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Ahmed Deeb

İstanbul, Turkey
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About Ahmed
Ahmed Deeb, is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer based in Istanbul. He has over a decade of experience in filming, directing, editing, and photography. He was the cinematographer on an Emmy award nominated film in 2016 and won the first prize in the UN Correspondents Association (UNCA) in 2013. His cinematography has been featured in many leading international outlets such as Al-Jazeera, ARTE, France24, Canal+, and EuroNews among others. 

He has filmed and directed short and long form documentaries for various international organizations such UNDP, Save the Children, International Women's Media Foundation and Expertise France. 

His photography from across the Middle East and Europe has featured prominently in leading international media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the New YorkTimes, the Washington Post, the Guardian, and Al-Jazeera amongst others.
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Crisis in Gaza: People search for loved ones among the dead, doctors fear the worst is yet to come

24 Nov 2023  |  euronews
Israel continues operations in Gaza in response to a Hamas attack on October 7. Over 13,000 people, including 5,600 children, have died. Hospitals are overwhelmed, with many closing due to a blockade that has led to shortages of medicine and fuel. Doctors make difficult choices, sometimes using vinegar and shampoo to disinfect wounds. The Israeli army has urged civilians to flee to the south, but even in so-called safe zones, civilians are not fully protected. The humanitarian situation is dire, with shortages of essentials and limited aid reaching Gaza. Dr. Ahmad Mograbi warns of an impending catastrophe if conditions do not improve.

As Taliban Advance, Thousands of Afghans Seek Refuge in Turkey

26 Jul 2021  |  WSJ
As the Taliban advanced across northern Afghanistan, Jamal Naser and Farida Kohi fled with their four children, paying a smuggler $4,000 to take them into Iran. After an arduous 18-day journey with little food and water, they reached Turkey, hoping to eventually make it to Europe. The article highlights the dire situation for Afghan refugees seeking safety amid the Taliban's resurgence.

Covering War from Home

15 Jul 2021  |  New Lines Magazine
The article narrates the personal experiences of a photographer returning to Gaza to cover the ongoing conflict. It highlights the emotional and physical challenges of reporting from one's homeland, where the safety of loved ones is a constant concern. The narrative recounts the destruction caused by Israeli airstrikes, the loss of family members in previous conflicts, and the struggle to balance professional obligations with family responsibilities. The cease-fire on May 21 allowed a brief family reunion, underscoring the persistent tension between duty and personal life in a war zone.

Inside the Israel-Hamas Conflict and One of Its Deadliest Hours in Gaza

26 May 2021  |  wsj.com
Zainab Al-Kolak and her family experienced their building collapsing due to Israeli airstrikes on Al-Wahda Street in Gaza, targeting underground tunnels used by Hamas. The strikes caused multiple buildings to collapse, including Ms. Al-Kolak's, leading to one of the deadliest hours in the conflict.

IN PICTURES: The tracks of refugee tears at Greek-Macedonia border

09 Mar 2016  |  Middle East Eye
Train tracks at the Greek-Macedonian border have been blocked by refugees and migrants from the Idomeni camp, protesting to persuade authorities to open the border and allow them to reach mainland Europe. The blockade aims to have an economic impact on Macedonia and other Balkan countries. Refugees like Haleem and Khadija share their harrowing journeys and the dire conditions at the camp. The closure of the Macedonian border on 9 March has left thousands stranded, worsening the humanitarian situation.

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Random Forests

18 Jun 2015  |  medium.com
Ahmed El Deeb articulates his preference for Random Forests in machine learning, citing their ease of use, implicit feature selection, speed of training, and robustness. He appreciates their versatility across different modeling tasks and the minimal need for hyper-parameter tuning. Despite their size and black-box nature being drawbacks, El Deeb highlights the availability of excellent, open-source implementations in major ML libraries. He references foundational papers by Leo Breiman and Rich Caruana to support his points.

Syrians flee battle for Tal Abyad

15 Jun 2015  |  www.aljazeera.com
Thousands of Syrians are fleeing Tal Abyad due to US-led coalition airstrikes and ground clashes between ISIL and Syrian Kurdish YPG units, supported by their allies. The Turkish border has seen an influx of refugees, with Turkish authorities providing initial assistance and registering the arrivals. Turkey's deputy prime minister stated that border access would be limited to humanitarian cases, although Turkey's open-door policy towards Syrian refugees remains unchanged. Over 1.7 million Syrian refugees are officially registered in Turkey.

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