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About Danielle
Award-winning producer with strong skills in social media, videography and non-linear editing. Experience in studio and field productions.

Over 7 years of experience as producer, writer, videographer, non-linear editor and director.
Familiar with web development.
English Portuguese
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Fala África: 'It is necessary to change mentalities to recognize the capacity of women in the development of nations,' Tânia Tomé

31 Mar 2024  |  voaportugues.com
Tânia Tomé, a renowned figure with over 20 years of career impacting lives in more than 22 countries, discusses the challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs, strategies to strengthen business recognition, and initiatives to promote women's empowerment.

Fala África: “Eu sou uma jovem adulta muito mais aberta ao mundo por causa do YALI,” Edinha Lima

24 Mar 2024  |  www.voaportugues.com
Dani Stescki interviews Edinha Soares Lima, a lawyer from São Tomé and Príncipe known for her excellence in business, labor, and tax law, as well as her role in advocating for female empowerment.

Fala África: How 'Vem Bumbar' is Changing the Narrative for Immigrants in Brazil

07 Jan 2024  |  voaportugues.com
Eurico, with a background in computer networking and a postgraduate degree in computer network engineering, is the CEO and founder of 'Vem Bumbar', the first employment platform for African immigrants in Brazil since 2022. His personal story of overcoming challenges and entrepreneurship is inspiring, and in this interview, he shares how he is making a difference in the lives of African immigrants seeking opportunities in Brazil.

Assane Ramadane and Poetry as a Tool for Social Change

31 Dec 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Dani Stescki interviews Assane Ramadane João, a talented poet, composer, singer, filmmaker, and social activist. Assane discusses how he uses poetry as a powerful tool to convey thoughts, emotions, and promote social change.

Fala África: The potential of PALOP youth in solving global challenges, with Adelino Bimba

10 Dec 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Adelino Bimba, a distinguished professional in engineering and quality, health, safety, and environmental management, discussed the critical role of youth from Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) in finding innovative and sustainable solutions to global challenges. He emphasized that these young individuals could significantly contribute to the development of their countries through knowledge sharing and specialized skills, with collaboration varying based on their areas of expertise.

Mamadu Alimo Djaló highlights the importance of youth in creating a 'Common Agenda' for the future of Guinea-Bissau

03 Dec 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Mamadu Alimo Djaló shares his journey and commitment to gender equality, youth empowerment, and social transformation. He aims for a 'Common Journey of Young Guineans,' an initiative to unite the youth in a common agenda and influence government policies in Guinea-Bissau.

Jay Brito Querido in the pursuit of excellence in higher education in Cape Verde

26 Nov 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Interview with Dr. Jay Brito Querido, a professor and scientist, discussing the challenges and opportunities in science and higher education in Cape Verde and across Africa.

Fala África: Music, empowerment and the release of 'Potestade' with Ckarina Miller

19 Nov 2023  |  voaportugues.com
In this episode of Fala África VOA, Dani Stescki has a candid and inspiring conversation with Mozambican singer and songwriter Ckarina Miller. The discussion explores her inspirations, addresses her fight against domestic violence, and delves into her future projects.

Speak Africa: There is a new generation willing to do whatever it takes for the 'dignity' of Mozambicans

12 Nov 2023  |  voaportugues.com
In Mozambique, facing significant challenges such as violence in the north and repression of peaceful protests by security forces, activist Cídia Chissungo discusses the crucial role of activists in promoting freedom of demonstration. She highlights the organization of civil society to defend civil rights and civic participation amid concerns about the integrity of the electoral process. Chissungo notes the structured and engaged civil society's efforts to bring transparency and justice to the electoral process, citing evidence of irregularities and emphasizing the activists' neutrality, focusing on justice and the democratic process rather than political affiliations.

