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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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About Ahammad
Ahammad Foyez is a journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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In Bangladesh, dead political activists return to life in ‘ghost’ cases

14 Nov 2023  |  Benar News
In Bangladesh, deceased and incarcerated individuals, including opposition activists, have been named in criminal cases related to recent protests demanding Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's resignation. Nasir Rahman and Sanaullah Mia, both deceased, were among those wrongly accused. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party claims these 'ghost' cases are baseless and politically motivated. The police acknowledge the possibility of errors, which they attribute to false information from witnesses. The Home Minister denies the existence of such cases, stating that any incorrect accusations are dropped during investigations. The controversy highlights issues within Bangladesh's criminal justice system and the political unrest leading up to the general election.

Dueling Dhaka political rallies could turn violent, analysts warn

26 Oct 2023  |  bangladeshchronicle.net
Analysts warn of potential violence at a massive opposition rally planned by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in Dhaka, demanding the government step aside for upcoming elections. The ruling Awami League has planned a counter-rally and threatened a hardline stance. Historical references to past violence and recent arrests of BNP members by police have heightened tensions. Calls for peaceful solutions from civil society groups contrast with the aggressive rhetoric from political leaders, indicating a volatile situation ahead of the rallies.

Doctors say Khaleda Zia may die if not sent abroad for treatment

09 Oct 2023  |  benarnews.org
Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh and opposition leader, is at imminent risk of death due to cirrhosis of the liver and other illnesses, according to her medical team. Despite her critical condition, the government has denied her permission to seek medical treatment abroad. Zia's party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, has been protesting for a neutral caretaker government to oversee the next general election, alleging that the ruling Awami League, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has manipulated past elections. A U.S. delegation is in Bangladesh to assess pre-election conditions amid concerns over the country's electoral climate and human rights record.

Doctors say Khaleda Zia may die if not sent abroad for treatment

02 Oct 2023  |  bangladeshchronicle.net
Bangladeshi opposition leader Khaleda Zia, suffering from severe health issues including liver cirrhosis, faces a high risk of death if not allowed to seek advanced medical treatment abroad. Despite her critical condition, the ruling Awami League, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has refused to permit her travel, citing her corruption convictions. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has staged protests demanding a neutral caretaker government for upcoming elections, but the Awami League remains unyielding. A visiting U.S. delegation has been briefed on the situation, highlighting concerns over fair elections and human rights under Hasina's government.

Rohingyas face prison-like conditions in Bangladesh camps: report

22 Sep 2023  |  Radio Free Asia
Nearly two-thirds of Rohingya respondents report that movement in Bangladesh refugee camps is more difficult than in Myanmar, according to a study by the Youth Congress Rohingya. The report blames the Armed Police Battalion for enforcing restrictive measures and abuses. Bangladesh's Home Minister defends the actions, citing security concerns. The study highlights issues such as extortion, corruption, and violence in the camps, and concludes with 39 recommendations for the Bangladesh government, international community, and humanitarian organizations to improve conditions and protect the rights of Rohingya refugees.

Bangladesh sentences top human rights activists to prison amid outcry

14 Sep 2023  |  Benar News
A Bangladesh court sentenced Adilur Rahman Khan and A.S.M. Nasiruddin Elan, leaders of the human rights group Odhikar, to two years in prison for violating a defunct internet law. The verdict has drawn widespread condemnation from international and local rights organizations, including the European Parliament and the United Nations, who call for their immediate release. The case, which has been pending for a decade, gained momentum following U.S. sanctions against the Rapid Action Battalion. The ruling is seen as a significant blow to human rights advocacy in Bangladesh, with concerns about its chilling effect on civil society.

Bangladesh moves to replace controversial internet law but criticism persists

13 Sep 2023  |  Benar News
The Bangladesh Parliament passed a new Cyber Security Bill to replace the controversial Digital Security Act (DSA), but critics argue it retains many restrictive provisions and negatively impacts freedom of expression. The new law reduces some penalties but still grants extensive powers to the police, leading to concerns about human rights violations. Critics, including human rights groups and political figures, claim the law will continue to suppress dissent and free thought, especially ahead of the upcoming general election.

Scores reported injured in clashes between Bangladesh’s ruling party, opposition BNP

18 Jul 2023  |  benarnews.org
One person was killed and approximately 200 were injured in clashes between Bangladesh's ruling Awami League and the opposition BNP during anti-government protests across various cities. The violence, which is the worst in recent months, comes ahead of the general election expected at the end of 2023 or early 2024. The BNP accuses the Awami League of attacking its supporters and rigging polls, while the Awami League denies responsibility for the death and injuries. International bodies like the UN and the US State Department have expressed concern and called for free, fair elections and investigations into violence. A case was also filed over an attack on independent candidate Ashraful Alam, with several arrests made.

