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Leuven, Belgium

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Albena Shkodrova

Albena Shkodrova is a journalist and writer, based in Bruxelles, Belgium. 
After beginning her career as a political journalist and analyst, she has established herself as a travel and food writer, publishing articles in her native Bulgaria and in the international press. For the last seven years she has been the editor in chief of Bulgaria‘s main food and wine magazine, Bacchus. She is also the author of Communist Gourmet (2014) - a non-fiction book on Eastern European communism, which was a best-seller on the Bulgarian market that has already had three print runs.
Since 2009 Albena Shkodrova lives in Belgium. In 2015 she was awarded Milena Jesenska Fellowship at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna and in October 2017 she defended a PhD in history. She is currently looking for a part-time journalistic assignment to supplement her non-fiction writing.


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