Fala África: Rafael Lucas and the green journey for a more sustainable future in Angola

29 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Minuto Verde – Quercus Angola addresses environmental challenges, raises public awareness, and discusses the positive impact of a recent conference on Environmental Health and Sustainable Development. The interview emphasizes the need for everyone's engagement in environmental protection to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Fala África: The art and female empowerment in the voice of Josslyn

08 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Dani Stescki interviews Cape Verdean singer Josslyn on Fala África VOA, discussing her artistic evolution, the single 'Txiga na Mim,' her interest in acting, and details about her upcoming album set to release this year.

Fala África: The debut of Sebastião Coana in Europe

06 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Sebastião Coana, a talented and award-winning Mozambican artist, discusses his first European exhibition in an interview with Fala África VOA. The exhibition, titled 'Harmonia em Tons,' will be held at the Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in Paris from October 6 to 8, featuring around 20 artworks that blend typical African themes. Coana also shares insights into his journey in China, challenges, triumphs, and global recognition. The exhibition includes a collaborative collection with Mozambican writer Paulina Chiziane.

Mamadu Djaló wants 'Common Journey of Guinean Youth' to influence government policies

05 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Mamadu Alimo Djaló, a young activist from Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, is advocating for a 'Common Journey of Guinean Youth' to unite various youth organizations and influence government policies. Djaló's initiative aims to create a platform for young people to discuss critical issues and push for policies that address their needs, particularly in employment. He emphasizes the importance of a unified youth agenda to counteract political agendas that do not serve the broader population. Djaló's background in child rights organizations, such as the Parlamento Nacional Infantil, underscores his commitment to fostering responsible and engaged citizens.

Fala África: Josué Só Gospel, the music as resistance and transformation amid the insurgency in Cabo Delgado

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Josué, an artist from Baía de Pemba, uses his music to resist and transform the harsh realities caused by the insurgency in Cabo Delgado since 2017. His impactful song 'Carta para os homens sem rosto' reflects the tragic events in the region, giving voice to those affected and expressing deep emotions.

Leadership is a privilege that the individual has to lead people to develop, Mityano Francisco

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Mityano de Brito Pinto Francisco, a prominent youth leader and ambassador, discusses his leadership experiences and vision for Africa's future. He emphasizes the importance of human-centered leadership and the role of transparency and accountability in combating corruption. Francisco highlights international cooperation as crucial for youth entrepreneurship and Angola's development, sharing examples of projects aimed at integrating youth into decision-making processes and peace initiatives.

Fala África: Josslyn - The Artistic Evolution of an Inspiring Woman

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Josslyn, a musical star from Cabo Verde, has captivated audiences with her voice and stage presence since her debut on 'Ídolos' in Portugal in 2010. In an exclusive interview, she discusses her artistic evolution, her recent single 'Txiga na Mim,' and her future musical experiments. Celebrating Women's History Month, she acknowledges the inspirational women in her life. Josslyn is also training as an actress in the UK, planning to balance her singing career with acting. She hints at future projects and a new album featuring a mix of styles and special collaborations, continuing to inspire others with her determination and versatility.

Pedro Muenho and the Connections Between Angola and Brazil

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Pedro Muenho, an Angolan journalist and missionary, shares his experiences in his latest book, 'Não é Tarde Para Recomeçar: A Travessia de um Missionário entre Dois Mundos.' The book narrates his journey from Angola to Brazil, highlighting the cultural and digital communication challenges he faced. Muenho emphasizes the importance of education and cultural understanding, drawing from his experiences as a missionary and journalist. His work aims to bridge cultural gaps and inspire appreciation for educational opportunities.

Fala África: The Transformative Impact of the Project Led by Sandra Querido, Praia, Cabo Verde

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Agrupamento 8 of the Centro Educativo Achada Grande in Praia, Cabo Verde, has undergone a significant transformation under the leadership of director Sandra Querido. Once a discredited educational community, it has now become a model of success through innovative projects, emotional support, and community involvement. The center is now a reference point, offering opportunities and changing lives. Dani Stescki interviews Sandra Querido, who shares the challenges and achievements of this inspiring journey.