Rights watchdog: Bangladesh failing to protect Rohingya against rising violence in camps

13 Jul 2023  |  southasiajournal.net
Bangladesh is criticized by Human Rights Watch for failing to protect Rohingya refugees from increasing violence in camps near the Myanmar border. The report alleges that Bangladeshi authorities force refugees to act as informants, putting them at risk. The Bangladesh government and security officials acknowledge the challenges but deny the allegations. HRW documents cases of violence and highlights the difficulties refugees face in seeking justice. Government and police officials defend their efforts but admit the complexity of ensuring security in densely populated camps.

Bangladesh police: Rival Rohingya militant groups in deadly gunfight at refugee camp

07 Jul 2023  |  www.radiofree.org
At least five members of rival Rohingya militant groups were killed in a gunfight at a refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The conflict involved the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army and the Rohingya Solidarity Organization, highlighting the deteriorating security situation in the camps. International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan urged for increased humanitarian support, noting that Rohingya refugees are missing meals due to reduced aid from the World Food Program. The densely populated camps house about 1 million Rohingya, many of whom fled Myanmar following military offensives. The ongoing violence and reduced food allocations have exacerbated the hardships faced by the refugees.

Bangladesh police: Rival Rohingya militant groups in deadly gunfight at refugee camp

07 Jul 2023  |  The Bangladesh Chronicle
At least five members of rival Rohingya militant groups, ARSA and RSO, were killed in a gunfight at a refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The violence underscores the deteriorating security in the camps, which house around 1 million Rohingya refugees. ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan, after visiting the camps, called for increased humanitarian support as the U.N. World Food Program had cut aid, leading to missed meals for the refugees. The camps have seen a rise in criminal activities amid uncertainty over repatriation to Myanmar. The ICC and ICJ are conducting separate investigations into alleged crimes against humanity and genocide by Myanmar's military against the Rohingya.

Bangladesh anti-graft-agency files charges in decade-old embezzlement case

12 Jun 2023  |  southasiajournal.net
Bangladesh's Anti-Corruption Commission has charged 146 individuals, including former BASIC Bank chairman Sheikh Abdul Hye Bachchu, in a decade-old embezzlement case involving $209 million. The charges mark the first time Bachchu has been formally implicated in the fraud, despite longstanding allegations and over 50 cases against him. The investigation revealed that loans were issued to fake institutions without board members' knowledge. The High Court had previously criticized the ACC for delays in the investigation. Transparency International Bangladesh welcomed the development but called for further scrutiny of other board members.

Bangladesh anti-graft-agency files charges in decade-old embezzlement case

12 Jun 2023  |  Benar News
Bangladesh's Anti-Corruption Commission charged 146 individuals, including former BASIC Bank Chairman Sheikh Abdul Hye Bachchu, for embezzling $209 million. Bachchu, who is linked to the ruling Awami League, was charged after a decade-long investigation and criticism of the ACC for not investigating him despite over 50 cases. The embezzlement occurred between 2009 and 2013, with loans issued for fake institutions and non-existent mortgages. The High Court had given the ACC three months to complete the investigation, expressing disappointment over previous delays. Transparency International Bangladesh welcomed the filing of the charge sheet.

Bangladesh court orders Nobel Laureate Yunus to pay $1.2M tax on donations

31 May 2023  |  Benar News
Bangladesh’s High Court has ordered Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus to pay $1.2 million in taxes for charitable donations, amidst allegations of political vendetta by the Sheikh Hasina government. The court rejected Yunus' petitions for tax exemption on donations to three charitable trusts. This decision follows a lawsuit by the anti-graft watchdog accusing Yunus of embezzling over $2 million from Grameen Telecom's employees' welfare fund. Yunus, who faces numerous legal cases, is supported by global figures urging the government to cease harassment. The U.S. has also announced visa restrictions for Bangladeshis undermining democratic elections.

