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Adam Bouyamourn

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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About Adam
Adam Bouyamourn is a journalist based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Fact Checking

Album review: With The Force Awakens, John Williams finds his majestic music playing second fiddle to frenetic pacing

18 Jun 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
John Williams' score for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is special but plays a less prominent role compared to previous films due to J J Abrams' fast-paced direction. The soundtrack, while not equal to 'A New Hope' or 'The Empire Strikes Back', showcases Williams' genius in writing themes and motifs. The review highlights the dynamic nature of the score, with action sequences dominating and less room for expansive pieces. Rey's Theme and The Jedi Steps are noted as substantial compositions, but overall, the score is seen as constrained by the film's pacing.

Game review: Undertale – time to raise your game

16 Jun 2021  |  The National
Undertale, created by Toby Fox, is lauded as a post-modern masterpiece in interactive narrative art, blending emotion, humor, and tragedy with a unique battle system and multiple endings. The game subverts traditional RPG mechanics and video game conventions, offering a deep emotional story and technical mastery. It encourages multiple playthroughs with its structural playfulness and hidden Easter eggs, earning its place in the post-modern canon and changing the perception of experience points.

Fed is more than just a black box of rational actors

15 Jun 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
The Federal Reserve's decision-making process is more complex than simply following economic models, as it considers a range of factors including labor market data, international economic conditions, and market opinions. Despite improvements in the US labor market, the Fed is taking a cautious approach, influenced by part-time employment rates, the economically inactive population, and the impact of interest rate rises on trading partners. The Fed's actions are also shaped by its institutional politics and legal dynamics, as well as public and elite opinion. Theories suggest that the Fed may need to adjust its approach to inflation targets to address the economy's performance since 2008.

Saudi Arabia considers cutting energy subsidies to manage budget deficit

14 Jun 2021  |  www.thenationalnews.com
Saudi Arabia is contemplating reductions in energy subsidies to address its growing budget deficit, with the oil minister Ali Al Naimi acknowledging the consideration of price increases. The kingdom faces a budget deficit of 21.6% of GDP, with the IMF warning of depleting financial reserves in five years if current spending continues. The drop in oil prices has significantly reduced government revenues, necessitating an oil price of around $105 per barrel to balance spending. While the Saudi government plans to cut infrastructure spending in 2016, other Gulf countries have also adjusted their energy subsidy policies. Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund has liquidated assets to fund the deficit, and the country has options due to low debt levels and substantial reserves.

Masdar secures backing for UK offshore wind plant

25 May 2016  |  The National
Masdar, in collaboration with Norwegian energy companies Statoil and Statkraft, has secured £1.3bn in financing for the 402-megawatt Dudgeon offshore wind plant in the UK. The project, expected to power 400,000 homes, will receive UK government subsidies under the 'Contract for Difference' scheme. Masdar's stake in the project is 35%, and the plant is set to start producing power in the second half of 2017. This development will increase Masdar's clean energy capacity in the UK to over 1GW, reflecting its commitment to the renewable energy sector. Masdar also holds stakes in other significant clean energy projects, including the London Array.

Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain credit ratings downgraded by Moody’s

15 May 2016  |  The National
Moody’s has downgraded the credit ratings of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain due to lower-than-expected oil prices impacting their fiscal positions. Abu Dhabi’s rating remains stable, while Qatar and Kuwait are on negative outlook. The downgrades are expected to increase the cost of issuing international debt for these Gulf states, which are facing widening fiscal deficits. The IMF projects significant budget deficits for the Gulf nations this year and next, with substantial losses in export earnings due to the drop in oil prices.

IMF warns of slower growth for UAE and the global economy

12 Apr 2016  |  The National
The IMF has downgraded global growth prospects, predicting slower growth for the UAE and the global economy. The UAE's growth forecast for this year is 2.4%, the slowest since 2010. The IMF's chief economist, Maurice Obstfeld, emphasized the need for governments to loosen fiscal and monetary policies. Despite a mild oil market rally, Gulf states are expected to experience prolonged weak economic growth. Advanced economies and emerging markets also face challenges, with the IMF cutting growth forecasts for both. China remains a critical factor, with potential global repercussions if its slowdown worsens.

Saudi Arabia and UAE government bank deposits fall

Egypt’s currency devaluation a ‘welcome step’, say economists

14 Mar 2016  |  thenational.ae
Economists have endorsed the devaluation of the Egyptian pound as a positive, albeit belated, step, with expectations of attracting foreign investment and addressing the overvaluation issue. However, they caution about the potential rise in inflation due to increased import costs. The devaluation is seen as a precursor to broader economic reforms, including a more flexible exchange rate regime. Interest rate hikes are anticipated by analysts in response to the devaluation.

Flydubai plans expansion in eastern Europe and Africa

08 Mar 2016  |  thenationalnews.com
Flydubai, despite a 60 percent drop in net profit last year due to market conditions, fuel hedging, and a stronger dollar, plans to increase capacity in the GCC and expand in Eastern Europe and Africa. CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith remains optimistic, citing opportunities in these regions, and intends to grow organically without acquiring other airlines. Flydubai will start receiving 16 new aircraft from May and retire seven to maintain a young fleet. Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia, also expressed a focus on increasing passenger numbers and expanding across the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s official: VAT will arrive in the UAE by 2018

25 Feb 2016  |  The National
The UAE will introduce a value added tax (VAT) by the end of 2018 at a rate of 5 percent, excluding education, healthcare, and essential food items. A GCC-wide VAT agreement is expected in June, with UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs Humaid Obaid Al Tayer confirming the plans. The UAE is also considering a corporation tax, assessing its social and economic impact. IMF's Christine Lagarde supports the tax to offset oil revenue losses, while Jason Tuvey of Capital Economics notes it could help government revenue but potentially hinder private sector job creation and investment.

IMF leader tells Arabian Gulf states to raise taxes and cut spending after fall in oil prices

17 Feb 2016  |  The National
Arabian Gulf states are advised by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde to raise taxes, cut spending, and enhance gender equality to navigate the era of low oil prices. Lagarde emphasizes the need for fiscal consolidation, introduction of new taxes, and liberalizing measures to diversify economies. The IMF estimates significant revenue losses from oil exports, and Moody’s projects budget deficits for the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Lagarde also highlights the importance of gender equality and warns of the potential impact of slower Chinese growth and low global inflation on the region's economic prospects.

Arab Monetary Fund calls for central banks to step up in Islamic finance

18 May 2015  |  thenational.ae
Abdulrahman Al Hamidy, director general of the Arab Monetary Fund, emphasized the need for central banks to enhance their supervisory and regulatory roles for Islamic banks, including the introduction of new liquidity management tools. He highlighted the challenge Islamic banks face in managing short-term financial obligations due to Sharia restrictions. The UAE Central Bank introduced a Sharia-compliant short-term lending facility in March of the previous year to support Islamic banks.

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