps unlock the full potential of your professional profile on paydesk, offering a quick and efficient way to present a polished and tailored bio that increases your visibility online, helping you stand out to potential clients and collaborators with a bio that accurately reflects your unique experiences and skills.
Yes, paydesk provides the flexibility to opt out of job opportunities when you're not available for work. You can set your availability status directly in the Privacy & Availability section of your account by selecting "Not Available." This indicates to potential clients and the paydesk community that you are currently not seeking new assignments. This feature allows you to manage your work influx and availability according to your schedule and commitments.
Yes, your profile on paydesk is publicly visible and can be found on search engines like Google, often ranking within the top three search results for many news professionals who use paydesk. This visibility is a powerful tool for establishing your public presence and attracting potential clients. They can easily search for your name, find your profile, and book you for work. The process is designed to ensure you are paid seamlessly for any jobs booked through paydesk. 

Your default profile URL is structured as, which you have the option to customize for a more personal touch. Additionally, Paydesk operates the domain, making your profile accessible at as well, offering a vanity URL that you can use on business cards or your LinkedIn profile.

If you prefer more privacy, you can adjust your profile settings on the "Privacy & Availability" page. Here you can choose to hide your profile so that it's only visible to clients logged into paydesk. You also have the option to make your profile completely private, rendering it invisible to all. This flexibility is ideal if you're planning to take a break but don't wish to delete your profile entirely.
If you prefer more privacy, you can adjust your profile settings on the "Privacy & Availability" page. Here, you can choose to hide your profile so that it's only visible to clients logged into paydesk. You also have the option to make your profile completely private, rendering it invisible to all. This flexibility is ideal if you're planning to take a break but don't wish to delete your profile entirely.
Your default profile URL is structured as, which you have the option to customize for a more personal touch. Simply visit the privacy and visibility section of your account on paydesk, and you can edit your URL.

Additionally, paydesk operates the domain, making your profile accessible at as well, offering a vanity URL that you can use on business cards or your LinkedIn profile.
Yes! Your default profile URL is structured as, which you have the option to customize for a more personal touch. Simply visit the Privacy & Availability page on your account. You can use any name you like for the profile URL but it must be 8 characters or longer. 

Additionally, paydesk operates the domain, making your profile accessible at as well, offering a vanity URL that you can use on business cards or your LinkedIn profile.
To enhance the security of your paydesk account with two-factor authentication (2FA), you can enable this feature through the Account Security section of your account.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring not only your password but also a verification code sent to your mobile device each time you log in.

To set up 2FA, navigate to the Account Security section in your account, where you'll find the option to enable two-factor authentication. Follow the prompts to link your mobile phone number or authentication app to your paydesk account.

Once activated, you'll be asked for a verification code in addition to your password whenever you sign in, significantly increasing the security of your account against unauthorized access. is a domain operated by paydesk, designed to extend the visibility and professional presence of news professionals who use the paydesk platform. Each paydesk user receives a personalized URL under this domain, formatted as, providing a sleek and professional way to showcase their portfolio and profile. This vanity URL can be a valuable asset for freelancers, making it easier for potential clients to find and book them for work. 

The domain acts as a complementary feature to the main paydesk website, enhancing the online presence of journalists, videographers, photographers and other news industry professionals by giving them a dedicated space to highlight their work, experience and professional achievements.

It's an excellent tool for personal branding and can be added to business cards, LinkedIn profiles or any other promotional material to direct clients and collaborators to your paydesk profile seamlessly.
After you have first created your account on paydesk, simply check your inbox for a verification email from us after you sign up. This email will contain a link - clicking on it will confirm your email address and fully activate your paydesk account.  If you can't find the email, remember to look in your spam or junk folder.  Should it still be missing, you have the option within paydesk to request another verification email or reach out to our support team for help.
Adding a phone number to your paydesk account is crucial for multiple reasons. First, it significantly enhances your account's security by adding an extra layer of verification, which helps prevent unauthorized paydesk can quickly contact you for urgent assignments, facilitating efficient communication between freelancers and clients to streamline workflows.