Day after Washington raps Bangladesh on elections, city polls take place peacefully

25 May 2023  |  southasiajournal.net
Following a warning from Washington about denying visas to Bangladeshis interfering with elections, a significant city poll in Gazipur, Bangladesh, occurred peacefully with nearly 50% voter turnout. The U.S. State Department's new visa policy aims to ensure fair elections ahead of Bangladesh's national polls. Bangladesh's government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League party, has been in power since 2009, with past elections marred by allegations of rigging. The peaceful Gazipur election contrasts with previous instances of violence and intimidation. The opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party welcomed the U.S. policy, seeing it as support for fair elections. The U.S. policy is seen as particularly influential among the affluent and powerful in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh opposition leaders hide out after violence at weekend protests

13 May 2023  |  Benar News
The article discusses the political unrest in Bangladesh, highlighting the violence at opposition BNP's protests, the government's crackdown on political leaders, and the demands for a caretaker administration ahead of elections. It also covers the plight of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, including their appeals for more food aid, prison-like conditions in camps, and the violence they face. The health crisis with deadly dengue outbreaks in Rohingya camps and Bangladeshi cities is mentioned. The article touches on the sentencing of human rights activists, the government's attempt to replace a controversial internet law, and allegations of political vendettas, such as the case against Nobel Laureate Yunus. Additionally, it reports on Bangladesh's drop in the World Press Freedom Index, contrasting with improvements in neighboring countries.

Rohingya must stay at camps despite approaching cyclone, Bangladesh govt says

13 May 2023  |  Benar News
Bangladeshi authorities evacuated hundreds of thousands from coastal areas ahead of Cyclone Mocha, but Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar are to remain in camps. The government has prepared cyclone shelters for the general population, while Rohingya will use mosques and community centers within the camps. The cyclone, expected to be the most powerful in two decades, poses severe threats to low-lying areas. Humanitarian organizations have issued warnings about potential flooding and landslides. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina assured preparations are in place, though power and gas shutoffs may occur.

Analysts: Bangladesh PM visits World Bank to gain support for distressed economy

01 May 2023  |  bangladeshchronicle.net
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met with World Bank officials in Washington to seek support for her country's struggling economy during an election year. The visit aimed to demonstrate international backing despite criticism from the West regarding free speech and human rights. Hasina's trip also included visits to Japan and Britain, but notably excluded meetings with U.S. government officials. The World Bank acknowledged Bangladesh's economic progress over the past 50 years but noted current challenges such as inflation, energy shortages, and a balance-of-payments deficit. The bank recently announced $1.25 billion in financing for Bangladesh to support growth and address climate and environmental vulnerabilities. Analysts suggest that Hasina's efforts to secure international legitimacy and financial support are driven by the worsening economic situation and potential political vulnerability ahead of the upcoming elections.

Bangladesh to use Chinese yuan to repay Russian nuclear power plant loan

17 Apr 2023  |  benarnews.org
Bangladesh will repay a $318 million loan to Russian state-owned firm Rosatom for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant using the Chinese yuan, due to sanctions preventing dollar transactions. The decision, made in agreement with Moscow, allows construction to continue, with over 90% of the project completed. Despite challenges, including U.S. sanctions affecting Russian ship entries, Bangladesh maintains strong ties with Russia, dating back to its independence supported by the Soviet Union. The plant, expected to be ready in mid-2023, is the costliest infrastructure project in Bangladesh and symbolizes the enduring relationship between the two nations.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina slams US in parliament

10 Apr 2023  |  southasiajournal.net
Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina criticized the United States in parliament, suggesting Washington aims to install an undemocratic government in Bangladesh and supports corrupt individuals. Her comments coincided with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's meeting with Bangladeshi Foreign Minister A. K. Abdul Momen, where Blinken emphasized the importance of free and fair elections. Hasina also targeted the national daily Prothom Alo, calling it an enemy of the people, and Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, questioning his financial integrity. The article includes responses from Prothom Alo and mentions international support for Yunus.

Bangladesh ruling party’s student wing faces increased scrutiny over violence

10 Mar 2023  |  bangladeshchronicle.net
The student wing of Bangladesh's ruling Awami League, the Bangladesh Chhatra League, faces increased scrutiny over escalating violence on university campuses. Despite claims of disciplinary actions by party leaders, critics argue that a culture of impunity prevails. Historical context shows the significant role of student politics in Bangladesh's political landscape, but recent incidents, including assaults, extortion, and abductions, have tarnished its image. High-profile cases like the death of Abrar Fahad have sparked national outrage, yet accountability remains inconsistent. Calls for justice and accountability continue to grow amid concerns about the ruling party's authoritarian tendencies.

