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Abdalle Ahmed Mumin

Mogadishu, Somalia
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About Abdalle
Abdalle Ahmed Mumin is an award-winning freelance journalist based in Mogadishu, Somalia. His work has appeared on the Guardian in UK, Wall Street Journal in U.S, The Die Zeit in Germany, Financial Mail, Business Live and Africa In Fact Magazine in South Africa. He writes about conflict, human rights, business, tourism, refugees and IDPs, migration, politics, natural disasters. His area of expertise are Somalia and Kenya.
English Somali
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20 Sep 2023  |  Viral Internet
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Geheimer Krieg | Panorama - die Reporter | NDR German language TV documentary about drone wars in Somalia.

Short documentary about the plight of Somali journalists in exile.

News headline for Somali TV.

Somalia Al-Shabaab Commander Killed in U.S. Airstrike

24 Nov 2017  |  WSJ
The article reports on the aftermath of a U.S. airstrike in Somalia that resulted in the death of the leader of al-Shabaab, an Islamic militant group and al Qaeda's affiliate in East Africa. The airstrike took place in the Lower Shabelle region and the death of the commander, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was confirmed by the group's spokesman Abu Mohamed. The group is currently considering candidates for Godane's successor. The information is supplemented by a file photo from 2008, showing armed militants on pickup trucks provided by the Associated Press.

Somali camps: Places of desperation

05 Jan 2017  |  businesslive.co.za
Deero Ismail, a mother of five, fled Baidoa, Somalia, after her husband was killed by militants, and now lives in Rajo camp, the largest settlement for the internally displaced near Mogadishu. Established in 2011, Rajo camp houses 5,000 families, mostly from southern Somalia, which suffered a drought and famine that year, killing a quarter of a million people. The UN estimates over 1.1 million people are internally displaced in Somalia due to decades of conflict.

Somalia Approves Use of Airspace and Land for Saudi-led Strikes in Yemen

07 Apr 2015  |  www.theguardian.com
Somalia has agreed to allow its airspace, territorial waters, and land to be used by the Saudi-led coalition for air strikes against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. This decision was confirmed by Somalia's foreign minister, Abdisalam Hadliye, and was made during the Arab League summit in Egypt. The president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, expressed support for the legitimate government in Yemen. The strategic locations of Bosaso and the Berbera seaport in Somaliland are to be utilized due to their proximity to Yemen. Analyst Hassan Nuur suggests that Somalia's support is financially motivated, given the involvement of wealthy Arab countries. The conflict in Yemen involves the Saudi-led coalition supporting President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. The situation is complicated by the presence of over 150,000 Somali refugees in Yemen, who may now be at risk due to Somalia's stance in the conflict.

Somalia gets first cash machine

23 Oct 2014  |  www.theguardian.com
Salam Somali Bank has introduced Mogadishu's first ATM, located in the secure premises of Hotel Jazeera. This development is part of Somalia's gradual recovery from decades of conflict, and it coincides with the launch of the country's first postal service since 1991. The ATM, which dispenses US dollars, is seen as a convenience for locals and a boon for tourists and the Somali diaspora. Despite the positive reception, safety concerns persist due to armed gangs, and some locals face language barriers as the machine's instructions are in English. The bank's marketing manager, Said Mo’alim, views the ATM as a pilot project to test the security situation and has plans to expand to other locations if successful.

The failed Navy Seal raid on al-Shabab

08 Oct 2013  |  The Mail & Guardian
The article provides an in-depth account of a failed United States Navy Seals operation in Barawe, Somalia, targeting a high-ranking al-Shabab commander, Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulkadir. The Seals aimed to capture Abdulkadir alive but were met with unexpected resistance from al-Shabab militants, leading to a retreat to avoid civilian casualties. The operation's details were pieced together from witness accounts, al-Shabab members, official statements, and media reports. The aftermath saw increased security measures by al-Shabab in Barawe and a hunt for suspected informants. The article also discusses the implications of the raid for al-Shabab's internal security and the broader context of the group's control over Barawe since 2008.

Somali woman wins appeal against sentence for claiming soldiers raped her

03 Mar 2013  |  www.theguardian.com
In Somalia, a judge has overturned the conviction of a woman who was sentenced for defaming a government body and making false rape accusations against government soldiers. However, the conviction of Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim, the journalist who interviewed her, was upheld, with his sentence reduced from one year to six months. The judge ruled that the interview did not adhere to journalistic ethics or Somali law. The National Union of Somali Journalists and Human Rights Watch criticized the decision, highlighting concerns over media freedom and the treatment of sexual violence victims. The Somali prime minister expressed disappointment over the journalist's sentence, advocating for freedom of expression. Rights groups argue the case was politically motivated and marred by violations of international law. The case has drawn international attention to the issue of rape in Somalia, particularly by security forces.

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