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Danielle Stescki

Award-winning producer with strong skills in social media, videography and non-linear editing. Experience in studio and field productions.

Over 7 years of experience as producer, writer, videographer, non-linear editor and director.
Familiar with web development.

English Portuguese

Montgomery College's Danielle Stescki reports on MC's Wall of Essays exhibit at the Germantown Campus. The essays written by international students in the American English program deal with women's rights. Listen to some of the powerful words in the essays.


Korean community spokesperson at World of Montgomery 2017 spoke to MCTV's co-host, Danielle Stescki about various Korean treasures, a game and rice harvest. For more information, visit


The reality TV show Shark Tank gives entrepreneurs the chance to present their business ideas to five titans of industry - the 'sharks' - hoping one of them will invest in their enterprise. Student entrepreneurs at Montgomery College in Maryland also have a similar opportunity to win seed money and grow their business plans from concept to completion. Their school's mascot is a bird of prey, so the competition takes place in the Raptor Tank.


The 9th annual World of Montgomery Festival showcases Montgomery County, Maryland's rich diversity through food, music, dance, traditional arts and hand-on projects for children and families.


This documentary tells the stories of student entrepreneurs who are competing to win seed money, so they can start, develop or increase their businesses. Their proposals were as diverse as a community magazine, a meal delivery service and a device to sort nuts and bolts by size and shape. These are their stories. The Raptor Tank Business Pitch Competition is sponsored by the Macklin Business Institute at Montgomery College, Maryland.


MCTV's World of Montgomery co-host visited the Egypt corner of World of Montgomery and learned about papyrus from an Egyptologist. For more information, visit


Meet the 5 finalists that will pitch their business ideas to local entrepreneurs on Montgomery College's second annual Raptor Tank Business competition. Learn more about the competition and the workshops led by faculty and students.

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