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Aamer Habib

Aamer Habib is an investigative Journalist. He has hosted many TV programs like Sab k Samne, Today with Aamer Habib etc. He has worked in Pakistan Television News (PTV NEWS) and International Newspaper. Now a days he is hosting a Television Program Special Investigation with Aamer Habib. In This Program Aamer Habib is exposing crimes or any illegal acts. He has uncovered many issues like Mixing in vegetables and fruits, Duplicate milk seller, Myanmar issues, Social Injustice in Pakistan etc.

Aamer Habib is also investigating best business in the world for individual and nation prosperity. Major purpose of this program is to help poor people and to highlight injustice and to investigate best business in the world.

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Aamer Habib exposed police Corruption in Special investigation program. He exposed how police is looking innocent citizen at open public place. Biggest reason of police corruption and public fear is that people are not aware if police is looting them where they can complain in this program Aamer Habib showed that if police is demanding any illegal money from any citizen they can complain to anti corruption or NAB. In Pakistan there are many govt. institution which are helping people and they are taking care about people rights. and they are arresting all corrupt people including police.

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