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Code of Conduct

At Paydesk, we hold ourselves and our collaborators to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. To ensure that our content remains trustworthy, professional, and reflective of our core values, we require all news professionals on our platform us to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. This code underscores our commitment to producing accurate, balanced, and comprehensive reporting across all platforms, including broadcast, print, online, and social media.

Code of Conduct

As a news professional and member of paydesk I commit to producing accurate, balanced and comprehensive reporting, programming and production for broadcast, print online and social media and as any other client may require for booking my time via paydesk. The paydesk principles are kindness, hard work and achievement. Therefore all the work I do will be in line with the following principles:

  • I will keep my views personal.
  • I will be fair and balanced in my work.
  • I will bring accuracy and avoid conflict of interest in my work.
  • I will endeavor to provide context and comprehensiveness in all aspects of my work.
  • I will not copy or plagiarize in any part of my work.
  • I will represent fairness in all elements of my work and give credit where credit is due.
  • When posting on social media I will differentiate between fact and opinion.
  • And above all I will be professional and respectful in every aspect of my work.

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