Al Emid

Al Emid

Toronto, Canada

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Al Emid

Al Emid is a journalist based in Toronto, Canada. He has extensive experience both in being a correspondent and co-ordinatingl large numbers of correspondents around the world. His byline currently appears in the Untied States, Canada and several Middle Eastern countries. As well as being located in Canada, he has deep and broad experience in writing about the Middle East and has traveled through parts of it on assignment.He also has strong experience in writing about Africa.

He also has extensive experience in radio and currently produces and anchors a radio program entitled American Narratives for which he pulls in analysts and journalists from across the U.S. and globally.

He is also the author of several books, most recently What You Need to Know About ISIS listed on all major book sites.

            1. Generally available during the holiday season
             2. Based in downtown Toronto - can move quickly to most breaking stories
            3. Travel negotiable
            4. Comfortable in the Middle East
            5. Some familiarity with New York
            6. Some familiarity with Los Angeles



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This article looks at the future of Toronto as a financial hub.


Micro finance is a much misunderstood financial innovation. This article clarifies its past, present and possible future.


One of numerous articles on the Middle East - this one looks at the Gulf's reputation as a safe haven.


Al Emid and Gavin Graham discuss the differences between active and passive mutual funds




    Toronto, Canada Medical September 29 @ 12:00am

    Calcutta Rescue is a story about a group of doctors who take medicine and medical treatment to the streets of Calcultta. It ha smany different locations including the Sealdah Clinic is located within the grounds of the Loretto School. Here, destitute persons come to get a medical examination, are... Read more

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