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Abdi Hajji Hussein

Abdi Hajji Hussein is a journalist based in Mogadishu, Banaadir, Somalia.

My name is Abdi Hajji Hussein, a freelancer videographer and text writer based in Mogadishu, Somalia. I have 9 years of experience in journalism field locally and internationally. 

On international level, I worked with Radio Netherlands Worldwide, AP, EPA and currently working as a freelance video journalist with AFP News Agency.

I am interested in covering news stories as it is happening as well as feature stories in all aspects of human life .


Abdi Hajji Hussein, freelacer based in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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Somalia's banana industry bounces back After more than two decades of conflict that decimated Somalia’s economy, the banana industry is bouncing back.


At least 12 killed as Shebab attack Somalia hotel At least 12 people are killed in the Somali capital after Shebab gunmen used a vehicle packed with explosives to blast their way inside a hotel, police say.


At least 12 people were killed Friday in an attack in the heart of the Somali capital Mogadishu that was claimed by Islamist Shebab militants. IMAGES


MasterCard taps Somali remittance business MasterCard has begun issuing credit cards in Somalia in a bid to tap the $1.6 billion annual remittances business, which was disrupted by anti-terrorism restrictions. After decades of conflict Somalia has no formal banking sector. Money transfer companies that enable the quick and easy movement of cash in and out of the country keep many families and businesses afloat.


Somalia abandons shillings for mobile money transfers With bank notes worth only 4 US cents each, Somalis have turned to mobile money to do their shopping, pay their bills and even receive their wages. It puts the East African country at the forefront of a financial revolution -- where the least developed countries in the world are leading the way. SHOW MORE


Somalia housing boom as Mogadishu emerges from ashes of war After years of conflict the Somali economy seems to have turned the corner, as a glut of expensive houses are built just outside the nation's capital, tempting home those who had fled the nation's brutal civil war.


Sexual violence is widespread in Somalia and rarely prosecuted. If anyone is punished at all it is often the victim. After 14-year-old 'Fatima' was raped by a tuk-tuk driver she was arrested and accused of prostitution. Duration: 02:32

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