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Bogota, Colombia

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Beto Oficina

Alberto de Filippis is a journalist based in Lyon, France. Together with my crew we can shoot, edit and we can also trnslate and work as fixers. Very often on the road for ONG and other tv channels we propose our services from many locations.


Example of package about miniatures in Lyon (France) it comes with dopesheet and shotlist



  • Cry for me, Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Argentina Current Affairs November 25 @ 12:00am

    Presidential elections in Argentina, we are a multilingual onsite crew and we offer plenty of VIDEO side stories. First leg october 27, second (probably) 24 of november. Read more

  • Perception is everything

    Barcelona, Spain Investigative Reporting October 9 @ 12:00am

    Video report: Matteo Salvini, italian Ligue's leader wants to become the kingmaker both in Italy and in Europe. Marine le Pen won the european elections in France. But are they really so powerfull and beloved? He is the most active italian politician on the net thanks to a software called "the... Read more

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