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Abhishek Biswas

Kolkata, India
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About Abhishek
Abhishek Biswas is a journalist. Currently he is working PublicVibe Bengali news app. From July 2022 he is working there as state head. Abhishek has more than 7 years of experience on digital media platform. He has keen interest on West Bengal politics. Also he likes to cover crime beat. Beside that he has interest on technology, social media. He likes to travel to remote villages in Bengal. Loves to talk to people. Abhishek has completed his graduation from Burdwan university in West Bengal. Currently he is staying in kolkata, for his job.

In his present company he is handling a 50 members team. Basically he is leading the West Bengal editorial team. He is ready to take any challenging job.
Bengali English Hindi
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Vox Pop News Gathering
Politics Current Affairs Technology

The Missing Piece in AI Content: The Human Touch

12 Aug 2023  |  medium.com
The article discusses the differences between AI-generated content and human-written content, focusing on linguistic factors such as perplexity, burstiness, repetition, and cohesion. It argues that human writing is more emotionally resonant, complex, and spontaneous compared to the more predictable and uniform AI-generated text. The author also explores practical aspects of AI detection and the potential to increase the complexity of AI-generated text through prompt engineering, using the Huggingface platform and AI detection tools for experimentation.

How to Build an AI Content Detector from Scratch with Python

16 Jul 2023  |  Medium
The article discusses the increasing difficulty in distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written content due to advancements in natural language generation technologies. It outlines various methods for detecting AI content, including natural language processing, statistical methods, and behavioral analysis. The article provides a detailed explanation of perplexity as a measure of how well a model can predict the next word in a text, and includes a Python code implementation for calculating perplexity using the GPT-2 model. The conclusion emphasizes that while perplexity can help identify differences between human and AI-generated texts, it is not foolproof and should be complemented with other methods.

Evergreen Services: The New Age Answer To Capex Crunch

13 Apr 2023  |  Everest Group
Enterprises are increasingly adopting evergreen services, a variation of Device as a Service (DaaS), to reduce capital expenditures and improve sustainability. Evergreen services focus on converting device acquisition-related capital expenses to operating expenses, emphasizing sustainability and device performance management. This model reduces e-waste by upgrading existing devices rather than replacing them, improves user experience through proactive monitoring, and offers access to the latest technologies without large upfront costs. Despite being slightly more expensive than traditional DaaS, the long-term benefits make evergreen services an attractive option for environmentally conscious businesses.

Structural features stabilized by divalent cation coordination within hepatitis E virus ORF1 are critical for viral replication

11 Oct 2022  |  elifesciences.org
Hepatitis E virus (HEV) has a significant global disease burden, particularly affecting immunocompromised individuals and pregnant women. Current treatments, including ribavirin and pegylated type I interferon, have substantial side effects, and there is a need for direct-acting antivirals. HEV's genome includes three open reading frames (ORFs), with ORF1 encoding the viral replicase. The study focuses on the structural features of ORF1, particularly the putative papain-like cysteine protease (pPCP) domain, which is critical for viral replication. Using a combination of biochemical, genetic, mass spectrometric, and computational approaches, the study identifies essential amino acid motifs within the pPCP and demonstrates that HEV ORF1 functions as a large multidomain protein without proteolytic processing. The research highlights the importance of divalent metal ion binding in maintaining the structural integrity of ORF1 and suggests a change in the nomenclature of the pPCP domain to reflect its structural role.

Google Maps introduces special feature to reduce vehicle expenses

16 Jul 2022  |  Eisamay
Google Maps has launched an update, version 11.39, which includes a new feature to help reduce fuel consumption for vehicles. The feature, named 'Save you the most fuel or Energy,' suggests the most fuel-efficient routes for different types of engines, including gas, diesel, electric, and hybrid. Currently in beta testing, this feature could lead to further enhancements, such as an engine switch option. The addition aims to address the varying fuel efficiencies of different vehicle models due to diverse engine technologies.

Veganism goes mainstream

02 Nov 2021  |  Hotelier India
Veganism, once a fringe dietary pursuit, has become a global movement driven by shifting consumer tastes and environmental concerns. Social media has played a significant role in popularizing veganism, leading to a seismic shift in consumer attitudes and influencing major brands like Pizza Hut and Pret a Manger to introduce vegan options. The movement extends beyond diet, encompassing broader ethical and environmental considerations. Post-COVID-19, veganism is seen as a necessity for sustainable development, with significant environmental and economic benefits. The plant-based market is rapidly evolving, though it still has much potential for growth.

Amazon Monopoly. The Rise of Amazon Private Label Brands in 2019

19 Oct 2019  |  hackernoon.com
Amazon's private label brands have seen significant growth, with over 450 brands or exclusive products sold on its platform. Analysts predict that Amazon will dominate 50% of all online shopping in the US, potentially doubling its revenue from private label brands to $25 billion within four years. AmazonBasics, Amazon Essentials, and Amazon Elements are highlighted as successful examples, with AmazonBasics achieving notable success in the battery market. The rise of Amazon's private labels is attributed to higher profit margins, better supply chain management, and increased customer loyalty.

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