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Abdo Fayyad

Abdo Fayyad (Abdulmuty Fayyad)(cinematographer /DP) is a Syrian-born journalist and filmmaker. He’s first documentary feature, Draw for Change! (Behind the Line /Amany) , was released in middle 2023 in Cannes Series Festival, which won grand documentary prize.
Abdo also worked on other documentaries like The Cave as a cinematographer and fixer, and he was the line producer in the mentioned projects.

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Idlib City in northern Syria is hosting the second edition of its Book Fair, providing students, readers, and researchers the opportunity to read and purchase books in an area with limited educational resources.


محاصرون بالرعب.. “كورونا” يزيد خسائر الأطفال السوريين تحقيق جديد من إنتاج الوحدة السورية للصحافة الاستقصائية، يكشف الآثار النفسية التي خلّفها فيروس كورونا على الأطفال السوريين، ولا سيما في ظل الظروف غير الصحّية نفسيًا التي يعيششونها في مخيّمات النزوح

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