Fala África: Tânia Tomé and the Importance of Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Dani Stescki interviews Tânia Tomé, a renowned economist and entrepreneur, who served as a judge at the 21st American Business Awards in New York. The discussion delves into the event's behind-the-scenes, the awarded companies, and the evaluation criteria. Tânia emphasizes her mission to bolster entrepreneurship and leadership in Mozambique and the PALOP, highlighting the transformative impact of African youth and the Lusophone community.

Fala África: Committed to the pursuit of social justice and education - The mission of Piarret Andrelino in Guinea-Bissau

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In Guinea-Bissau, the public education system faces significant challenges, including poor working conditions and delayed salaries for teachers. Piarret Andrelino, founder of Iniciativa Agir, leads transformative educational projects like the community schools 'Sonhar' and 'Castanheiras' in Bissau. Despite resource shortages and community resistance, these schools provide essential education from kindergarten to seventh grade. Andrelino emphasizes the need for a curriculum revolution and civic awareness to foster structural change. Iniciativa Agir collaborates with governmental and international entities to enhance educational opportunities, highlighting the transformative power of education for national development.

Fala África: Community Leadership Academy aims to train young people 'who are expected, not who expect'

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The article highlights the efforts of Filipe Ndofula and his colleagues in establishing the Academia de Liderança Comunitária in Angola, aimed at empowering young people through leadership, gender, and entrepreneurship training. Since its inception in 2020, the academy has trained over 500 youths across various provinces, fostering a new generation of community leaders. The article also features success stories of alumni like Moisés Manuel Ferro and Clinton Matias, who have made significant contributions to their communities. The long-term vision of the academy is to create a resilient and conscious youth capable of building a better Angola and a stronger Africa.

António Fonseca Canjonde and the Fight Against Malaria in Angola

24 Sep 2023  |  Voice of America
António Fonseca Canjonde leads a project to combat malaria in Angola, focusing on the poorest families and integrating them into society by promoting public health, prevention, and treatment. The project extends to 16 of Angola's 18 provinces, reaching over 10,000 families and covering 1,700 neighborhoods. With ambitious goals to significantly reduce malaria, the project has received initial funding from a private Angolan institution and currently has about $65,000 for distributing mosquito nets, extra-domiciliary fumigation, and malaria tests. Education and prevention are key aspects, with teams raising awareness, distributing informative leaflets, and a call center for immediate assistance. A mobile clinic also serves the health needs of local communities. Canjonde discusses the economic, political, and social challenges faced, including funding and transportation for the technical team, drawing on his experience advising projects in other African countries.

Fala África: António Canjonde and the Fight Against Malaria in Angola

24 Sep 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
António Fonseca Canjonde leads a project fighting malaria across 16 provinces in Angola. The text introduces the project's strategies and its impact on communities.

Osvaldo João has vision and determination to lead

10 Sep 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Osvaldo João, a young visionary from Angola, is making a significant impact in Africa. The interview highlights his ideas, projects, and vision for a better future.

Fala África: Pedro Muenho, the journalist and missionary who connects Angola and Brazil

03 Sep 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In the Voice of America Portuguese program 'Fala África', Dani Stescki interviews Angolan journalist, missionary, and author Pedro Muenho. Pedro discusses his life's journey, overcoming challenges and gaining enriching experiences, and highlights his experiences between Angola and Brazil. He shares personal stories and promotes cultural understanding between the two nations, in addition to discussing his book 'Não é Tarde Para Recomeçar: A Travessia de um Missionário entre Dois Mundos'.

VOA Africa Talk: Pedro Muenho, the Voice of Africa in Brazil

03 Sep 2023  |  voaportugues.com
In the VOA Africa Talk segment, Dani Stescki interviews Angolan journalist, missionary, and author Pedro Muenho, who discusses his book 'Não é Tarde Para Recomeçar: A Travessia de um Missionário entre Dois Mundos' and shares his experiences and cultural insights from living between Angola and Brazil.

