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New York, United States of America

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English to Africa Service, Voice of America

Adeline Bailleul

I am a freelance VJ, documentary filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. I shoot, edit, report, produce and explore. Politics and policy, Human Rights, globalization, environment, social protests and minorty issues represent my main fields of expertise. For the past 3 years, I focused on post-Arab Spring transition in North Africa. I am also very passionate about digital media and engaging ways to tell stories. I began my career as a reporter for CNN, France 2 and Africa 24 and hold a MA in Television Journalism from Goldmsiths, University of London and a BA of Laws at Sorbonne University, Paris. I work with my partner Tarek Bouraque, Moroccan freelance VJ and documentary filmmaker. We set up our own production company called Global Fronteras Production.


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Welcome to one of Africa's largest dumps: the Jbel Borj Chakir landfill in Tunisia. It's so sprawling that it has absorbed Abdelhamid Jabril's home. Here he tells AJ+ how his cries for help have not been heeded after the fall of the Ben Ali government.


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Tunisia's First Election Since The Arab Spring Tunisians were at the polls this week for the first time since the Arab Spring began 4 years ago. AJ+ visited polling stations in Tunis to find out why residents turned up to vote and how they think their country has changed since Mohamed Bouazizi self-immolated in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, and sparked change across the Arab world.


Tunisia : sound makes sense Learning Wolrd - Euronews

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