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Aida Grovestins

Dakar, Senegal
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About Aida
I am a freelance multimedia journalist and filmmaker with an eye for news and a special focus on Africa and Europe. I am based in Dakar, Senegal, from where I cover mainly West-Africa. I am skilled in producing, reporting, filming, writing and editing. I can make audio and video for broadcast or the web to a very high standard. I also shoot my own photographs. I have an extensive knowledge of the region and good contacts.

See examples of my work at www.aidagrovestins.com
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Ecowas is to blame for the departure of West African 'coup countries'

01 Oct 2023  |  Het Parool
Since military coups in Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, these countries have distanced themselves from the West African economic union Ecowas, culminating in a joint announcement to leave the bloc and abandon the CFA currency. Ecowas's demands for elections and threats of military intervention, supported by France, have strained relations. The three countries criticize Ecowas for inconsistent policies and lack of support against terrorist groups. They aim to reduce neocolonial dependencies and seek new alliances with countries like China, Russia, and Turkey. However, their landlocked status poses challenges for trade, prompting negotiations with Morocco for access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Sierra Leone's Struggle for Land Rights Against Bioenergy Giants

05 Apr 2023  |  english.elpais.com
The article discusses the impact of a bioethanol-producing factory, owned by Addax & Oryx Group and later Sunbird Bioenergy Africa, on the local communities in Sierra Leone. Aminata Bangura, a local farmer, describes the difficulties faced by villagers, such as losing access to their traditional lands and suffering from environmental degradation. The factory promised jobs, electricity, and sustainable development but has failed to deliver. New land laws passed in September 2022, with the help of organizations like SiLNoRF and Namati, aim to empower local farmers by giving them rights over land ownership and the ability to veto projects. The article highlights the ongoing struggle of the villagers to reclaim their lands and renegotiate terms with Sunbird Bioenergy. Human rights organizations and parliamentarians from other African countries are taking an interest in Sierra Leone's new land laws as a model for resisting and negotiating with international companies.

Yaboi Fish Going to Industrial Farming Operations

27 Sep 2022  |  sentientmedia.org
The article discusses the impact of fishmeal factories on the local fish supply and food security in Kayar, Senegal. Women who traditionally processed a fish called yaboi for local and regional markets are facing supply shortages due to overfishing and the diversion of fish to fishmeal production. The fishmeal factory in Kayar, originally owned by Spanish company Barna and now by Senegalese Touba Protéine Marine, is one of several in Senegal exporting to countries with large animal farming industries. The article highlights the environmental and economic concerns raised by locals, including the depletion of fish stocks and pollution. It also covers the legal actions taken by the community against the fishmeal factory and the need for stronger regulations as suggested by the FAO. The article suggests that consumer choices in the global market are contributing to the problem and calls for awareness and change.

Long Pre-trial Detention Overcrowds Senegal Prisons

11 Nov 2016  |  Voice of America
The article discusses the dire conditions in Senegalese prisons, particularly in Dakar's Rebeuss prison, where overcrowding, poor living conditions, and long pre-trial detentions are prevalent. A recent insurrection at Rebeuss prison resulted in one death and several injuries. The prison, designed for 800 inmates, currently houses about 2,500. Many inmates are pre-trial detainees, some waiting for up to 10 years without sentencing. Amnesty International's West Africa director, Alioune Tine, highlighted the plight of the poor who cannot afford legal representation. The lack of judges and an anti-drug law have exacerbated the problem. High-profile pardons have caused further discontent among the population. Efforts by civic groups to reintegrate ex-convicts and government promises to modernize prisons and reduce pre-trial detention periods are also mentioned. The government has initiated some projects, such as opening a bakery for prisons and constructing new prison facilities.

Trailer of my documentary film 'Quitte le Pouvoir', 2014, '46 Synopsis: The film follows 'Y'en a marre' ('We're Fed Up'), a collective of rappers and journalists, that mobilizes the Senegalese youth to register and vote Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade out of power in the 2012 elections. In 2011 Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade declares that he will run for a third term in the elections. Knowing full well that the Consitution does not allow it. ‘Y’en a marre’ (Fed Up’) is founded that same year. Using music and door-to-door campaigns, ‘Y’en a marre’ calls upon the youth to engage politically and demonstrate against Wade’s candidacy.

Feature published by IRIN for their series on forgotten conflicts. "Why landmines keep on killing in Senegal"

'A victim's testimony' with photo published by Justice Hub / RNW. On May 30 2016 Chad’s former dictator Hissène Habré got a life sentence for crimes against humanity, murder and torture in Senegal’s capital Dakar. It took 26 years, but Chadian torture survivor Souleymane Guengueng testified at the trial of his former dictator. Without him, the landmark trial would not have taken place. He was instrumental in gathering the evidence.

Published by Justice Hub / RNW. Reed Brody on victim's long quest to bring Hissène Habré to justice.



Shot for Human Rights Watch in Senegal. Start of the Habré Trial in Dakar in July 2015

Produced, shot and edited for IRIN News' multimedia series on Forgotten Conflicts

Shot this video for Reuters. Senegalese risking their lives in migrant exodus despite stability at home.

co-produced and shot this video for IRIN News. The Gravedigger and the President. Clement Abaifouta, 55, has been waiting nearly 25 years to put one question to Hissène Habré, the former president of Chad: “Why did you arrest me?”

Senegal: Breaking the cycle of FGM

16 Jun 2016  |  interactive.aljazeera.com
In Senegal, a movement against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is gaining momentum, with rappers, activists, and community members joining forces to end the practice. The article highlights personal stories of individuals affected by FGM, including Mojio, who chose not to become a 'cutter' like her mother, and Arame, who decided against cutting her daughters. It also features Mariama, a young girl who opposes FGM after experiencing it herself and losing her sister to its complications. Local radio DJ Aliou Cisse is educating his listeners about the non-religious origins of FGM, and Fanta, a mother of six, has ceased the practice after learning of its harmful effects. The community's efforts include interactive workshops and concerts to empower women and girls, emphasizing the importance of education and the risks of FGM and early marriage.

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