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Photo by Manolo RoCa

Entrevista a un campesino mexicano quien narra su forma de vivir y la manera en la que gradualmente la sociedad se va olvidando de sus ancianos.

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I've found taking assignments through Paydesk to be a seamless process. You take care of all of the details and it is simply a case of accepting the assignment and making sure I am Skype accessible. I find the simultaneous email and SMS very useful, since often when I am outside following a story I would miss one or the other for a time. All in all very happy with the collaboration.

Kit Gillet
Kit Gillet Correspondent in Bucharest

Paydesk is simple to use, easy to understand, it is instant. Paydesk ticks all the right boxes. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Catherine Field
Catherine Field Correspondent in Paris

As a member I have to keep close tabs on what jobs I have coming in, the jobs I have completed and which clients owe me for work. Since I started using Paydesk keeping track of these records has become simpler and has cut down on the electronic paper chase that often goes on while waiting to get paid.

Jason Strother
Jason Strother Correspondent in Seoul

At this point, allow me to repeat what I said in one of my mails sometime back, Paydesk is doing a great job for me as a freelance journalist. I love Paydesk and I look forward to be part of Paydesk for many years to come. Keep up the good work. Long live Paydesk.

Alexander Mutale
Alexander Mutale Journalist in Lusaka, Zambia

paydesk was able to conveniently supply a remarkable journalist at a moment’s notice, at a great rate, and all through their website. The service rescued our event coverage, and has since been incorporated into our business plans for future coverage for international events.

Submarine telecoms forums
Kristian Nielsen Vice President, www.subtelforum.com

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