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Adina Sualehe

Nampula, Mozambique
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About Adina
Adina Sualehe is a journalist based in Nampula, Mozambique, with a specialization in reporting on natural disasters. Her coverage is particularly focused on the region's susceptibility to such events, and she has become known for her in-depth reporting on the subject. Sualehe's work gained significant attention following her detailed accounts of Tropical Cyclone Gombe, where she chronicled the devastating effects on the local population, including the loss of lives, destruction of infrastructure, and the subsequent emergency responses.

Her reporting not only conveys the urgency of breaking news and current affairs related to natural calamities but also sheds light on the human stories behind these disasters. Sualehe's articles often highlight the resilience of the affected communities and the efforts of local authorities, such as the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGD), in managing disaster relief operations. Through her journalism, she aims to bring awareness to the challenges faced by Mozambique in disaster preparedness and recovery, emphasizing the importance of sustainable solutions and international support.

Sualehe's commitment to her craft and her ability to provide comprehensive coverage of complex issues have established her as a respected voice in the field of disaster reporting. Her dedication to informing the public and advocating for effective disaster management strategies underscores the critical role of journalists in times of crisis.
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Politics Technology Science & Environment

Nampula Receives Hundreds of War Displaced

21 Feb 2024  |  voaportugues.com
Terrorist attacks in some villages of the Chiúre district in Cabo Delgado province have caused a new wave of displaced people. The exact number of displaced is undisclosed, but currently, hundreds are seeking safe shelter in neighboring districts of Nampula province, such as Eráti. The Secretary of State, Jaime Neto, reports that the displaced are in Namapa, where a provisional center is operating, and they are receiving support from the Disaster Risk Management Institute.

Police Launch Tear Gas at Renamo Headquarters in Nampula

06 Dec 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Renamo, a political party in Nampula province, is upset over an invasion by the Mozambique Republic Police (PRM) at their political headquarters in the city of Nampula, where tear gas was deployed and over 50 members and supporters were detained. The incident followed a confrontation between the police and party members during a march and rally to claim electoral results. Renamo's provincial spokesperson, Nelson Carvalho, reported the capture of two alleged police infiltrators during the event, one of whom was armed.

Mozambique: Court Orders House Arrest and Suspension of Nacala Mayor

13 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Judicial Court of Nacala in Mozambique's Nampula province ordered house arrest and suspension of duties for Nacala's mayor, Raul Novinte, and his communication advisor, Arlindo Chissale, following accusations of incitement to collective disobedience and public instigation to crime. The court's decision was influenced by concerns over potential flight risk, disruption of legal proceedings, and public order. The case also involves eight other members of the Renamo party, which has been protesting the recent municipal elections, claiming victory in the October 11 elections and boycotting the re-vote on October 10.

Tension increases between authorities and Renamo leader in Nampula

12 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Police of the Republic of Mozambique in Nampula province has called for the Public Prosecutor's Office to hold outgoing Nampula city mayor and Renamo candidate Paulo Vahanle accountable for inciting violence. This follows a video circulating on social media where Vahanle is seen brandishing a weapon and urging the youth to use it against police authorities. Police spokesperson Zacarias Nacute has called for judicial intervention and emphasized the need to prevent violence against innocent citizens. Legal expert Bogaio Nhagalase criticized Vahanle's conduct, stating it could tarnish his image and that private justice is prohibited in Mozambique. The tension persists as Renamo continues to protest election results, with the Constitutional Council reviewing several appeals.

Municipal Elections: Nampula still faces many challenges

05 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Nampula faces significant challenges in urban development, including sanitation infrastructure, waste management, urban mobility, territorial planning, financial independence, and public transportation improvements, despite over twenty years of municipalization.

Suicide: A problem whose signs are neglected by society

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
Suicide is a significant public health issue among young people globally, responsible for one in every hundred deaths in 2019 according to the World Health Organization. In Nampula, some young people believe that the signs of suicide are often ignored by society.

Nampula 'suffers' from drug diversion

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
In Nampula, Mozambique, patients are increasingly turning to private pharmacies to obtain prescribed medications due to shortages in public hospital pharmacies. This situation is attributed to an illegal drug trade, adversely affecting low-income individuals. Residents like Selma Ribaue and Lizete Adriano report frequent unavailability of essential medicines in public hospitals, forcing them to pay significantly higher prices at private pharmacies.