We utilize your phone number exclusively for sending SMS notifications about assignments, which you have the option to disable at any time. Additionally, your number is shared with a client only after they have made a confirmed booking that you have accepted, ensuring your privacy is respected.

Paydesk commits to not using your number for marketing purposes or sharing it outside of the context of confirmed bookings. This policy underscores our dedication to maintaining your privacy and security while ensuring you remain accessible for potential job opportunities.
Before you can use WhatsApp for receiving notifications from paydesk, you must first verify your mobile number through SMS. This initial step ensures that your contact details are correctly linked to your paydesk account. After your number is verified via SMS, you have the option to extend this verification to include WhatsApp. By completing this additional step, you can then choose to receive notifications through WhatsApp instead of SMS.

It's important to note that paydesk requires the SMS verification process to be completed first; it's not possible to bypass this step and verify your number exclusively via WhatsApp. This process ensures a secure and reliable method of verifying your contact information, maintaining the integrity and security of communications on the paydesk platform.
If you're unable to log in to your paydesk account, don't worry—there's a straightforward process to regain access. Start by going to the login page and click on the "Forgot Password" link. This action will prompt paydesk to send a password reset email to the address registered with your account. Follow the instructions in the email to create a new password and regain access to your account.

Please be aware that after multiple unsuccessful sign-in attempts, paydesk implements a security measure that locks your account to protect it from unauthorized access. If this happens, you will need to contact paydesk support to have your account unblocked. The support team will guide you through the steps to securely restore access to your account, ensuring your professional profile and communications remain safe.

Payment support (Freelancer)

To ensure that you receive payment for your work through paydesk, it's essential to have completed a few key steps related to your account details. First, you must provide a valid address, as this is a fundamental requirement for processing payments. Additionally, a copy of your ID is required for identity verification purposes, aligning with paydesk's commitment to security and compliance with financial regulations. Lastly, entering valid bank details is crucial, as this is how you will receive your earnings.

Since paydesk processes payments at the start of each month, providing these details in advance ensures that there are no delays in receiving your payment. Having all the necessary information on hand allows paydesk to process your payout as quickly as possible. For guidance on how to upload your ID, enter a residential address, or add bank details to your profile, you can refer to the relevant FAQ section. This proactive approach in updating your profile with the required details will streamline the payment process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer of funds for the work you have completed.
To add your payment or bank details to your paydesk account, simply navigate to the "Bank Details" section within your account settings. Once there, click on "Add Payment Details" to begin the process of entering your bank account information. 

Paydesk utilizes major payment networks local to each of the core currencies it operates in: USD (ACH Network), GBP (Faster Payments), and EUR (SEPA). This ensures that payments are processed efficiently and securely within these regions. For payments outside of these specific payment networks, Paydesk uses the SWIFT network to send funds directly to your local bank account, ensuring wide coverage and accessibility. Additionally, paydesk offers the option to send payments to your PayPal account, providing flexibility in how you receive your earnings.

When entering your payment details, make sure to provide accurate and complete information to avoid any delays or issues with receiving your payments. This setup is crucial for facilitating smooth transactions and ensuring you receive your payouts promptly and securely through your preferred payment method.
Yes, paydesk allows you to add multiple payment methods to your account, providing flexibility in how you receive your payments. You may add as many bank accounts or payment accounts as you wish. However, it's important to designate one of these accounts as your default payment account. Paydesk will always send your payment to the account that you have set as your default. Paydesk will only make one payment each month to the default account.

To ensure that your payments are directed to your preferred account without any hiccups, make sure to set your default account before the start of the month. This timing is crucial because paydesk processes payments at the beginning of each month for work completed in the previous month. Setting a default account in advance ensures that paydesk sends your payment to the intended account, streamlining the payment process and helping you manage your finances more effectively.
No, once a bank account has been added to your paydesk profile, it cannot be edited directly for security reasons. If you discover an error or need to update your bank account information, you will need to delete the incorrect bank account from your profile first. After removing it, you can then add a new bank account with the correct information. This process ensures that all bank details on your profile are accurate and up to date, maintaining the security and integrity of your financial transactions on paydesk.  Always double-check the details you enter when adding a new bank account to avoid any payment delays or issues.
Yes, paydesk supports payments to PayPal, offering you an additional, convenient method to receive your earnings. This flexibility allows you to choose PayPal as your preferred payment option, catering to your needs and preferences for receiving payments. When setting up your payment details on paydesk, simply add your PayPal account information on the Bank Details section of your account.
To receive your money from paydesk, you have several convenient options based on your location and preferences. Payouts can be made in any currency including Euros (EUR), Pounds Sterling (GBP), or US dollars (USD) directly to your bank account or via PayPal, providing flexibility in how you choose to receive your earnings. 

