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Alejandro Tur Valladares

Cienfuegos, Cuba
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About Alejandro
Alejandro Tur Valladares is a journalist based in Cienfuegos, Cuba.
Investigative Reporting

Un huracán provoca un profuso derrame de petróleo y a pesar de los daños visibles, las autoridades insisten en que todo está bajo control. Por ello entrevistamos a los pobladores del lugar para escuchar sus opiniones.

Varios son los problemas actuales que inducen a las parejas a demorar o renunciar la concepción de un hijo, sin embargo las carencias materiales provocadas por una crisis económica que supera las tres décadas se presenta como fundamental.

Este reportaje hace una aproximación a las condiciones lamentable en que se encuentran la mayoría de las instalaciones deportivas cubanas y el reto que eso supone para los atletas.

Mariela Castro Has No Right to Represent Me

23 Dec 2014  |  cubanet.org
The struggle for LGBTI rights in Cuba has gained prominence over the last decade, with the Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual de Cuba (CENESEX), led by Mariela Castro Espín, being the most visible organization in this field. However, there is skepticism within the LGBTI community about CENESEX's true agenda, with some accusing it of being a political tool to whitewash the Castro family's image. Nelson Gandulla Díaz, a medical student and director of the Fundación Cubana por los Derechos LGBTI, has chosen to pursue an independent path to advocate for rights. He criticizes CENESEX for only defending those who support the government's definition of revolution and shares his journey of self-acceptance and activism. Despite some changes in societal attitudes, Gandulla Díaz believes that the Cuban government's efforts are insufficient and that the real change is happening due to external influences. He aims to educate the population on sexual diversity and push for legal recognition of gay marriage.

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