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Find a freelance drone pilot in Bahamas

Find a freelance drone pilot in Bahamas

Paydesk has 1 drone pilot in Bahamas. Our drone pilots, who comply to all local laws and regulations and are appropriately licensed, can be used to capture aerial footage for any purpose: be it for film, broadcast tv such as news, or surveying of construction or agriculture.

Our top drone pilot in Bahamas is Keith Gomez.

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We have drone pilots in Nassau.

Drone Pilots in Bahamas

Keith Gomez

Nassau, Bahamas
I have a long and distinguished history in the field of broadcasting, having worked as a broadcast technician and broadcast operation manager at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (ZNS Radio & Television) for 40 years. In addition, I have also been a freelance news photographer for major Read morenews agencies such as the Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, and others. Now that I am retired from the Corporation, I continue to pursue my passion for news photography (stills & video) and cover breaking news events in Nassau such as FTX to Nicole and storm chasing during the hurricane season. Moreover, I use my broadcast engineering experience to manage a production crew for several live basketball games for DAZA and FIBA.
News Gathering Video Rushes Drone Footage
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