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Alba Sanchez

Barcelona, Spain
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About Alba
Alba Sanchez is a journalist based in Barcelona, Spain.
Aragonese Catalan English
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Assessment in emergency of traumatic brain injury

20 May 2024  |  Dialnet
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any physical injury or functional impairment of cranial contents due to a sudden exchange of mechanical energy. The most common causes are traffic accidents in adults and falls in children and the elderly. The severity of TBI is assessed using the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), ranging from mild (GCS 14-15) to severe (GCS 3-8). Initial primary care for TBI patients involves stabilization, ensuring airway, breathing, and circulation. Continuous reassessment of GCS and pupil status is crucial due to potential deterioration in consciousness. The most severe complication is brain herniation syndrome, requiring early detection and treatment of increased intracranial pressure.

Welcome to Z16!, the leisure program for young people in Zaragoza

19 Jan 2024  |  www.elperiodicodearagon.com
The Z16 program in Zaragoza, Spain, offers a variety of free cultural, sports, and leisure activities to 16-year-olds registered or studying in the city. As of January 1, 2024, individuals born in 2008 are eligible to participate. The program has already engaged nearly 4,000 youths and has 236 ambassadors in most educational centers. Registration is through the Z16 app, and further information can be obtained via email, phone, or Instagram.

Sharing a home in Aragon in 2023 costs almost double that of 2015

15 Jan 2024  |  elperiodicodearagon.com
The cost of sharing a home in Aragon has increased by 49% since 2015, with an average monthly rent of 355 euros in 2023. The study 'Viviendas compartidas en España en 2023' by Fotocasa highlights that this trend is not unique to Aragon, with the Basque Country, Canary Islands, and Murcia experiencing increases above 10% over the past eight years. Conversely, Aragon, Castilla y León, and Andalusia saw slight decreases in shared housing prices in 2023. Catalonia, Madrid, and the Balearic Islands lead with rents over 400 euros per month, while Bilbao, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, and Valencia capital are among the cities with the highest year-on-year increases. Salamanca, Zaragoza, and Granada capitals saw decreases in shared housing costs.

Azcón to Aragonese: 'I want to ask you to get vaccinated'

15 Jan 2024  |  elperiodicodearagon.com
Jorge Azcón, the President of Aragón, received a flu vaccine at the Sagasta health center and encouraged the public to get vaccinated through a video on social media. The flu vaccination campaign in Aragón has been opened to the general population ahead of schedule due to rising flu incidence, with appointments available through the Salud Informa website or app. Nuria Gayán, Director General of Public Health, emphasized the vaccine's importance, noting it can prevent cardiovascular events post-influenza and protect both individuals and those around them.

The 5 candidates to win Eurovision 2021

14 May 2021  |  Regió7
Eurovision 2021 is set to make a strong return after being canceled last year due to the coronavirus. The event will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, from May 18 to 22 at Ahoy Arena and will be held in person. A total of 39 songs will compete, which have been pre-recorded in case any of the singers or groups are unable to attend due to restrictions or quarantine requirements. The article lists five favorites for the competition.

Knowledge about tuberculosis among health workers in a locality of Bogotá D.C.

18 May 2011  |  Dialnet
The article, derived from an undergraduate thesis, aims to identify the knowledge about tuberculosis among 117 health workers from 12 public and private health institutions linked to the tuberculosis prevention and control program of the Secretaría Distrital de Salud in a locality of Bogotá. Data collection involved an evaluation instrument administered to the workers after obtaining informed consent. The study found that 34% of workers had medium knowledge, 32% had lower knowledge, 27% had low knowledge, and only 7% had high knowledge about tuberculosis. There is a general deficit in knowledge, particularly in diagnosis, treatment, transmissibility period, and biosecurity measures. The article emphasizes the need for actions to enhance tuberculosis knowledge among health workers through academic training, capacity-building opportunities, improved working conditions, and collaboration between academia and the Programa Distrital de Control de Tuberculosis.

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