Student Association Runs for Municipal Elections in Nampula

08 Aug 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
A group of university students in Nampula is running for the October municipal elections with the aim of using research and innovation to solve the city's problems.

Mozambique: Police accused of detaining and torturing protesters, but corporation denies

21 Mar 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The article reports on accusations against the Polícia da República de Moçambique for detaining and torturing protesters during peaceful marches honoring the late rapper Azagaia. Despite police denials, activists and legal representatives confirm instances of torture and human rights violations. The government is criticized for undermining democratic principles and constitutional rights. The situation has raised concerns about state violence and the safety of citizens.

Early pregnancy, violations, and forced marriages lead girls to drop out of school in Mozambique

17 Feb 2023  |  voaportugues.com
In Mozambique, particularly in the rural areas of Nampula and Zambézia provinces, many girls are dropping out of school due to early pregnancy, forced marriages, poverty, sexual harassment at school, and sexual violence against minors. To combat these barriers, the United States Agency for International Development is funding $10 million to advance the basic education of over 200,000 girls across 12 districts over five years in Nampula and Zambézia provinces through the Advancing Education Girl (AGE) program.

Displaced People in Nampula Say Assistance is Not Enough to 'Kill' Hunger

10 Feb 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The World Food Programme (WFP) has announced the suspension of humanitarian aid to over a million internally displaced people in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, due to a lack of funds. The National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD) in Nampula assures that there is a plan to prioritize the most vulnerable groups. Despite the scarcity of resources, the government continues to distribute aid every two months and encourages self-sufficiency through agriculture. However, displaced individuals criticize the adequacy of the aid, questioning how it can sustain families for two months. Nampula hosts around 70,000 displaced people, mostly women and children, fleeing insurgency in Cabo Delgado.

Journalist organizations condemn public servants limiting access to information in Mozambique

24 Jan 2023  |  www.voaportugues.com
The Instituto de Comunicação Social de África Austral (Misa-Moçambique) and the Sindicato Nacional de Jornalistas (SNJ) condemned the actions of public servants in Mozambique for limiting journalists' access to information. This condemnation follows an incident where the spokesperson for the Ministry of Education and Human Development, Feliciano Mahalambe, restricted journalists' questions during a press conference, citing ethical concerns. Misa-Moçambique's President, Geremias Langa, and the SNJ criticized this as a violation of the law on access to information, human rights, and press freedom.

Mozambique: Employees of the Nacala Municipal Council with overdue salaries

04 Jan 2023  |  voaportugues.com
Employees of the Nacala Municipal Council in Nampula, Mozambique, protested to demand the payment of three months of overdue salaries. The situation affects about 600 employees and collaborators of the municipality led by Raul Novinte from the Renamo party. The director of the communication office, Arlindo Chissale, acknowledged the legitimacy of the claims and promised a resolution within three weeks.

Lack of funds jeopardizes demilitarization guarantees, says Renamo chief

26 Dec 2022  |  www.voaportugues.com
Ossufo Momade, leader of Renamo, criticized the Mozambican government's announcements about the lack of funds and unsustainable pensions for Renamo combatants, arguing that these undermine the guarantees given during the Demilitarization, Disarmament, and Reintegration (DDR) process. This follows President Filipe Nyusi's recent statements blaming Renamo for delays in completing the DDR due to not submitting lists of their guerrillas. Momade views Nyusi's comments as a setback at a crucial moment.

Death Toll Rises to 10 Due to Cyclone Gombe's Passage Through Nampula

12 Mar 2022  |  Voice of America
Cyclone Gombe's passage through the Mozambican province of Nampula on Friday has resulted in 10 deaths, with the districts of Angoche, Nampula, Ilha de Moçambique, and Monapo being the most affected. The cyclone caused power outages and destruction of health facilities, schools, and homes. Belém Monteiro, vice-president of the National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD), assured that Zambézia province has the means to assist those affected, though the total number of affected individuals is not yet disclosed. Luísa Meque, president of INGD, stated that rescue teams are positioned in critical areas to monitor and provide assistance. The rains continue with less intensity, affecting parts of the provinces of Sofala, Niassa, Tete, and Cabo Delgado.

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