Beto Oficina

Beto Oficina

Bogota, Colombia

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Beto Oficina

Alberto de Filippis is a journalist based in Lyon, France. Together with my crew we can shoot, edit and we can also trnslate and work as fixers. Very often on the road for ONG and other tv channels we propose our services from many locations.


Example of package about miniatures in Lyon (France) it comes with dopesheet and shotlist



  • Colombian presidential elections

    Bogotá, Colombia Politics June 22 @ 12:00am

    Colmbia goes to vote. These are probably the most important elections of the last decade for the country. On one side Gustavo Petro, former mayor of Bogotà, leftist representative. On the other side Ivan Duque, linked to former president Alvaro Uribe and fierce oppositor to the peace treaty with... Read more

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