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About Adil
Adil Hussain is an independent documentary photojournalist based in Srinagar. His work focuses on conflict, politics, social and daily affairs in Indian controlled Kashmir. His work has appeared in Time Magazine, BBC, ABC News, NRC Handelsblad, Mashable, LePoint, Qdaily China, Global Voices, The Wire, The Quint, among other publications.
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What Makes a Pakistani Brand?

22 Dec 2022  |  aurora.dawn.com
Sheikh Adil Hussain, Marketing Director at Unilever Pakistan, discusses the challenges and principles of building successful Pakistani brands. He compares local brands to international giants like Apple and Coca-Cola, emphasizing the importance of brand recognition, identity, and consistent communication. Hussain criticizes the lack of vision and short-termism in Pakistani brand building, citing the need for introspection among brand custodians, agencies, and production houses. He highlights the impact of recent calamities on the market and the importance of adhering to marketing fundamentals, despite changing media landscapes. Hussain concludes that consistent value delivery and adherence to marketing principles are key to creating a successful brand.

The (Un)reasonable Effectiveness of Neural Network in Cherenkov Calorimetry

20 Sep 2022  |  mdpi.com
A study reports over a two-fold improvement in hadronic energy resolution of a simulated Cherenkov calorimeter using machine learning compared to traditional techniques. The research, conducted at Texas Tech University, utilized the GEANT4 framework to simulate a quartz-fiber calorimeter and compared machine learning-based reconstruction performance against traditional methods. The study highlights the potential of neural networks in enhancing Cherenkov hadron calorimetry and outlines plans for a dedicated beam test to validate these findings with a prototype calorimeter.


Better killed than homeless: The struggle of forest dwellers in Indian controlled Kashmir – The Polis Project

15 Dec 2021  |  www.thepolisproject.com
The article discusses the eviction of forest dwellers in Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian government, which has led to the destruction of 10,000 trees and the displacement of indigenous communities. The government labels these communities as illegal occupants, despite their claims of residing in the area prior to India's existence. The evictions are seen as part of the BJP's larger plan to change the region's demographics. The Forest Rights Act, which protects traditional forest dwellers, was implemented after the damage was done. The article also mentions the new domicile law that allows non-local residents to gain citizenship and government jobs in Kashmir, further fueling fears of demographic change. Tribal communities face the threat of becoming homeless as anti-encroachment orders are executed, and there is a concern that the government intends to settle outsiders on the cleared land.

On August 5, 2019; India announced the removal of the autonomous status of Indian-controlled Kashmir. At the same time, the internet, mobile telephony and telephone lines were shut down, while communications were severely restricted...

Over the years, Kashmiri firemen have emerged as reckoning crisis and disaster managers fighting the valley’s fired up situations amid ire and irony.

After teachers and students ganged up against him, the diminutive boy thought of quitting his studies and ending his life. But what he eventually did made the boy an inspiration for all and sundry. On World Dwarfism Awareness Day...

Winter around the world

PUBG was banned in India on 2 September and we get reactions from the people of Kashmir who feel the ban is harsh. Some of them even flew to Delhi to play the game when the internet was shut down in Kashmir.

Businessmen who own shops along the Dal Lake say that their trade and Kashmir's overall tourism has been severely affected in the aftermath of the revocation of Article 370. The long internet ban in Kashmir has also added to the woes.

The fruits of this year

30 Oct 2020  |  Kashmir Reader
Jammu and Kashmir's economy is heavily reliant on horticulture, with a significant portion of the population engaged in fruit cultivation. The region's climatic conditions are favorable for temperate and some tropical fruits. Despite an increase in fruit production and cultivation area over the years, the 2020 fruit crop suffered severe damage due to fungal diseases, which were not prevented by the fungicides recommended by the University of SKUAST and the Horticulture Department. Farmers believe the supplied fungicides were substandard. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional selling practices, as travel restrictions prevented farmers and traders from conducting business in person.

Sentiment Swing and Renewed Protests in Iran Following Plane Crash Admission

27 Jan 2020  |  Time
The article discusses the aftermath of the Ukraine International Airlines plane crash in Iran, which occurred shortly after Iran launched missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq. Initially, Iranian officials cited a technical failure as the cause, but later admitted that the military had mistakenly shot down the plane due to 'human error.' This admission led to renewed protests in Iran, with citizens expressing anger and distrust towards the government. The protests included a wide range of participants, from lower-income Iranians to prominent figures like a popular actor and journalists. The situation has put Iran's leadership under intense scrutiny, both domestically and internationally, as the U.S. continues to impose sanctions on the country.

The young heroes of Kashmir receive a martyr's funeral

21 Sep 2018  |  NRC
Kashmir, a North Indian state claimed by both India and Pakistan, has been a region of conflict since 1947 when Kashmiris sought the right to self-determination. The predominantly Muslim area became a point of contention post-India's chaotic independence, with Pakistan believing it should belong to them and India, led by Prime Minister Nehru whose family was from Kashmir, insisting it was part of India. Nearly thirty years ago, young Muslims took up arms for independence, and the struggle of Islamic militants has since claimed tens of thousands of lives. The killing of a 22-year-old militant leader in 2016 marked a new, bloody phase of the uprising, with recent months seeing thousands protesting and elevating fallen fighters as new heroes amidst growing hatred against predominantly Hindu India.

Mumbai Newspaper Editor Fired, Arrested for Republishing Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

04 Feb 2015  |  Global Voices
Shirin Dalvi, the editor of the Mumbai edition of Urdu daily Avadhnama, was arrested and later released on bail for republishing a controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, which is considered blasphemous by many Muslims. The publication led to multiple lawsuits against her, and she has since been in hiding. The Mumbai edition of Avadhnama was shut down, and all employees were sacked. The incident has sparked a debate on freedom of expression in India, with some online users showing support for Dalvi through the hashtag #IStandWithShireenDalvi, while others criticize the lack of support from the journalistic community. The case has highlighted the tensions between freedom of expression and religious sensitivities in India.

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