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Ahmad Algohbary

Sana'a, Yemen
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About Ahmad
Yemeni freelance journalist based in the capital Sana'a, Yemen. Nominated for News and Documentary Emmy award 2019. Appalled by rampant hunger. I founded @hope_relief charity.
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War in Ukraine adds another layer of suffering for millions in Yemen

01 Oct 2023  |  Middle East Eye
The ongoing war in Ukraine has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where millions already suffer from food shortages due to prolonged conflict. The sharp rise in food and fuel prices, driven by the disruption of global grain exports from Russia and Ukraine, has pushed many Yemenis to the brink of starvation. Despite a recent lull in fighting, the situation remains dire, with many families resorting to negative coping mechanisms to survive. The Saudi-led coalition's blockade and airstrikes have further compounded the crisis, while the World Food Programme struggles with funding shortages. Analysts suggest that Saudi Arabia's recent diplomatic moves, including resuming ties with Iran, aim to extricate itself from the conflict, but the future remains uncertain.

Handed, Sana'a Government Kept Blaming Saudi Arabia for Deaths of Leukemia Patients

01 Oct 2023  |  www.globalstratview.com
The death of ten child leukemia patients in Sana'a, Yemen, due to contaminated drugs has sparked outrage. The Sana'a-based government, led by the Houthi group, initially blamed the Saudi blockade for the incident. However, public scrutiny revealed that the health ministry failed to test the drugs before administration. Senior officials' attempts to deflect blame and justify their actions have further eroded public trust. Calls for a transparent investigation and accountability are growing, with the public increasingly viewing the Sana'a government as a significant adversary.

Yemen's children caught in the crossfire

16 Aug 2023  |  Al Jazeera
The article recounts the tragic incident in Dahyan, Yemen, where a school bus carrying children was hit by an air strike, resulting in the death of 40 children. Mokhtar al-Jaradi, an eight-year-old survivor, recalls the horrific scene and the loss of his friends. The attack sparked outrage and protests in Yemen, with many calling for justice and condemning the Saudi-UAE coalition, which has been involved in the Yemen conflict since March 2015. Despite the coalition's claim of hitting a legitimate military target, evidence suggests a US-made bomb was used, raising questions about the US's role in the conflict. The article includes personal stories from survivors and victims' families, who express their grief and desire for revenge. The UN has blacklisted the Saudi-UAE alliance for child casualties, and there are calls for the US to reevaluate its support for the coalition.

Yemeni Activist's Forced Disappearance in Saudi Arabia: Same Fate as Khashoggi?

18 Jun 2023  |  globalstratview.com
Yemeni activist Samira al-Houri, who was previously imprisoned by the Houthi group, was forcibly disappeared by Saudi authorities on April 17, 2022, after refusing to repeat false claims against the Houthis. Her case, revealed by Yemeni politician Ali al-Bukhaiti, highlights Saudi Arabia's policy of silencing dissenting Yemeni activists. Al-Houri's disappearance has not been acknowledged by Saudi officials despite al-Bukhaiti's efforts and a social media campaign. The lack of action from the Saudi-allied Yemeni government and the absence of mainstream media coverage have contributed to the issue's obscurity, drawing parallels to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Challenges Loom for Peace in Yemen

16 Apr 2023  |  www.globalstratview.com
The recent visit by a Saudi delegation to Sana’a marks a significant step towards ending the eight-year conflict in Yemen. Despite the progress, challenges remain as both parties navigate the delicate peace process. The Houthis, controlling the northwestern part of Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, controlling the south, have discussed a six-month truce, lifting the blockade, and reconstruction efforts. However, antagonistic rhetoric from Sana’a has strained the talks, with Saudi Arabia unwilling to be seen as a party to the war. The situation remains tense, with cautious optimism for a peaceful resolution.

