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Alan Loquet

Santiago, Chile
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About Alan
Alan LOQUET is a multi-skilled french journalist based in Santiago, Chile, working for Le Figaro, L'Express and Ouest-France as Senior Correspondent, covering general news.
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Access to care in Nièvre, €160,000 for home helpers, housing... The debates of the departmental council

28 Mar 2023  |  lejdc.fr
The Departmental Council of Nièvre convened to discuss the 2022 budget, focusing on social crisis, healthcare, and housing. President Fabien Bazin described the budget as socially responsible, innovative, and supportive of rural development. The council observed a minute of silence for Yvette Morillon, a former councilor. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its impact on energy prices and local businesses was addressed, with a €50,000 donation to Acted. Additional support for home helpers and the development of a new child protection establishment were discussed. The opposition, led by Jean-Luc Gauthier, agreed on some points but emphasized financial prudence and the need for local independence in energy and food. The session also covered the 'Imagine la Nièvre' initiative, healthcare recruitment, and the future of Nièvre Rénov' in light of the new government program France Rénov'.

State of the roads and return to 90 km/h in Nièvre divide, number of agents causes concern... Find the debates of the departmental council

29 Mar 2022  |  lejdc.fr
During the departmental council session on March 29, 2022, Nièvre's elected officials debated various issues including the state of departmental roads, the potential return to a 90 km/h speed limit, and the budget for 2022. The opposition criticized the current road conditions and the reduction in road maintenance funding, while the majority defended their record and plans for road safety and investment. Cultural policy and the investment in the Cité muséale de Château-Chinon were also discussed, with the opposition questioning the amount of investment. The session touched on the use of inclusive writing, the

The future of European cybersecurity under consideration in Nevers

08 Mar 2022  |  www.lejdc.fr
On March 8, 2022, thirty-one ministers from the European Union and neighboring countries met in Nevers, France, to discuss the protection of physical infrastructures and telecommunications at a continental scale. The meeting, which continued the next day at Magny-Cours, focused on establishing a common European foundation for defending communication infrastructures against cyberattacks. Earlier in the day, delegations met in Paris to address disinformation, particularly in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The discussions included the ban on Russia Today and Sputnik broadcasts and managing propaganda during conflict. The war in Ukraine has significantly impacted the summit's agenda.

Burying Pinochet's Constitution: In Chile, feminists take the lead

04 Jul 2021  |  L'Express
Feminist activist Alondra Carrillo and other elected constituents are set to draft a new fundamental law in Chile to replace the current constitution, a legacy of the Pinochet era. The Constituent Assembly, with a significant feminist presence, aims to address neoliberalism and ensure citizen rights from a feminist perspective. The feminist movement has been instrumental in the social unrest and protests against inequality and privatized public services in Chile. The movement's impact was highlighted by the LasTesis collective's global protest choreography. The upcoming constitutional reform is seen as a culmination of a long struggle for women's rights, with the potential to redefine women's roles in society.

Chileans forced to dip into their retirement savings

25 Apr 2021  |  lefigaro.fr
The Chilean Congress in Santiago has passed a reform allowing citizens to withdraw up to 10% of their retirement savings to cope with the crisis caused by the pandemic. This comes as over 80% of the country has been under strict lockdown for a month to contain the rise in Covid-19 cases. If enacted, this will be the third such initiative in nine months. President Sebastian Pinera's government, identified as liberal right, has announced plans to block the reform by filing an appeal with the Constitutional Court, which is set to decide in the coming days. The President's stance has led to widespread protests, some resulting in clashes with law enforcement. A recent poll shows 80% of the population supports the measure, which allows withdrawals between 1 million pesos (1160 euros) and 4.3 million pesos.

In Chile, Pinochet's ultimate defeat

03 Nov 2020  |  L'Express
On the evening of October 25th, Chileans voted overwhelmingly in favor of changing their constitution, which had been a focal point of protestor demands during a broad social movement. The constitution, crafted in 1980 by Jaime Guzman and ratified in a fraudulent referendum, had entrenched market-oriented policies favored by the 'Chicago Boys' and their neoliberal theories. Despite political and economic stability, the social neglect resulted in significant precarity for the middle class and poor. The current pension system, a legacy of the Chicago Boys, has proven inadequate, leading to legislative measures allowing citizens to withdraw from their retirement savings. The elite economic beneficiaries of the current system will participate in the upcoming constituent assembly, with economist Joaquin Lavin, a Chicago School alumnus, leading in presidential polls for November 2021.

Jeanine Añez, symbol of a weakened state

27 Jul 2020  |  lexpress.fr
Jeanine Añez, the interim president of Bolivia, has been tested positive for Covid-19 amidst a surging pandemic in the country. Her administration is facing criticism for its handling of the health crisis, economic downturn, and institutional instability. Añez, who initially promised a break from her predecessor Evo Morales, is now seen as authoritarian and divisive. Her government is accused of corruption and favoring agribusiness elites. The political landscape is tense with the Movement for Socialism (MAS) actively opposing her, and the upcoming elections are uncertain. Añez is trailing in the polls and considering an alliance with centrist Carlos Mesa, who is not particularly enthusiastic about the idea.

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