From Clay to Steel, Djerry Creates Sculptures that Tell the Story of the Bushmen

27 Aug 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Djerry masterfully uses clay, iron, and stainless steel to sculpt visual narratives that transport us to the intriguing paths of the rich history of the Bushmen tribes. These nomadic groups, residing in the Kalahari Desert and spread across countries like Namibia, South Africa, Angola, and Botswana, become the source of inspiration and authenticity that permeate each sculpture.

Navigating the Unknown with Dr. Jay Brito Querido - An Invitation to the Scientific Journey

20 Aug 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Dr. Jay Brito Querido discusses the crucial role of messenger RNA in protein production and the development of COVID-19 vaccines, highlighting its potential in cancer therapies and other medical applications. His journey from humble beginnings in Cabo Verde to the forefront of scientific innovation serves as an inspiration for young people to embrace the unknown and pursue their passion for science.

Transforming Destinations with Piarret Andrelino - The Impact of Education in Guinea-Bissau

13 Aug 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Piarret Andrelino, born and raised in Guinea-Bissau, leads the Iniciativa Agir, focusing on innovative projects like community schools that positively impact underprivileged youth, women, and children in the country.

Fala África: A Inspiração por trás de uma mentalidade aberta e receptiva com Alexandre Manganda

06 Aug 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In a conversation with Alexandre Manganda, author of the book 'O Factível - É o Óbvio que Ignoramos', the discussion centers on the importance of recognizing our limitations and seeking more accessible solutions to challenges. The interview highlights Manganda's inspirational approach to fostering an open and receptive mindset.

How Will the Environmental Climate Fund Work in Cape Verde?

20 Jul 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Cape Verde is addressing its urgent climate, energy, and water challenges by converting its debt to Portugal into an Environmental Climate Fund. The fund aims to drive the country's transition to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and green hydrogen. Vice-Prime Minister Olavo Correia highlighted the need for innovative financial instruments to mobilize the required €500 million for this transition. The initiative seeks support from international institutions like the World Bank and IMF, and includes NGOs in its governance. The goal is to achieve significant renewable energy penetration by 2026, reducing energy and water costs while fostering sustainable development.

Entrepreneur Tânia Tomé shares experience as a judge at the American Business Awards in New York

16 Jul 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Entrepreneur Tânia Tomé shares her behind-the-scenes experience as a judge at the American Business Awards in New York, discussing the awarded companies, evaluation criteria, and her mission to strengthen entrepreneurship and leadership in Mozambique and the PALOP. The conversation emphasizes the transformative power of African youth and the Lusophone community.

Dwalak reveals details of the EP 'Essência' and previews the new single 'Fica Comigo'

09 Jul 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Dwalak reveals details about his new EP 'Essência' and provides a preview of his upcoming single 'Fica Comigo'.

IMBLGK: 'It was very good to collaborate' with various artists

17 Jun 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Rapper and music producer IMBLGK discussed the release of the album 'Perytagem,' which features 21 local artists, including a comedian, a poet, and a visual artist. The album cover was created by visual artist Cristóvão Jr., also known as Mucai, who has an Afro-centric vision. IMBLGK drew inspiration from African rhythms and music for the album's production, giving artists freedom to express themselves in their lyrics. The album's name, 'Perytagem,' reflects a sense of expertise and is a play on the historical name of the city of Chimoio, formerly known as Vila Pery. The project, which began in 2018, showcases a predominance of hip-hop with a different perspective due to the involvement of singers from other musical styles.

Fala África: What kind of opportunities can econophysics create in Angola?

28 May 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Dani Stescki interviews Mário Fula, a teacher and analyst at the Economic Studies Office of the Angola-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to explore the intersection between physics and economics, forming the field of econophysics and discussing the opportunities it may create in Angola.

Young Person Works on Initiative to Combat Sexism in Africa

07 May 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Mamadu Alimo Djaló, the creator of Projeto Muntu, is working on an initiative aimed at combating sexism in Africa. The project, which was launched in Guinea-Bissau, is now in its second year.