The Requirements for Peace in Yemen

29 Mar 2023  |  www.globalstratview.com
The Chinese-brokered détente between Saudi Arabia and Iran has raised hopes for peace in Yemen, but achieving peace requires effort from all parties involved. Since 2015, Riyadh has supported the Yemeni government against the Houthi movement, which has received missile and drone support from Iran. Iran has agreed to stop attacks from Yemen against Saudi Arabia, and along with Oman, is pressing the Houthi-led government in Sana'a to adhere to a UN-brokered truce. Confidence-building measures and addressing human rights violations, including unlawful detentions and insecurity, are crucial for trust-building. Saudi Arabia must ease restrictions further, and Yemeni parties need to engage in political dialogue and de-escalate media provocations. The article emphasizes the urgency for all parties to take steps towards peace, as the Yemeni people cannot afford to miss this opportunity for resolution.

Yemenis Are Losing Patience and Hope for Any Peace

10 Mar 2023  |  dawnmena.org
Yemenis are increasingly doubtful and frustrated with the peace process as the United Nations' attempts to negotiate an end to the nine-year conflict have repeatedly failed. Despite a U.N.-brokered truce that brought temporary relief, the daily lives of Yemenis remain plagued by economic hardship and a humanitarian crisis, with high malnutrition rates and unmet urgent needs. The truce's provisions, including easing the Saudi-led blockade and paying public servant salaries, have not been fully implemented, exacerbating the suffering. Public sector employees have not received salaries since 2016, affecting millions. The U.N. and warring parties are criticized for not prioritizing civilian needs, and despite the formal end of the truce, the blockade continues, contributing to the humanitarian crisis. Yemenis feel held hostage by peace negotiations that fail to address their immediate needs, and many have lost hope that their urgent needs will ever be met.

Europe Should Pay Attention to Yemenis Fleeing Their War

03 Feb 2023  |  www.globalstratview.com
The article discusses the plight of Yemeni refugees, particularly highlighting the case of Haitham al-Hirdi, a young Yemeni who committed suicide in a Dutch refugee camp. It argues that European countries should ease asylum restrictions for Yemenis due to the severe humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Yemen, led by the Saudi coalition. The war has resulted in widespread famine, destruction of infrastructure, and a healthcare crisis. The article contrasts the treatment of Yemeni refugees with that of other nationalities and calls for reciprocity, noting Yemen's acceptance of Somali refugees under the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

Yemenis say Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia shows he doesn't care about their plight

15 Jul 2022  |  middleeasteye.net
Yemeni anti-war campaigners have criticized US President Joe Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia, accusing him of betraying his values and showing indifference to Yemen's suffering. Biden's trip, which included a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was seen as prioritizing US interests, such as addressing high gas prices and forming a regional front against Iran, over the Yemeni humanitarian crisis. Despite Biden's claims of striving for peace in Yemen, activists believe the visit will likely result in renewed US military support for Saudi Arabia. Efforts in Washington to end US support for the Saudi-led coalition have gained momentum, but Yemenis remain skeptical of the US's role as a peace broker.

The Looming Environmental Disaster in the Midst of Yemen's War

20 May 2022  |  DAWN
Yemen faces an imminent environmental catastrophe due to the deteriorating FSO Safer supertanker, which risks leaking 1.14 million barrels of oil into the Red Sea. The Houthis, who control the region, have obstructed U.N. efforts to inspect and salvage the tanker, using it as leverage in the ongoing war. Despite a recent memorandum of understanding, funding and cooperation remain significant hurdles. An oil spill would devastate Yemen's environment, disrupt global trade routes, and exacerbate the humanitarian crisis, particularly affecting the port of Hodeidah, a critical entry point for essential supplies.

360 short documentary filmed in Sana'a and Hodeidah Yemen by Ahmad Algohbary and Manal Qaed. It has been nominated for News and Documentary Emmy 2019.

