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Find a freelance drone pilot in Trabzon

Find a freelance drone pilot in Trabzon

Paydesk has 1 drone pilot in Trabzon. Our drone pilots, who comply to all local laws and regulations and are appropriately licensed, can be used to capture aerial footage for any purpose: be it for film, broadcast tv such as news, or surveying of construction or agriculture.

Our top drone pilot in Trabzon is Atilla Alp Bölükbaşı.

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Drone Pilots in Trabzon

Atilla Alp Bölükbaşı

Trabzon, Turkey
Atilla Alp Bölükbaşı was born in 1964 in Akçaabat, Trabzon.period. He has converted his interest
for collection he started with the post stamps he collected while he was only 10, into a rich
photography collection.Bölükbaşı has archived old books, documentary movies, ephemeras
and fratellis Read morebelonging to Trabzon.  He carries out some studies to exhibit his collections,
which are mentioned with thousands today, in the Trabzon History Museum.

Bölükbaşı converted his interest in photography into a hobby by establishing a dark chamber
in 1977. Bölükbaşı developed a passion for journalism
in secondary school. He made a book work in the characteristic of a documentary. He
wrote in magazines. He started taking thematic photographs by his journalist career he started
in Karadeniz (Black Sea) Newspaper in 1981.He bought the Akçaabat Postasi (The Akçaabat
Post) newspaper and Trabzon'da Spor gazetesi in which he started to work as an interviewer, and been its owner for three

He has published 33 books consists of photographs and biographies, and one poetry book. He directed many documentaries and worked as a copywriter.He has been a jury member in many photography competitions; held 38 exhibitions in Turkey, 5 in Paris, and 1 in Dortmund. His interviews were published on many television programs.

Atilla Alp Bölükbaşı is married to Melek Bölükbaşı. He is a father of two children, namely
his daughter Çisem and his son Ali Mert.
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