We need to organize our victory, Emanuel Garrido

02 Apr 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Emanuel Guedes Garrido, author of 'Vencer é uma decisão,' discusses the aspirations of young Angolans regarding the country's future and the challenges they face with drugs. The conversation highlights the importance of organizing efforts to achieve success and addresses the critical issues impacting the youth in Angola.

Montgomery College's Danielle Stescki reports on MC's Wall of Essays exhibit at the Germantown Campus. The essays written by international students in the American English program deal with women's rights. Listen to some of the powerful words in the essays.

Korean community spokesperson at World of Montgomery 2017 spoke to MCTV's co-host, Danielle Stescki about various Korean treasures, a game and rice harvest. For more information, visit www.worldofmontgomery.com

The 9th annual World of Montgomery Festival showcases Montgomery County, Maryland's rich diversity through food, music, dance, traditional arts and hand-on projects for children and families.

This documentary tells the stories of student entrepreneurs who are competing to win seed money, so they can start, develop or increase their businesses. Their proposals were as diverse as a community magazine, a meal delivery service and a device to sort nuts and bolts by size and shape. These are their stories. The Raptor Tank Business Pitch Competition is sponsored by the Macklin Business Institute at Montgomery College, Maryland.

MCTV's World of Montgomery co-host visited the Egypt corner of World of Montgomery and learned about papyrus from an Egyptologist. For more information, visit www.worldofmontgomery.com

Meet the 5 finalists that will pitch their business ideas to local entrepreneurs on Montgomery College's second annual Raptor Tank Business competition. Learn more about the competition and the workshops led by faculty and students.

Cape Verdean students enrolled in Portuguese schools report problems obtaining visas

19 Nov 2017  |  Voice of America
Cape Verdean students facing visa issues at the Portuguese consulate in Cape Verde are struggling to begin their courses in Portugal. Lito Spencer, president of the Associação Maense in Portugal, reports that out of 86 vacancies, only seven students have arrived. The embassy is demanding proof of financial capacity despite schools covering costs. Spencer criticizes the consulate's rigidity, noting empty classrooms and the risk of student failure due to late visa issuance. The Associação Maense, a non-profit organization, has established partnerships with Portuguese educational institutions to support Cape Verdean students.

Is the youth of São Tomé and Príncipe ready for the elections?

12 Nov 2017  |  Voice of America
São Tomé and Príncipe, with an estimated population of 200,000, faces challenges ranging from access to clean water to unemployment. The year 2018 is significant for the country as it will hold simultaneous local and legislative elections. Calisto do Nascimento, a 24-year-old law student and president of the English Language Students' Association of São Tomé and Príncipe, believes that the youth are eager to participate and make informed decisions. He stresses the need for more investment to create opportunities for young people and advocates for unity among the youth to achieve common goals.

Interview with Kudurista Bruno Vaidade

24 Sep 2017  |  www.voaportugues.com
Angolan musician Bruno Vaidade, at 24 years old, discussed the behind-the-scenes production and editing of the music video for 'Toca lá,' which is achieving great success in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

Analysis: The Future of Angola

10 Sep 2017  |  www.voaportugues.com
Following the general elections on August 23, political tension arose in Angola with the provisional results announced by the National Electoral Commission (CNE), confirming the victory of the ruling party MPLA and João Lourenço as the new President. Many Angolans' hopes for change are deferred for another five years. Political scientist Issau Agostinho discussed the post-election situation in Angola, comparing it to other African elections and highlighting a crisis of institutions, particularly the CNE, due to a lack of credibility. He noted that electoral contestation has been a recurring issue in Angola's elections since 1992. The article also references a decision by the Supreme Court of Kenya to invalidate the results of the August 8 elections.

Local Version of Shark Tank Funding Student Entrepreneurs

12 Jul 2016  |  www.voanews.com
Montgomery College in Maryland offers student entrepreneurs a chance to win seed money and develop their business plans through a competition called the Raptor Tank, which is similar to the reality TV show Shark Tank.

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