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Ahmed Bayram

Ahmed Bayram is a writer based in Beirut, Lebanon. He started as a News Reporter at Al-Etejah English TV in 2012, reporting about regional and international developments for newscast and working as Beirut correspondent for two years. In 2014, Ahmed moved to work as Content Team Leader/Chief Editor at Carma, a Dubai-based media monitoring and analysis company, where he led a team of more than 40 writers and reporters to deliver bespoke reports to high profile companies and government institutions in the UAE and the Gulf region. He joined Save the Children NGO as a Media and Communications Officer in 2016, writing about stories of humanitarian interest and coordinating publications in local and international media.

Ahmed's freelance career includes writing for several football websites. He is also a reporter at RoyalCentral.com, a website covering royal news in the UK and worldwide. His copywriting experience ranges from writing promotional campaigns, press releases, speeches and annual reports. 

A graduate of English Language and Literature from the Lebanese University, Ahmed also holds Diploma with Distinction in Sports Journalism from the London School of Journalism.


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