Why aid is not enough for Yemen

17 Mar 2019  |  The New Arab
The article highlights the dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen, exacerbated by the ongoing war and economic collapse. It argues that while emergency aid has provided temporary relief, it is not a sustainable solution. Experts like Khaled Al-Bably and Khalid Sultan advocate for a shift towards economic empowerment and sustainable development to address the root causes of the crisis. The article underscores the need for a recalibration of aid policies to make affected communities feel independent and secure again.

Yemen bus massacre: How a joyful excursion ended in sheer horror

19 Aug 2018  |  mg.co.za
The article recounts the tragic airstrike on a school bus in Dahyan, Yemen, which resulted in the deaths of 40 children and 11 bystanders. The attack, carried out by the Saudi-UAE alliance, has sparked outrage and protests across Yemen. Eyewitnesses and survivors describe the horror and chaos following the explosion. The article criticizes the Saudi-UAE alliance and the US for their roles in the conflict, highlighting the use of a US-made MK-82 bomb. Calls for investigations and accountability are mentioned, but skepticism remains about their effectiveness in providing justice for the victims.

Yemen bus massacre: How a joyful excursion ended in sheer horror

16 Aug 2018  |  www.aljazeera.com
The article details the tragic aftermath of an air raid on a school bus in Dahyan, Yemen, which resulted in the deaths of 40 children and 11 bystanders. The attack, carried out by the Saudi-UAE alliance, has sparked widespread outrage and protests in Yemen. Eyewitness accounts describe the horror and chaos following the explosion, with survivors and families grappling with immense loss. The article highlights the use of a US-made MK-82 bomb in the raid and calls for investigations into the incident, while also criticizing the lack of accountability for previous airstrikes targeting civilians. The piece underscores the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the devastating impact of the conflict on its civilian population.

1,000 days of war in Yemen, ‘land of blood and bombs’

20 Dec 2017  |  Al Jazeera
Yemen is on the brink of collapse after 1,000 days of civil war, with over 10,000 people killed and three million displaced. The Saudi-led coalition's war with Houthi rebels has led to widespread destruction, famine, and a blockade causing shortages of food, fuel, and medicine. The conflict is seen as a regional proxy war, with Iran accused of backing the Houthis. The humanitarian situation is dire, with millions at risk of famine and basic services destroyed. The coalition's blockade, particularly on Hodeidah port, has exacerbated the crisis, despite international calls for access. Civilian sites have been frequently hit by air raids, and the population is losing hope for an end to the conflict.

Yemen at 'point of no return' as conflict leaves almost 7 million close to famine

16 Mar 2017  |  www.theguardian.com
The article reports on the severe humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where 17 million people are at risk of famine without immediate aid. The UN has classified 6.8 million people as being in a state of emergency, with 10.2 million in crisis, marking a 21% increase in hunger since June 2016. The conflict-ridden governorates of Taiz and Hodeidah are particularly at risk. Save the Children's spokesperson, Mark Kaye, emphasizes the urgency of the situation and the need for both humanitarian aid and political solutions to ensure food and supplies reach those in need. The article also highlights the Saudi-led coalition's blockade and the Houthi rebels' actions that exacerbate the crisis. Personal stories from Yemeni citizens illustrate the dire conditions and the struggle for survival. Aid organizations like Oxfam call for immediate action to prevent famine and end the conflict.

Yemen's food crisis: 'We die either from the bombing or the hunger'

08 Feb 2017  |  www.theguardian.com
The article focuses on the dire situation in Yemen, particularly in the al-Hudaydah governorate, where the conflict has severely impacted the livelihoods and food security of the residents. Taie al-Nahari, once a fisherman, now makes brooms for a meager income due to the destruction of fishing boats by Saudi jets. The UN has launched a $2.1 billion appeal to prevent famine in Yemen, where millions are acutely malnourished. The article shares personal stories of those affected, including a grandmother caring for grandsons with thalassemia, a disabled woman whose family is struggling to survive, and a man who lost his family in a bombing. The piece highlights the widespread poverty, lack of food, and fear among the people due to the ongoing conflict and bombings by the Saudi-led coalition.

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