If you have particular needs or preferences for receiving your payments, it's best to contact paydesk support directly. The support team is dedicated to accommodating the diverse needs of freelancers on the platform and will work with you to find the most suitable payment solution. Paydesk aims to ensure that receiving your money is as convenient and straightforward as possible, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about payment logistics.
No, paydesk does not charge freelancers any fees for the services provided. We always send the exact amount as agreed in each booking.

Paydesk also endeavors to conduct transactions in the currency in which they were originally booked to prevent any loss due to currency exchange. For example, if you were booked for a job at $100 USD, paydesk will send you $100 USD, and similarly, if you were booked for €100, paydesk will send €100. This approach is part of paydesk's operation in multiple currencies, aiming to minimize any potential exchange losses for freelancers.
Paydesk operates its core platform in three major currencies: US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and Pound Sterling (GBP).  The platform makes a concerted effort to maintain consistency in the currency used for both client bookings and freelancer payouts. This approach is aimed at avoiding any hidden exchange fees that can arise from currency conversion.  By handling transactions in these widely used currencies, paydesk ensures that the financial dealings on the platform are straightforward and transparent, minimizing potential losses due to exchange rate fluctuations and providing a more predictable financial environment for both clients and freelancers.
All bookings marked complete by the producer are settled at the beginning of the following month. For instance, if a job is marked complete on the 20th October, the payment for that job will be processed at the start of November.  Once Paydesk has processed the payment, the time it takes for the funds to reach your account will depend on your chosen payment method and location. This can vary widely, from being almost instantaneous to taking 5-7 business days (this is dependent on your bank).

Paydesk will keep you informed at every step of the payment process, ensuring transparency and providing you with updates on the status of your earnings. This system is designed to streamline the payment process, making it as efficient and straightforward for freelancers as possible.
Paydesk, being a UK-based company does not withhold tax for any payment. All payments are made gross of any tax. Freelancers looking for proof of earnings can download their payout statements directly from their paydesk account. This is accessible by logging in and navigating to the "payments" tab, where all transaction details are available for review and download.

Identity verification

The identity verification process typically takes one business day. Upon submission of your government-issued identity document, our verification team promptly reviews the information to ensure it meets all required criteria, including validity, photo clarity, and the presence of necessary personal details.

During this period, we employ stringent security measures to protect your personal information, using advanced encryption protocols throughout the process. Should we require any additional information or clarification, we may reach out to you to expedite the verification.

Once the verification is successfully completed, you will be notified via email, confirming that your identity has been verified.
We accept government-issued identity documents that include your full name, date and place of birth, and a photo. Passports, national identity cards, and driver's licenses are all acceptable, provided they are currently valid.  In rare situations we may also accept alternative documents, such as a residence card, if no other form of government-issued identification is available.

Please note, we do not accept documents without a photo, expired documents, or documents issued by private institutions.  It is crucial that the document you provide for identity verification meets these criteria to ensure a smooth and compliant verification process.
We request your identity document solely to comply with national and international regulations, specifically within the context of processing payments. When paydesk processes your payment we partner with third-party financial institutions. These institutions occasionally require confirmation of the recipient's identity to facilitate fund transfers. In such instances, we share only the confirmation that your identity has been verified by us; we do not share a copy of your identity document itself, as it is securely deleted after verification. Rest assured, your identity data is used solely for purposes strictly necessary for compliance and payment processing.
Yes, our identity verification process is highly secure. We employ multiple layers of encryption throughout the entire verification process to protect your personal information. Additionally, after we have reviewed the copy of your identity document, that copy is securely deleted from our systems. This approach ensures that your sensitive information is both safely handled and not stored longer than necessary, maintaining the utmost respect for your privacy and security.
Paydesk verifies your identity to adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations concerning payments. This process is essential for preventing fraudulent activities and ensuring the security of financial transactions on our platform. By verifying the identity of our users, we help safeguard the integrity of our payment system and comply with legal standards aimed at combating financial crimes.

