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Adrian Blomfield

Adrian Blomfield is available for comment and analysis on developments in eastern, central and the horn of Africa, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. Over the past 16 years he has been based in Nairobi, Baghdad, Moscow and Jerusalem. Adrian held the following positions over that time:

2009 -- 2012: Jerusalem Bureau Chief/Middle East Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph (UK)
2005 -- 2009: Moscow Bureau Chief, The Daily Telegraph (UK)
2004 -- 2005: Correspondent, Baghdad Bureau, The Daily Telegraph (UK)
2003 -- 2004: East Africa Correspondent, The Economist
2001 -- 2004: East Africa Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph
1999 -- 2001: Financial Markets Correspondent, Nairobi Bureau, Reuters.

Since 2012, Adrian has been involved in an education project in Kenya. He has begun to write again on a freelance basis since February, 2016.

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Adrian Blomfield: 'Dire straits: Gulf chokepoint has world on edge'

Russia planned to influence South African elections in favour of the ruling ANC, report suggests

Vladimir Putin is looking to expand Russian influence

Coca-cola and quacks: how Kenya's restrictive abortion laws fuel infanticide

A deepening health crisis has left Congo trying to contain three major disease outbreaks simultaneously

Burundi despot Nkurunziza may be world's first leader to die of COVID-19, opposition says

Coronavirus Article Bar with counter

Medicine man's ritual stops 'witch lynchings'

An RAF gunner provides cover from a Chinook carrying French troops in the Sahel

Uganda’s president calls for total debt cancellation to help Africa fight the coronavirus

Arrest of Rwandan Genocide Financier Félicien Kabuga

Why is Ebola back? The virus has killed nearly 2,000 people in the last year

Pope Francis demands Britain hand back Chagos Islands

Radical opposition party advocating seizure of white-owned farms set to surge in South Africa's election

Man who killed albino teenager sentenced to death in attempt to end practice in Malawi

US troops prepare to be deployed after al-Shabaab attack in Kenya

Bosco Ntaganda turned himself in to the ICC in 2013 - REUTERS

Activists celebrated the decision made by Botswana's high court

US soldier killed as Islamist group al Shabaab attacks Kenyan base

After Robert Mugabe's death, what next for Grace?

Egypt and Ethiopia strike preliminary deal over Nile dam

Hilary Monson: Sentences for Kenyan policemen jailed over my son's death is a 'poor exchange'

Hilary Monson tells of heartbreak over son's death in Kenya as trial draws to a close

Alexander Monson: Kenyan police to face murder trial over death of British aristocrat

Burundi’s President Nkurunziza Dies, Allegedly from Covid-19

Ordinary Africans struggle while the elites get luxury treatment

Arrest of Rwandan Genocide Mastermind Félicien Kabuga

Burundi’s opposition fears pandemic offers cover for skewing vote

Pity Cyril Ramaphosa

Uganda’s president calls for total debt cancellation for Africa amid pandemic

First Ebola, then measles, now Covid-19: Congo faces three simultaneous medical emergencies

Isil-linked jihadis target Mozambique's gas fields

G20 urged to consider Africa bailout to prevent coronavirus economic catastrophe

From denial to brutal lockdown: How Africa’s response to ‘rich man’s’ disease has evolved

'It's simple: if we wash our hands more, we eat less'

Jihadists win hearts and minds in the Sahel by providing basic services

Western forces in 'race against time' to prepare West African states for advance of jihadists

US to Appoint Special Envoy for Sahel Crisis Amid Congressional Pressure

Battle for the Sahel: the new frontline in the war on terror

British Troops to Join UN Peacekeeping Mission in Mali

Post-Brexit Britain will ‘turbo-charge’ trade relations with Africa, says Sharma

Somali terrorist group, al-Shabaab, threatens to attack US targets around the world

Al-Shabaab Attacks US Military Base in Kenya

Mnangagwa Street and Fidel Castro Road: Zimbabwe's president ditches colonial street names for tributes

The British tea growers in Kenya facing 'Zimbabwe-style' land grabs

Mother of Aristocrat Who Died in Kenyan Police Custody Awaits Trial Verdict

Kenyan police's claim that son of British aristocrat died of drug overdose dismissed by forensic expert

Father of British aristocrat killed in Kenya fears police officer suspects will flee before trial

Deadly protests in Guinea as Russia calls for change of rules to keep despot in power

500 shackled children freed from third Islamic boarding school in north Nigeria

Mystery as plane carrying Russian arms smugglers crashes in Congo

Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize with a 'bridge of love' and an unorthodox approach

Going, going, gone: African dictators losing luxury lifestyle amid money laundering crackdown

Hundreds of boys including some aged five freed from 'torture house' in Nigeria

Man confesses to killing 15 women in Port Harcourt hotel murders that rocked Nigeria's oil capital

Rwandan opposition leader's 'throat cut' as Kagame critics are silenced

Pope Francis demands Britain hand back Chagos Islands

Eritrea’s government has found a novel way to stop its sportsmen defecting every time they play abroad

After Robert Mugabe's death, what next for Grace?

South African businesses in Nigeria attacked as diplomatic rift grows over xenophobic riots

Sudan allows BBC broadcasts for first time in ten years

Flash flood in 'Lion King' park kills six

Family of freelance journalist killed in South Sudan call on FBI to launch war crimes investigation

Inside the Ebola treatment centres of Congo, where survivors bring hope to those on the edge of death

Congolese warlord Bosco 'Terminator' Ntaganda convicted of crimes against humanity by ICC

Bribes, dodgy deals and electricity rationing: what's gone wrong with South Africa's plunging economy

Stowaway's body fell from plane and narrowly missed software engineer sunbathing in his back garden

Warnings over 'Africa's Yugoslavia' as Ethiopia coup attempt heightens risk of violent Balkan-style split

Could British army counterinsurgency techniques help reduce poverty in Africa?

Iran’s alarming behaviour in Strait of Hormuz

Hormuz: the strategic strait that may plunge US and Iran into war

Cheers as Botswana's high court decriminalises gay sex

Measles kills 1,500 in Congo: Epidemic declared as health workers struggle to contain Ebola and cholera

Tribal militia kills up to 150 in Mali as Islamist insurgency intensifies

Ugandan capital to fine citizens who give money to street children

ANC wins South Africa election despite worst performance

Russia planned to influence South African elections in favour of the ruling ANC, report suggests

Radical opposition party advocating seizure of white-owned farms set to surge in South Africa's election

Why white South Africans are turning to the ANC while black voters desert Mandela's party

Africa's 'last great wilderness' in jeopardy as autocratic president plans mega-dam that could bankrupt Tanzania

Malawi albinos kidnapped and sacrificed by witchdoctor gangs on the hunt for election charms

Eritrea, where the EU is hoodwinked into paying millions to a regime encouraging a mass exodus

Al-Qaeda takes advantage of security vacuum in Yemen

Russia accuses Poland of starting Second World War

Anastasia's remains 'found in Russia'

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