Bangladesh ruling party’s student wing faces increased scrutiny over violence

10 Mar 2023  |  benarnews.org
The Bangladesh Chhatra League, the student wing of the ruling Awami League, is facing scrutiny for its members' involvement in violent incidents on university campuses. The High Court ordered the expulsion of five students accused of assault, highlighting a culture of impunity. Despite the Awami League's insistence on disciplining members, critics argue that the Chhatra League often targets dissenters with the government's tacit approval. Historical context is provided, showing the Chhatra League's role in the independence movement and its subsequent dominance in student politics. Recent violent events and the lack of accountability for past crimes are discussed, with calls for justice from academics.

Bangladesh ruling party’s student wing faces increased scrutiny over violence

10 Mar 2023  |  southasiajournal.net
The Bangladesh ruling party's student wing, Bangladesh Chhatra League, faces increased scrutiny for its involvement in violent incidents on university campuses. Despite claims from Awami League leaders that disciplinary actions are taken, critics argue that a culture of impunity prevails. Historical context shows a shift in student politics from contributing to the freedom struggle to mirroring national party politics. Recent incidents, including assaults and extortion, have intensified concerns, with calls for justice and accountability from academics and other stakeholders.

International media groups condemn Bangladesh shutting down main opposition newspaper

24 Feb 2023  |  Benar News
International press groups are condemning the shutdown of Dainik Dinkal, a Bengali-language daily run by the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, citing it as a sign of the government's tightening grip on the media. The government claims the shutdown is due to the publisher's criminal conviction and violations of publishing laws. Human rights groups and Western governments have expressed concern about the shrinking space for free speech ahead of the upcoming general election. The Media Freedom Coalition and the Committee to Protect Journalists have criticized the move, calling it an attack on media freedom. The newspaper, which had a circulation of about 3,000, stopped publication on February 20 after an appeal against the shutdown was rejected.

Russia expresses ‘serious concern’ about Bangladesh ties after US-sanctioned ships blocked

22 Feb 2023  |  Benar News
Russia has expressed serious concern to Bangladesh over the latter's decision to ban U.S.-sanctioned Russian ships from its ports, which could negatively impact bilateral cooperation. The Bangladesh envoy to Moscow was summoned by the Russian Foreign Ministry to discuss the issue. Bangladesh's ban affects nearly 70 Russian ships, including one carrying goods for the Rooppur nuclear power plant, a major project being constructed by Russia's Rosatom. The situation places Bangladesh in a challenging position to maintain balanced relations with both the U.S. and Russia. Bangladesh's Foreign Ministry confirmed the envoy's summoning and plans to analyze the discussions.

Bangladesh shuts down hundreds of unlicensed hospitals, facilities

01 Feb 2023  |  benarnews.org
Bangladesh's health department began shutting down over 700 unlicensed medical facilities following an order from the new health minister, Samanta Lal Sen, after a child's death during a medical procedure. The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) is executing the closures, with a High Court directive to list authorized facilities. As of January 31, numerous hospitals, diagnostic centers, and blood banks have been closed, particularly in the Khulna division. Stakeholders like the Bangladesh Health Rights Movement and the Bangladesh Private Clinic and Diagnostic Owners Association have called for regular monitoring instead of sporadic raids.

Bangladesh wants good ties with US, China but it’s a challenge

10 Jan 2023  |  Benar News
Bangladesh aims to maintain good relations with both the U.S. and China, despite the challenge of balancing between the two superpowers. Foreign Minister A. K. Abdul Momen emphasized the country's commitment to a balanced foreign policy and the one-China principle. The visit of new Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang to Dhaka highlights the ongoing geopolitical competition in the region. The U.S. has recently sanctioned Bangladesh's elite security unit over human rights concerns, adding to the complexity of Dhaka's diplomatic relations. Bangladesh's strategic importance in the Indo-Pacific region makes it a focal point for both U.S. and Chinese influence.

Bangladesh wants good ties with US, China but it’s a challenge

10 Jan 2023  |  southasiajournal.net
Bangladesh aims to maintain good relations with both the US and China, despite the challenge of balancing between the two superpowers. Foreign Minister A. K. Abdul Momen emphasized the country's commitment to a balanced foreign policy and the one-China principle. The visit of new Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang to Dhaka highlights the ongoing geopolitical competition between the US and China in the region. Bangladesh faces tensions with both nations, including US sanctions on its elite security unit and China's warnings about aligning with the Quad alliance. The country seeks to leverage its relationships with both powers for economic development while navigating complex diplomatic dynamics.