Once the verification process is complete we delete copies of your identification to protect your privacy. Additionally, all information during this process is encrypted to the highest standards, ensuring that your personal and financial data remain secure. This approach underscores paydesk's commitment to maintaining a safe, transparent and compliant environment for all users, facilitating trust and reliability in our services.


Contact sharing on paydesk is detected through the use of sophisticated AI technology, which securely and automatically analyzes messages exchanged between users on the platform. This AI system is designed to identify and block attempts to share contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, or social media profiles, even if users attempt to add information in creative ways. The goal of this policy is not to restrict users but to ensure that all interactions and transactions occur within the secure environment of paydesk, thereby protecting both clients and freelancers.

While paydesk reserves the right to disable or delete accounts that repeatedly attempt to bypass this system, this action is considered a last resort. The platform's primary aim is to win and retain customers by offering a reliable service that meets their needs for finding, hiring and paying reputable news professionals securely. This approach helps maintain the integrity of the platform, ensuring it remains the premier trusted marketplace for news professionals.
Yes, freelancers on paydesk are able to message other freelancers. This feature is part of paydesk's commitment to fostering a sense of community among its users. By enabling freelancers to communicate with each other, paydesk aims to encourage the sharing of experiences, tips and opportunities within the platform. This open line of communication can lead to collaborations, mentorship and a more supportive environment for all members of the paydesk community. It's a valuable tool for networking and building professional relationships that can enhance your career and broaden your understanding of the news industry.
Contact sharing in messages is blocked on paydesk to ensure that all bookings and professional interactions are conducted securely through the platform. This policy is in place to protect both freelancers and clients by maintaining a trusted environment for discussing project details and making bookings. The goal is to encourage users to utilize paydesk for all aspects of the hiring process, from initial discussions to final payments, which helps in providing a secure, reliable and streamlined experience for everyone involved.

Once a job is successfully booked via paydesk, all necessary contact information is automatically made available to both parties. This approach allows paydesk to safeguard the interests of both freelancers and clients, ensuring fair practices and the security of payments. Attempts to share contact information before a booking is made can lead to a temporary suspension of messaging functionality, as it goes against the platform's guidelines designed to protect its users and the integrity of the booking process.
If you've received an email notification about a message on paydesk, you can find the message within your paydesk account. To view the message, log in to your paydesk account and navigate to the messaging section. If you're using a desktop browser, this section will be indicated by an envelope icon next to your profile photo. On a mobile device, click on the paydesk logo and select "Messaging" from the dropdown menu.

The messaging section is designed to house all your communications with clients and other news professionals on the platform. The interface displays a list of conversations, allowing you to click on the relevant conversation to read the message. This ensures that all your professional communications are organized and easily accessible, enhancing your interaction experience on paydesk.
The messaging functionality on paydesk is designed to facilitate direct and secure communication between freelancers and clients within the platform. Once you're logged into your paydesk account you can access the messaging feature, which allows you to send and receive messages with potential clients or other news professionals. This feature is particularly useful for discussing job details, negotiating terms, or clarifying assignment requirements before accepting a booking.

To start a conversation, simply navigate to the profile of the user you wish to contact and look for the messaging option, or access your messages from the dashboard to continue existing conversations. Notifications for new messages are typically sent to your registered email address or can be directly accessed through the paydesk interface, ensuring you never miss an important communication.

This built-in messaging system ensures that all communications related to assignments are conveniently centralized within paydesk, adding a layer of privacy and security without sharing personal contact details. It's an essential tool for maintaining smooth and professional interaction, streamlining the process of connecting, collaborating and securing work opportunities.
If your account has been disabled due to contact sharing, it's important to understand that this measure is in place to maintain the security and integrity of the paydesk platform. However, paydesk aims to resolve issues in a way that supports its community of users while upholding platform policies.

