Beto Oficina

Beto Oficina

Caracas, Venezuela

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Beto Oficina

Alberto de Filippis is a journalist based in Lyon, France. Together with my crew we can shoot, edit and we can also trnslate and work as fixers. Very often on the road for ONG and other tv channels we propose our services from many locations.


Reports and ITW shot by Oficinalatina, the crew I work with



  • Dissidents in Caracas

    Caracas, Venezuela Investigative Reporting June 30 @ 12:00am

    Exclusive ITW made with local crew on site. Native language in spanish. Itw at the moment: Nicmer Evans (one of the most important dissidents in the country) Staycy Escalona's sister on political prisoners. ITW have been shot on site by local crew (not by me), for further info/dopesheet... Read more

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