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Ramon Angeles

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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About Ramon
Ramon Angeles is a seasoned journalist based in Hong Kong, known for his insightful coverage of socio-cultural and economic issues. Before settling in Hong Kong, Angeles played a pivotal role in the evolution of Myanmar's media landscape, launching an English-language newspaper in 2014 during a significant transitional period as the country emerged from decades of military rule. His international experience is further bolstered by his previous work with prominent publications in the United States, such as the Star-Ledger in New Jersey and the Associated Press in New York City.

Angeles' reporting often sheds light on underreported stories, such as the opium production in Myanmar's Shan State, where he provided in-depth coverage of the local farmers' struggles and the broader implications of the drug trade. His journalistic curiosity also extends to cultural phenomena, exemplified by his analysis of the love locks tradition in European cities and its impact on urban aesthetics and tourism.

In addition to his focus on current affairs, Angeles has a keen interest in literature and its intersection with culture and identity. He has highlighted significant works like Elena Gorokhova's memoir 'A Mountain of Crumbs,' offering readers a lens into the personal narratives that reflect on immigration and cultural exchange. Angeles' diverse body of work underscores his commitment to exploring complex issues with nuance and depth, contributing to a richer understanding of the world's multifaceted stories.
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A look at the progress and potential of Yangon's recently opened stock market.

From Russia to Ridgewood, with love and memoirs

13 Nov 2019  |  nj
Elena Gorokhova's memoir, 'A Mountain of Crumbs,' recounts her life growing up in the Soviet Union and her eventual move to America after marrying a graduate student from New Jersey. Although her marriage ended, her book has received widespread acclaim, drawing comparisons to Frank McCourt's 'Angela’s Ashes.' Gorokhova's journey from Leningrad to Ridgewood, New Jersey, is marked by her mastery of English, which opened doors to a new life far from her domineering mother. Now, Gorokhova is working on two new books, while her mother lives with her in New Jersey. Despite critical success, the book has not hit best-seller status, with around 5,000 copies sold. The article also touches on the influence of Frank McCourt and the role of Simon and Schuster's editor in chief, Priscilla Painton, in the book's publication.

Locks-of-love trend latches on to bridges across the world

13 Nov 2019  |  The National
The article discusses the trend of couples attaching padlocks to bridges as a symbol of their love, a practice that gained popularity after being featured in Federico Moccia's novel 'Ho Voglia di Te'. While some cities like Prague and Bydgoszcz have embraced the tradition for its romantic appeal and positive impact on tourism, others like Rome and Dublin have removed the locks citing concerns over aesthetics and structural safety. The article highlights differing opinions on the practice, with some viewing it as a romantic gesture that boosts local economies, while others see it as damaging and unsightly. The phenomenon has spread across various cities in Europe, with some officials actively supporting it and others taking measures to curb it.

The Aids epidemic has decimated Mozambique to the point that there are few young men left to work and help raise families.

Will Myanmar’s economy ever kick its opium habit?

27 Aug 2016  |  South China Morning Post
The article discusses the prevalence of small-scale poppy farming in Pachakalo, a village in Myanmar's Shan State, where nearly all households are involved in the cultivation of poppies for opium production. Despite the illegality and the risks posed by the Myanmar army, villagers like U Htan Ngwe, Nu Kyi, and U Htun have few alternatives for livelihood. The UNODC reports that Myanmar is a major producer of opium, especially in the Golden Triangle region. Efforts to shift to other crops like sugar cane, coffee beans, and avocados have failed due to market volatility and poor infrastructure. The article also touches on the broader issues of addiction in neighboring countries and the complex relationship between the drug trade and ongoing ethnic conflicts in Myanmar.

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