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Photo by Benjamin Manzi

Cyarera bridge, B2P’s longest suspension bridge On assignment for Bridges to Prosperity in Rwanda. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cn7EA_XLTRH/

How it works

Paydesk is a network of over 8000 vetted media professionals in 175 countries, ready to be hired in one click.

  • Find a media professional

    Search for a journalist that matches your requirements. We have over 8000 vetted media professionals who can report from 175 countries. They are already on location so they can react quickly and are experts in their field.

  • Book an assignment

    Complete a booking request in seconds. You can then use our online platform to manage your entire workflow, from search to hire and pay via an easy to use web-interface. Our members are alerted via SMS that there is a job request, so they usaully respond in minutes.

  • Pay securely online

    We manage the payment flow for you. No messing around with invoices or bank transfers to reporters in far flung locations.

  • All our members are insured

    Every job booked through paydesk automatically includes basic insurance cover for the member during the time they are working for you. This service is provided by paydesk on behalf of its pool of freelancers at no cost to the client.

  • Need production assistance?

    Our team of experts will produce any video, text or photo project that you need. We collaborate with the most professional freelancers around the world to ensure that your story comes life.

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When your skills are sought by one of the many companies connected to paydesk, you can purely focus on the work, as The Team efficiently deals with all the administrative chores.

You're promptly contacted, and put in the picture. Once you tick the acceptance box, the media source phones and you're in business. You're free to do what you do best. No need to worry about the late payment curse of the freelance! Once it's registered on the paydesk site, the money is guaranteed and deposited in your bank in next to no time! Worldwide reach, no fuss and prompt payment! Freelance Friendly paydesk.

James Blears
James Blears Journalist in Mexico City, Mexico

Over the years working within the global media landscape, I have encountered pretenders, wannabes and real professionals. I have no hesitation in saying paydesk undoubtedly belongs to the latter category. Paydesk has an excellent booking process that makes it easy to get commissioned for assignments. And payment for a completed job is straight forward and on time. With paydesk, I never have to worry about if, when or how I would be paid.

Samuel Okocha
Samuel Okocha Journalist in Lagos, Nigera

Working with paydesk has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy the ease it offers in receiving bookings, its straightforwardness and prompt payment. It also affords me the opportunity to meet a cohort of other leading journalists ready to cover the world. This has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone to take my personal development to the next level.

Reuben Kyama
Reuben Kyama Journalist in Nairobi, Kenya

Working with paydesk has been a great experience for me. I live in Colombia and having the application and the website is very useful because once I am logged, I can see my active jobs, my complete works, my billing and more. It is also a very useful alternative to receive bookings. Paydesk has a simple and fast payment process. Thanks to them, I have connected with several clients around the world, which allows me to show my talent and professionalism.

Maria Camila Pena
Maria Camila Pena Journalist in Bogota, Colombia

Have been with paydesk since they started 4 years ago. They have proved to be a reliable partner for acquiring assignments in Africa. The jobs are always interesting and well-paid. Their follow up after having accepted a job is quick and friendly. Payment after having finished a job is swift and timely. Paydesk has greatly improved my business in Africa and I can recommend them to any freelancer or small enterprise.

Ruud Elmendorp
Ruud Elmendorp Video Journalist in Nairobi, Kenya

Two of the biggest issues I had as a freelance were networking and payments. Thanks to paydesk I was able to get in touch and work for big media companies. To be selected and eventually accept a job is super-simple, fees are clear before you start to work and payments are fast and guaranteed.

Giovanni Sorrentino
Giovanni Sorrentino Freelance Journalist in Rome, Italy

paydesk sends projects and potential work my way that I might not ordinarily get access to and recommends me for one-off and repeat work. They chase payments and process directly into my bank account, making it easier to focus on the work, rather than the admin.

Amy Guttman
Amy Guttman Journalist

paydesk is one of the best services devised for people who freelance. It connects clients and providers quickly and efficiently and is particularly useful for freelance journalists who want to be assured they are going to be paid promptly for their efforts. It is one of the best websites I have come across in my business.

Roger Maynard
Roger Maynard Journalist in Sydney, Australia

I've found taking assignments through paydesk to be a seamless process. You take care of all of the details and it is simply a case of accepting the assignment and making sure I am Skype accessible. I find the simultaneous email and SMS very useful, since often when I am outside following a story I would miss one or the other for a time. All in all very happy with the collaboration.

Kit Gillet
Kit Gillet Correspondent in Bucharest

paydesk is simple to use, easy to understand, it is instant. Paydesk ticks all the right boxes. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Catherine Field
Catherine Field Correspondent in Paris

As a member I have to keep close tabs on what jobs I have coming in, the jobs I have completed and which clients owe me for work. Since I started using paydesk keeping track of these records has become simpler and has cut down on the electronic paper chase that often goes on while waiting to get paid.

Jason Strother
Jason Strother Correspondent in Seoul

At this point, allow me to repeat what I said in one of my mails sometime back, paydesk is doing a great job for me as a freelance journalist. I love paydesk and I look forward to be part of paydesk for many years to come. Keep up the good work. Long live paydesk.

Alexander Mutale
Alexander Mutale Journalist in Lusaka, Zambia

paydesk was able to conveniently supply a remarkable journalist at a moment’s notice, at a great rate, and all through their website. The service rescued our event coverage, and has since been incorporated into our business plans for future coverage for international events.

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Kristian Nielsen Vice President, www.subtelforum.com

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