The best course of action is to directly contact paydesk support and discuss the circumstances surrounding your account. The support team is there to help and can provide guidance on the steps necessary to possibly reinstate your account.

Remember, the rules around contact sharing are designed to protect both freelancers and clients by ensuring that all transactions and communications occur securely within paydesk. Demonstrating an understanding of this policy and a commitment to adhering to platform guidelines in the future can be key to resolving the issue with your account.


A story on paydesk refers to a pitch - an idea for a piece of content - offered by journalists on the paydesk platform. These pitches can encompass a variety of formats including articles, reports, videos or photographs and are typically based on current events, news, investigations or feature pieces.  Intended as pitches to editorial teams of media outlets, publishers or other organizations looking to commission news and content, they provide a unique opportunity for journalists to share ideas that may otherwise go unnoticed. Our journalists are uniquely positioned to cover these stories, offering editorial teams access to a wealth of untapped stories and perspectives.
If you're a journalist and a member of paydesk, pitching a story is straightforward. Simply navigate to the story section of the site and click on "Pitch Your Story."  When adding your story, include enough detail to capture interest but be mindful not to divulge too much information. This balance ensures your pitch is compelling while preserving the unique aspects of your story for potential commissioning.
As a client you can have confidence in the stories pitched on paydesk. All journalist profiles undergo a verification process, ensuring that you're engaging with verified news professionals. Many of our members boast experience with major media outlets, highlighting their credibility and expertise. Nonetheless, we encourage you to apply your judgment when commissioning a piece, ensuring it aligns with the editorial guidelines of your outlet.
Once you've posted your story it will be added to the story section on paydesk. Additionally, clients have the option to subscribe to a daily newsletter that curates stories based on their interests. Clients can tailor their subscription preferences by selecting specific regions and topics, ensuring that your story reaches the intended audience. This feature maximizes the visibility of your work among clients who are most likely to be interested in commissioning your stories, enhancing the chances of your pitch being selected.
If you're a client interested in a story, the next step is to directly contact the journalist to negotiate a rate for the content you require. Once you've agreed upon terms, you'll manage the transaction as a booking through the Paydesk platform. Utilizing paydesk for this process ensures that everything runs smoothly and securely, providing both parties with the benefits of a structured, reliable transaction system.

Insurance Cover

For every job booked through the platform, Paydesk automatically provides comprehensive insurance coverage to freelancers, ensuring their safety and peace of mind while on assignment. The insurance includes an Accident Medical Expenses Insurance component, which reimburses medical expenses arising directly from accidental bodily injuries incurred during the insured period, up to the sum insured. Additionally, it covers Accident Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Expenses, reimbursing reasonable travel expenses for medical evacuation or repatriation necessitated by accidental bodily injury.

Furthermore, the policy encompasses Accidental Death Insurance, which offers a lump sum payment to a nominated beneficiary or the estate in the event of the insured person's accidental death. It also covers reasonable funeral expenses or the costs of transporting the body or ashes back to the country of domicile in the unfortunate event of death.
There's no need for any additional action on your part to receive this coverage. Insurance coverage is automatically provided based on the details the client provides during the job booking process. It covers the freelancer for the entire duration of the assignment, ensuring you are protected from the moment your job commences until it concludes. This seamless integration of insurance into the job booking process offers freelancers a hassle-free way to enjoy comprehensive protection while focusing on their assignments.
No, there is no additional cost to you for this insurance coverage. It is a benefit provided by Paydesk, included as part of their commitment to supporting freelancers booked through their platform. This coverage is designed to offer peace of mind without imposing any extra financial burden on the freelancers, allowing you to focus on your assignment knowing that you're protected.
To file a claim, you should follow these steps:

Identify the Nature of Your Claim: Determine whether your claim is an emergency or non-emergency to ensure you contact the correct department.