UN food aid boost too little to undo past cutbacks, Rohingya say

05 Jan 2023  |  Radio Free Asia
Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh camps express that the UN's World Food Program's increase in monthly food provisions from $8 to $10 per person is insufficient, failing to compensate for past cutbacks from $12 and not addressing the lack of protein and nutritious food. The reduction in aid has led to increased malnutrition and forced refugees to seek work outside the camps, sometimes resulting in injury or involvement in criminal activities. The international community's focus on other global events has led to a funding shortfall for the WFP, and experts warn that without adequate rations, refugees will continue to risk dangerous journeys to other countries.

UN food aid boost too little to undo past cutbacks, Rohingya say

05 Jan 2023  |  benarnews.org
Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh camps find the UN's World Food Program's increase in monthly food provisions from $8 to $10 per person insufficient, failing to compensate for past cutbacks from $12 and not addressing the lack of protein and nutritious food. The WFP's funding shortfall, exacerbated by global attention shifts to the Russia-Ukraine war and Gaza, has led to severe consequences, including increased malnutrition and refugees seeking work outside the camps despite restrictions. The situation is driving some Rohingya to join gangs or undertake dangerous migrations, with fears that violence in the camps will escalate if food aid is not fully restored.

Bangladesh blocks US-sanctioned Russian ship from docking

29 Dec 2022  |  benarnews.org
Bangladesh denied docking permission to the Russian ship Ursa Major, also known as Sparta III, which was sanctioned by the United States due to Russia's war in Ukraine. The ship, carrying cargo for Bangladesh's first nuclear power plant being built by Rosatom, was scheduled to arrive at Mongla port on December 24. The U.S. Embassy in Dhaka had informed the Bangladeshi government of the sanctions, leading to the decision to block the ship. The cargo will be transferred to land via another vessel, and the Russian government has been informed of the error in using a sanctioned ship. Bangladesh's action represents its first direct response to Moscow since the invasion of Ukraine began.

Bangladesh government criticizes US envoy for visiting home of missing opposition politician

16 Dec 2022  |  bangladeshchronicle.net
Tensions between the U.S. and Bangladesh escalated after American ambassador Peter Haas's visit to the family of a missing opposition politician was cut short due to security concerns. The visit coincided with the 51st anniversary of Martyred Intellectuals Day, leading to criticism from the ruling Awami League party and pro-Awami organizations for not visiting a memorial site. The U.S. Embassy emphasized human rights as a central aspect of foreign policy. The incident follows U.S. sanctions imposed on leaders of Bangladesh's Rapid Action Battalion for alleged human rights abuses. Despite the controversy, Bangladesh's Foreign Minister A.K. Abdul Momen downplayed the incident's impact on U.S.-Bangladesh relations.

With key leaders arrested, BNP supporters flock to big Dhaka rally

09 Dec 2022  |  bangladeshchronicle.net
Bangladesh has arrested two senior opposition leaders ahead of a major anti-government rally in Dhaka, following political violence that prompted a statement from the White House. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has been staging mass protests demanding the Awami League government step down before the next general election. The rally, expected to draw hundreds of thousands, will take place at a sports field after a standoff over the venue. The U.S. has urged Bangladesh to investigate the violence impartially. The BNP's rally coincides with Human Rights Day and the anniversary of U.S. sanctions on the Rapid Action Battalion, highlighting concerns over political violence and human rights abuses in Bangladesh.

BNP, police clash ahead of major Dhaka rally

07 Dec 2022  |  benarnews.org
Violence erupted in Dhaka as police clashed with Bangladesh Nationalist Party supporters, resulting in one death and multiple injuries. The confrontation occurred ahead of a planned major rally by the BNP demanding a caretaker government for the next general election. The government has refused this demand, and police have suggested relocating the rally to a safer venue. The BNP has accused the ruling Awami League of vote tampering in the previous election. The US Embassy and UN have expressed concerns about the potential for violence and the political climate in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh warns foreign ambassadors to muzzle comments about free, fair polls

16 Nov 2022  |  Benar News
Senior officials from Bangladesh's government are warning foreign ambassadors not to interfere in the nation's politics by commenting on the integrity of upcoming elections. Envoys from countries like Japan, the United States, and Britain have called for free and fair elections, prompting criticism from Bangladeshi ministers. The government summoned the Japanese ambassador over comments about past election irregularities, emphasizing that diplomats should respect local laws and not meddle in domestic affairs. The opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party has been demanding a neutral caretaker administration for the elections, which the government has refused. The situation has drawn international attention, with various diplomats and officials expressing hopes for a fair electoral process.

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