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Brussel, Belgium

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Adrien Monnoyer

Adrien Monnoyer est un journaliste immersif. Live ou reportage, interview ou plan d'ensemble, il couvre tout les évènements mais uniquement à 360°.


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Immersive journalism - Inside the "Jungle camp" to report it dismantling in 360°.


Immersive journalism - It's the first interview duplex in 360° between a European deputy inside the Brussels parliament and a farmer in the countryside.


Immersive journalism - Ceremony outside the Brussels Stock Exchange in honor of the victims of the attacks of March 22nd 2016. Metro ride to Maelbeek station where the second bomb exploded at 9:11 on March 22 causing many casualties.


Immersive Journalism Inside the migrant camp "The jungle" in Calais, France during its dismantling.

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