Contact Intana Global: For any claim, reach out to Intana Global, the assistance company. They have designated contacts for different types of assistance:

For Emergency Assistance: Call +44 (0) 208 865 3109 or email
For Non-Emergency Claims: Call +44 (0) 208 865 3090 or email

Provide Necessary Information: When you contact Intana Global, be prepared to provide details of the claim, including your policy number, the nature of the claim (e.g., medical expenses, accidental death, evacuation), and any immediate needs you have.

Follow Their Guidance: Intana Global will guide you through the claim process, including what documents you need to submit (e.g., medical reports, receipts) and how to submit them.

Keep Records: Keep copies of all correspondence, claims submissions, and any related documents for your records.

By following these steps and cooperating with Intana Global, you can ensure your claim is processed efficiently.
You can read the full terms and conditions here.
No, as a client, you do not have to pay for the insurance. The insurance is fully funded by paydesk and is provided as part of our commitment to supporting freelancers who are booked through our platform. This ensures that freelancers are protected during their assignments without imposing any additional financial burden on you as a client. Our goal is to facilitate a secure and supportive environment for both freelancers and clients, streamlining the process for all parties involved.
The value of the coverage provided includes:

Medical Expenses from an Accident, including emergency evacuation and repatriation: Up to $100,000 for any one insured person.

Accidental Death: Up to $100,000 for any one insured person, with the total amount not to exceed 10 times the annual income of the insured person.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that freelancers have substantial financial support in the unfortunate event of accidental death or if they incur medical expenses due to an accident, including the costs associated with emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Freelance community

Yes, paydesk sends an occasional email newsletter specifically tailored for freelance news professionals. If you have content that you believe would be beneficial to our audience, you are encouraged to contact our support team.
If you have news that you believe is relevant to the Paydesk community you are encouraged to share it by contacting our team.  Let us know what you'd like to share and if it aligns with the interests of the freelance community, our team will add it to our content schedule.
Yes, paydesk is active on several social media platforms. You can follow us on X (Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok to stay engaged with the community, receive updates and connect with other professionals in the field of news and newsgathering.
Paydesk connects over 10,000 freelancers across more than 180 countries, all sharing a passion for news. By following paydesk on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok you can stay updated on news that is relevant to our community, participate in discussions and connect with fellow freelancers globally.

Company information

Yes, paydesk is open to partnerships and other opportunities that can provide benefits to our members. If you have a proposal or an idea for collaboration, contact our support team to discuss the possibilities.
Paydesk is named to reflect our dual focus as a newsdesk that facilitates seamless payments for the news industry. This unique name encapsulates our mission to address the common challenges faced by freelancers and clients alike.  For freelancers one of the most significant hurdles is chasing payments from clients, a time-consuming and often frustrating process. On the other hand, clients grapple with the logistical headache of managing numerous small payments to multiple freelancers. By combining the concept of a newsdesk, which is central to news gathering and distribution, with a streamlined payment system, paydesk offers a comprehensive solution. We ensure that freelancers receive timely payments for their work, while clients benefit from an efficient way to manage financial transactions, simplifying the entire process for both parties and fostering a more productive and less stressful working environment.
Paydesk is a founder-led company, meaning that its original co-founders continue to play a significant role in its day-to-day operations and strategic direction. The company headquarters are in London and it has been operational since 2015, demonstrating a strong commitment to providing a platform that connects journalists with media outlets and publishers around the world. Despite its growth and the broad network it facilitates, paydesk remains an independent entity, not affiliated with any other organization. This independence ensures that paydesk can focus on its mission to deliver a transparent, efficient and reliable service to both journalists and clients.
At paydesk our ethos is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges faced by freelancers and clients within the news industry.

For freelancers, we recognize the importance of reliable payments for your work, especially when dealing with clients from different continents who may require help navigating through various administrative procedures for payment.  We strive to ensure that freelancers can count on us for regular payments, eliminating unnecessary hurdles and providing peace of mind.

For our clients, we understand the critical need for dependable access to news professionals, regardless of where a story unfolds.

Our platform is designed to bridge this gap, offering seamless connections to journalists across the globe.

We are passionately committed to the news business and dedicated to solving the unique challenges it presents. By facilitating a supportive and efficient ecosystem for both journalists and media outlets, we aim to enrich the quality and accessibility of news worldwide.
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