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Find a freelance drone pilot in Palau

Find a freelance drone pilot in Palau

Paydesk has 1 drone pilot in Palau. Our drone pilots, who comply to all local laws and regulations and are appropriately licensed, can be used to capture aerial footage for any purpose: be it for film, broadcast tv such as news, or surveying of construction or agriculture.

Our top drone pilot in Palau is Ngewakl Soaladaob.

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We have drone pilots in Koror.

Drone Pilots in Palau

Ngewakl Soaladaob

Koror, Palau
Ngewakl Isaac Soaladaob owns and operates TMC Palau, the local television station broadcasting on channel 38, which he established to serve the community of Palau with quality programming, including the Palauan Language news show "Meang el Chais" and various talk shows. His expertise in videography Read moreencompasses operating cameras, editing footage, and photography, skills he utilizes to enhance the content offered by his station.

As a production company, TMC Palau has contributed to significant local events such as the Oceans Conference and the Palau Development Symposium, demonstrating its capability in handling live broadcasts and production requirements. Ngewakl's technical knowledge extends to computer technology, assisting organizations like the local Palau office of the Asian Development Bank, the Palau Election Commission, and private companies with their IT needs.

In addition to his broadcasting and production work, Ngewakl is actively involved in journalism. He writes for local newspapers "Island Times" and "Tia Belau," where he also contributes his photography skills. This work showcases his ability to communicate effectively across various media platforms. He has also produced videos for international organizations like IOM (International Organization for Migration) and OneReef, a testament to his skill in video journalism and storytelling.

For the past seven years, TMC Palau under Ngewakl's leadership has been documenting and sharing local events on their YouTube channel and Facebook page, providing a visual archive of Palau's cultural and societal milestones. His commitment to delivering informative and engaging content reflects his dedication to the community, balancing his multifaceted roles with a humble approach to service and media production.
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